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DSC_7543Name: Russ G
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Vehicle: 1951 Merk Kustom "LownBehold"

Date: 12/10/2007

Comments:  603! count of registered cars attending the Festival Flea Market Mall Car Show!...On behalf of the Mall, Dick Barten of DB Entertainment, countless support staff, and myself....I thank you all!!!!!  Beautiful weather..... Beautiful Cars..... Great DJ music by our own "Scott the MusicMan" Live music, an array of vendors, good food, good shopping........ and "you" the car owners have made this show what it is...... "Fantastic.. Festival Car Show" We are in the planning stages of next year's show on May 4, 2008. I welcome any comments or suggestions,( positive or negative) that you may have, that will help continue it's success. A heartfelt Thank You ! to all of you again and may I wish you and yours a Blessed Christmas Holiday!.....Wonderful New Year! Russ G

DSC_10098Name: Soupy
Location: Weston, Fl

Vehicle: '78 Black SE Trans Am / '84 Black HO Trans Am / '94 Red Trans Am GT


Date: 12/06/2007

Comments:  Scott, As usual you did your typical outstanding work with the music and the announcements. And Russ and his "staff"... What can I say... Both shows were well organized and I had a fantastic time at each of them. The pictures that I took on Saturday and Sunday can be found by clicking on these links:
Festival -
See you Friday at Tower Shops!!! Thanks to everyone who attends these fine events... Soupy

Name: Dave Weber
Location: Pembroke Pines
Vehicle: 2001 SVT Mustang Cobra 'vert
Date: 12/04/2007

Comments:  I just had to write to express my views for the Festival Car Show this past Sunday. A superb performance by Scott the DJ, Russ and his staff went out of their way to make sure that everyone was safe, had enough to eat and drink, and most of all, ENJOYED THEMSELVES. The cars were just plain out of sight, didn't know where look, I don't think I covered the whole show with so many great cars to stop and gawk at. No bad press, no arguments, no fights, just good plain fun. Thanks for another great show, see you at the next one.

DSC_4467Name: Sal DeBellis
Location: Margate
Vehicle: 1966 Nova SS
Date: 11/21/2007

CommentsHello Scott, Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Thanks again for doing a great job on your web site! Happy Holidays, Sal And Joan

Thanks Sal and Joan, Happy Thanksgiving back to you and yours too.

DSC_9119Name: Ava & Bobs Die Cast Cars
Location: Davie

Vehicle: socker mom van
Email: therad1@msn .com
Date: 11/14/2007

Comments:  Bob Here, the die cast car vendor at the Tower shops, Just wanted to let everyone know that I have been on the phone and sending E-mails to the News, the Governor, Police and anyone else who will listen, about the police activity that happend last week at the Tower shops NO WAY THIS SHOULD HAVE GONE DOWN AT OUR SHOW!!! The Tower shops is still one of the Best and safest shows in South Florida!!! So PLEASE If you want to be at a great event with the Best DJ in town, the coolest cars, wonderful people then be at the Tower shops, Friday nights Thanks Bob & Ava

There is no way to control where criminals are going to commit their crimes.  Fortunately, this incident had nothing to do with our show, other than it was near us in towards the Home Depot lot.  This particular bad guy won't be bothering us again.

Date: 11/13/2007



Name: Chris, Alicia and Robert
Location: Deerfield,Bch. Fla
Vehicle: 70 BB Green Donohue Javelin SST
Date: 11/11/2007

Comments:  Hey Scott. Just seen on your site that Crabby Jacks cruise night has been cancelled permanently. Was just wondering same issues as before? Last two weeks great weather and great turn out. Shame, couple of blocks away and could always count on bringing her out and having a great time with the great people.

The cruise night at Crabby's is done for good...however the cruise night has been relocated to "Zo's Off The Hook" on Sunday nights!  Same "bat time" "bat channel"!

Name: Bambi Torres
Location: North Miami Beach
Date: 11/05/2007

Comments:  I want to thank Keith & his lovely wife for the show for my wonderful husband Lou Torres. It was an emotional day for me to say the least. I know that he was there with us smiling that big smile. I thank you all for coming, He loved all of you. I have decided to keep his truck & Keith thanks for your insurance company.....Well guys when I learn to drive this truck you may see me at the shows doing what Lou did...

To my big man, I miss you with each breath.. I miss you every minute & my heart hurts. Never forget how much I loved you & will love you for the rest of my days on this earth. Remember "It's only you & me Kid"!  Always.. Love ya Baby...


Name: Russ Gagliano
Location: Ft. Lauderdale
Vehicle: 1951 Merk
Date: 11/03/2007


3 Million hits...Congratulations!!!   I for one think your site is worth $3,000,0000,000.00 for it's up to date info and what pictures !!! and all those hours you put in to bring it to all of us.... Priceless!!!! Let me also agree with you on the new found health subject, as i can attest to it's results. As you know, many years ago I was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident, which left me paralyzed for a couple of years. Since recovering (by the grace of god) my body has not been very nice to me, until recently. I have discovered, as well as you, this new "fruit juice" that is changing people's lives like yours and mine. Hopefully both of us can share this great opportunity of health and wealth with our south Florida car family. See you at the next show !!!!

Name: Mike
Location: Fort Lauderdale
Vehicle: 1961 Corvette Coupe
Date: 11/05/2007

Comments:  just inherited my Dad's 1961 corvette which I have coveted for the past 30 years!! It's in route from Oregon and expected to arrive by Nov. 12... can't wait to join all of you in the fun of owning a classic - see you soon!!!!! Oh, love your website; now we know where to go show off this gorgeous vehicle.

Name: sergio vargas
Location: ft. lauderdale
Date: 11/02/2007

Comments:  Looking for someone to share a ride to Daytona turkey run, I have reservations to a camp ground 5 minutes from the speedway. leaving thursday nov 22. Thanks Serg

DSC_3651bName: Joe Bevelacqua  /  Date: 10/31/2007
Location: Miami  /  Vehicle: 66' COBRA
Email:  /  Web:

Comments:  Congratulations on hitting 3 Million!  Where do you get the time and energy to keep it all together, having my own web site I still come to yours for the information on shows and the event information. South Florida is lucky to have you there to keep us up to date, keep up the great work. WHERE DO YOU GET THE ENERGY?

Glad you asked!  First Joe, thanks for the nice compliments.  It's a labor of love for my hobby and interest...classic cars & our great car community of people!  My new found "energy" & health comes from an amazing "supercharged" fruit product I recently found. It's fairly NEW!'s very POWERFUL! ...IT WORKS!!!  It is the BEST and most potent available, nothing else even comes close.  It's been in the news and on TV, and is popular amongst athletes, the famous, & average folks like you & me,  It's changing & improving the lives of many of my friends in so many different ways.  I sleep great and I've never felt better. I'd love to share it, and what I know with anyone interested!  Any physical problems...this could help you!  Watch for it at our next BIG car show!  (smile)

Name: Ed Nieves
Location: Kendall
Vehicle: 1984 Eldorado Convertible White/Red
Date: 10/31/2007

Comments:  Great site!

Russ G
Location: Ft. Lauderdale
Vehicle: 1951 Merk Kustom
Date: 10/22/2007

Comments:  "Raindrops keep fallin'....on my head" Yes....... it did rain at the City of Miramar's "Xmas for Kids Car Show"........but it didn't stop 35 plus cars from attending this benefit show. After the storm passed through, it was a great evening. The Movie screen went up, the food was ready, and "Scott the MusicMan's" great music could be heard by everyone. Over $5,000.00 was raised for the Broward Elk's Fund for children, all the show cars glistened from their complimentary "Car Wash" and trophies plus cash awards were won by many (with the car owners donating back their cash to the children) including our DJ Scott, Russ G, and Vendors Bob & Ava from Ava's Diecast Cars. On behalf of the City of Miramar, Broward Elk's Lodge, myself, and especially the car owners who braved the weather......... I thank you !!!!!!! Russ G "The Rainman"

Name: Dave & Mary Weber
Location: Pembroke Pines
Vehicle: '01 Mustang SVT Cobra vert
Date: 10/23/2007

Comments:  Scott, You always do a superb job as a DJ, photographer, and as a person at all the cruise nights and shows. I have to agree with Jeff Keller about Craby Jacks only allowing certain year auto's to park in the "secure" area. We traveled up there when it got back on track with some friends and their cars with the intentions of having a bite to eat and a cold one or two. When they kicked us out of the lot, which was half empty, we decided to visit another eatery. We were not nasty, mad, out of line, just could not understand why when you have a half empty parking lot you kick out prospective customers. Thanks for letting me have my say, keep up the great work with the shows and promoters that you hang with. Dania Beach on Saturday, can't wait. Your comments are welcomed, I'm ready for the explanation, good or bad. Dave Weber

Dave (and Jeff), I appreciate the kind comments regarding my work.  Regarding the parking at Crabby Jacks, it is my understanding that the lot has limited parking space, so it was decided that only "classic cars" (which most people come to see) would be able to park in the main "show area".  Cars that don't meet the requirement are still welcome to park in the surrounding lots and enjoy the evening and a meal as well.  While it may not have been full the night you were there, it often is a cut off year had to be set.  I'm sure you are aware that many of the "classic car guys" prefer not to have late models mixed in with them, as this is a "classic car cruise".  Over crowded parking problems are what got Crabby Jacks closed down last year, in case you didn't know.  It's great that you were able to find an alternate place to hang out where late models are welcome and on display.

Name: Joey & Carol Madonia
Location: Oakland Park, Florida
Vehicle: 1970 SS 454 Chevelle, Olympia Gold with black strips
Date: 10/21/2007
Comments:  Just got the car on 10/19/07. Can't wait to be a part of the family. I'll be at Craby Jacks tonight unless you know of other places for Sunday's to hang out with a car? LOL, Joey & Carol Madonia 954-484-5034 How do you insert a Jpeg photo?

Wow...a 1970 big block Chevelle...what a GREAT car!  You can send a photo to, or I'll catch you at the next show!  Welcome to the "family"! 

Name: Jeff Keeler
Location: Boca Raton
Vehicle: '29 Model A Hot Rod
Date: 10/20/2007
Hey Scott, still diggin' the site and thanks so much for your hard work for our enjoyment. Just a quick commentary on the Sunday night Crabby's cruise in. I'm really glad it's back since I live in Boca and really appreciate those that organize it but, I've invited everyone with a cool car that I come in contact with and some have decided not to continue to attend because they can't park with the people they cruise with or not even with the group at large at all if their car is post 1980. I understand keeping classes of cars together if it's a trophy show but, for a cruise in night it doesn't seem to be really necessary...and my fear is loosing Crabby's again if we don't get a good weekly following of car enthusiasts. Just wanted to voice my concern so maybe the comments would make a difference. Best Regards, JK

Name: Larry Valdes
Location: Hialeah Florida FL.
Vehicle: 1987 Monte Carlo SS Aero Z16
Date: 10/20/2007

Comments:  City of Doral show was a fine show. First show out of gate it went off with only smiles. Jack and the crew, Scott, and City of Doral great job all. Now guys make it semi-annual event.. Congrats to all.

Name: Rob Jones
Date: 10/18/2007

Comments:  Please post in Palm Beach :Cruise-in to Kobosko's Crossing every Saturday night from 5-9pm located 1/4 mile east of 441 on Forest Hill Rd. Trophy's Doorprizes 50/50 Drawing Music. For more info contact Rob at 561-261-9712 or email @ Thanks Rob

Name: Cece
Location: Moroso Motorsports Park
New Website: 

Comments:  Thanks Scott for the great show this past weekend at Moroso's Xtreme Performance Ford Powerfestival. I had a great time and could not have had better weather. Thanks for all your help and support at the Moroso shows! Do you have any pictures from the event?

Cece, it's always a PLEASURE working with you at Moroso.  I have hundreds of great pics!  I hope to be able to post the photos soon!

Name: JOE
Location: west palm
Vehicle: 1971 corvette custom
Date: 10/16/2007

Comments:  Hello to all,my story'I moved from hollywood 13 years ago,had to sell my 1940 st rod in order to help built my house. Kids all grown up saved my pennys I'm back in to the car seen hope to make new and old friends,  JOE.

Name: Dave Weber
Location: Pembroke Pines, FL
Vehicle: 2001 Mustang SVT Cobra vert
Date: 10/08/2007

Comments:  Jack and crew, Scott, and the City of Doral should all be pleased with a fine event and super effort by all. Many new faces, cars, and location, all came together for a fun filled afternoon. Hopefully this will be an annual or semi-annual event. Kudos to all involved.

Name: Peter-Richard Zollner 'The Brothers'
Location: Hollywood Beach, Florida
Vehicle: 1978 Chrysler NewPort 'Big Red'
Date: 10/08/2007

Comments:  Great Show Oceans Eleven 'Back To The Beach'. Kuddos to everyone who was not scared to get some salt spray on their beautiful automobiles because of windy weather. As always a tremendous job by 'DJ Scott The Music Man' for everything he does plus maintain a great web site for us! And Russ G. owner of one wicked Merk 'Low and Behold' many thanks. Please remember to pass our love and knowledge of this great hobby to the younger generation. When we are gone they will be the new 'Gate Keepers' to keep this amazing piece of history cruzin along. So gang remember....stay cool but...dont freeze!

DSC_2034Name: Russ Gagliano
Location: Fort Lauderdale
Vehicle: '51 Merk Kustom "Low n Behold"
Date: 10/07/2007

Comments:  Hey Scott, On behalf of myself, Ocean's 11 Restaurant, and all who attended our 1st. "Back to the Beach" Cruise Night last night, I want to Thank You ! for a job well always! Although the skies were overcast, and the wind & surf was didn't rain. We had a parking lot full of some great cars, with half of them, never before seen. All who attended enjoyed the great atmosphere of the beach, your music, and the good food and cold beer that Ocean's 11 is so famous for. The 20% discount off their checks and a free Ocean's 11 T-shirt made it worth while to be there. But most of all......we all contributed to raise money for ALS (Lou Gehirgs Disease) Thanks Again ! See you next month, same time, same place.....(Nov 3rd)   -Russ Gagliano

Name: Bambi Torres
Date: 10/04/2007

Comments:  I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for coming to the Memorial Car show for the Love of my life Lou Torres. Even with the storm you were there. Lou & I shared a lifetime of 35 years together in love. I am so blessed to have him as my husband & I will love him until my dying breath, until I am back with him again cause he always said to me " It's only you & me kid"! Ditto honey....I love You...See Ya. Bambi Torres     See:  Car Guys Memorial Page

Name: Cassandra Tkacenko (Lou Torres's Niece)
Location: New Jersey
Date: 10/02/2007

Comments:  I just want too thank everyone for everything that you have done for our family with our tragic loss. My uncle was a wonderful and caring man who could always make you laugh. As I can see from the many photos his sense of humor was seen by all. Thank you again for all of the support my uncle will truly be missed!

Name: Vinnie DiRosa
Location: Hallandale Florida
Vehicle: 71 Challanger convertible
Date: 09/24/2007


Hey Scott, I look forward to another car show season. Here is a link to a new show that I'm producing for A3TV on South Beach called, "South Beach Undercover". My 71 Dodge Challenger convertible is used as the undercover detective's car. To view all the episodes go to

Take care, Vinnie

Too COOL!  Waaay to go Vinnie!

Name: Ted
Location: Stuart, Florida ( will be there next month)
Vehicle: 1996 911 Porsche Carrera & a 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo "Dale Earnhart Limited Edition"
Share: Yes
Date: 09/24/2007

Comments:  I will be moving to Stuart next month and would like to know of any Cruise Nights & Car Shows in Martin County. I noticed this site covers the other county's only. Thanks, TJ

TJ, I'm sorry, but we do not cover Martin Co.  Anyone with info can contact you by email.  Take care..

Name: JJ
Location: South Florida
Vehicle: 1962 Savoy Max Wedge Wagon
Date: 09/10/2007

Comments:  I mourn the loss our friend Lou. Hearing about him being stricken, and finally his passing, I stood off and took a long look at life and the values I found in it: I saw a paradox, that he who loses his life does indeed find it. The more you give, the more you get. The less you think of yourself, the more of a person you become. This is how I remember Lou Torres.

Name: Russ Gagliano
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Vehicle: 1951 Merk "LownBehold"
Share: Yes
Date: 09/09/2007

Comments:  Hey Lou Torres........... I'm going to miss....... Your Red truck at car shows & cruise nights Your Primered truck at car shows & cruise nig Your beer tap gear shifter Your beer cooler in back of your truck Having a cold one with you Your long hair braid Your e-mails everyday Your crazy humor Your friendship I'm going to !!!!! Rest in peace my friend.....God Bless !!!! Russ G

Location: Lemon Tree Passage, Australia
Vehicle: HD Holden and a Fairlane
Date: 08/30/2007

Comments:  Hi guys, This site is the best i have come across for American Muscle Cars.  I have planned with my wife that when we go to America we will go to a NASCAR race (especially with Marcus Ambrose now racing although he i no King Petty), now i will have to put Florida on the books as well. We need a site like this to show off our Aussie Muscle Cars.


Name: Soupy
Location: Weston, Fl

Vehicle: '78 Black SE Trans Am / '84 Black HO Trans Am /
'94 Red Trans Am GT
Date: 08/13/2007

8/13/2007: Scott, I attended the Tri-Power Pontiac Nationals this past weekend. Although I was only there on Saturday, I was able to get a lot of great pics of the Pontiac show cars, plus pics and videos of the drag racing. There were well over 400 show cars and something like 500 cars there for the drag racing. Here's a link to the pictures that I posted on my garage page at Motortopia: Hope to see you at Tower Shops on Friday!! Soupy

Update 8/16/2007:  Scott - the prelim copy of the Music Video co-starring my Black '78 Bandit Trans Am is out on You Tube - the link to the video is: The artist is Bea and is a well know Latin musician from Venezula. This is her first music video and she is hoping to get it aired on MTV and VH1. See you Friday at Tower Shops and then on Saturday in Weston. Next up for me is the Trans Am Nationals in Dayton, Ohio next weekend. See you over the weekend... Soupy

Update 8/27/2007:  Scott- I have returned from Dayton, Ohio and have a lot of pictures from the Trans Am Nationals held at the Dayton Airport Hotel. The pictures are posted here: The weather on Saturday was almost perfect with temps in the mid 80's and a nice breeze. See you on Friday at Tower Shops!! Soupy

DSC_5126Name: paul & eileen maronna
Location: pembroke pines
Vehicle: 65 cobra / the cranberry goose
Date: 08/15/2007


hi scott. check out CARS WE DROVE .do a google search.
great music and pics. see you at weston saturday!


Name: Dave Weber
Location: Pembroke Pines
Vehicle: '01 Mustang SVT Cobra ragtop
Date: 08/13/2007

Comments:  Scott, Can you inquire if anyone has attended Mickey's Hot Rod cruise? I stopped by on Saturday evening about 5- 5:15 and the place looked empty. Where do they park the cars, the lot was pretty small and it didn't appear that many cars would fit - period. So, if anyone goes there, let us know what it is like. Also, do you know if Dania Beach is going to have a cruise anytime soon. I think Russ G. runs that one ???? Thanks and keep on cruising.

It seems you arrived at Mickey's way too early.  They run the show, so I have no additional info to offer, nor do I know who attends.  There is a Dania Beach "Sunset Cruise" coming up on Oct 27.  Russ G. and myself are NOT affiliated with this show.  It is run by the city's Parks & Recreation Dept...I have no further info.

Name: Jose Interian
Location: Loxahatchee, Florida
Vehicle: 1987 Buick Grand National
Date: 08/10/2007

Comments:  Scott, your website is awsome along with all the car shows you put together. I simply go to your website on a weekly basis to see what car shows to go to that weekend. You have done a excellent job and have obviously not taken any shortcuts. Thanks! P.S.Try to drum up some Satruday night "open" car shows for Palm Beach County. Our Friday night PBC Cruise is great, but with work it is sometimes hard to attend. Thanks!

Date: 08/07/2007


Herb, I am really glad you enjoyed the music, especially since you were setup directly in front of the sound system pushing a lot of power to a large event area.  I heard we broke a 23 year record for temperature that day!  I know my A/C sure felt great driving home! Thanks for the kind words, and we look forward to seeing you both, and your new ride, at the shows!  I wasn't able to get any photos at the show, but here's one that Joe took from  Take care.

Name: Jorge
Location: Miami
Vehicle: 68 Vette, 79 z28
Date: 08/01/2007

Comments:  Man, Ran across your web site by accident and I just had to bookmark it...Please keep up the good work by keeping us informed. Your work is invaluable to keeping the car scene alive and well...Thanks PS I want to post some of my pics!

Name: Dave Weber
Location: Pembroke Pines, FL
Vehicle: '96 Corvette & '01 SVT Cobra Mustang
Date: 07/30/2007

Comments:  Hey All, This past Saturday night was a great time at Zo's Off the Hook on Commercial at Bayview. There were some cars I've never seen before, and some of the usual cars showed. The food was good and we were given a 20% discount to boot. Service was great, the whole atmosphere was top notch. Glad to see they are hosting another cruise at the end of the month. Hope to see more of you out there if the weather cooperates. I'm sure my wife and I will be there too.... Thanks

Location: Hollywood, FL
Vehicle: 1980 Caddillac Fleetwood S/S
Date: 07/23/2007

Comments:  Just went to this past Friday's Tower Shop show. There was a great crowd and it seemed that many liked my new addition. I'm looking forward to bringing it to more shows as my '53 is still in the shop.

Name: SoupyDSC_10098
Location: South Florida
Vehicle: '78 Black SE Trans Am
Date: 07/14/2007

Comments:  Well Scott, the shooting of the music video for Venezulian pop star's Bea hit single Cinco, "co-starring" my '78 Black Bandit Trans Am has been completed. It was wrapped it pretty spectacular style last Tuesday with the singer driving my Trans Am over the Rickenbacker Causeway during Sunrise while being filmed from a helicopter. It was pretty cool to watch, and I am looking forward to the world premier release of the song at the end of the month. I'll keep you posted... Meanwhile, keep the tunes rolling and the pictures coming. See you next weekend! Soupy

Way to go Soupy!

Name: Dave Weber
Location: Pembroke Pines
Vehicle: '96 Vette coupe & '01 Mustang SVT Cobra ragtop
Date: 07/11/2007

Comments:  Hi Scott, I was curious why you would not post or list the Tuesday evening Corvette only cruise in at the Hooters on University and Pines. I know there is a DJ working the show, but last evening there were about 20-25 Vettes there. Many of them show up on Friday evenings at the Tower Shop. I am only asking, they are trying to build this Tuesday thing and I thought it would be nice for you to post it. Again, just asking why or why not. As always, thank you for a great job and keep up the good work. We look forward to the shows that you cover and work.

Dave, I wasn't aware of the status of the cruise night.  Thanks for the's posted!

Name: Franc Lemire
Location: Rhode Island
Vehicle: 1983 Mustang GT
Date: 06/30/2007

Comments:  You all have a great web site. I plan on moving to Florida in a few years and hope the cruise shows are still going on when I get there. My brother is in Ocala and he had a '67 Galaxie convertible, but had to sell it after he had a heart attack. Keep up the good work! Franc

DSC_4654Name: Soupy
Location: Weston, FL
Vehicle: '78 Black SE Trans Am
Date: 06/06/2007

Comments:  Scott, although the burnout picture was blocked, it wasn't really the best... LOL... But it was fun! Once again your pictures and music ruled the day. Let's hope the rain stops to at least have a decent showing this Friday at Tower Shoppe's. Thanks for all the great music and all the great pictures. Soupy

Yea...I missed that one!  But I think there may still be enough evidence in that shot to get a conviction!  lol  >

Name: Rob Jones
Share: Yes
Date: 06/06/2007
Comments:  Palm Beach County,Cruise-in Every Wednesday night Buca di Beppo and Fuddruckers of Wellington are hosting a cruise-in from 5-9pm.1/2 mile west of 441 on Forest Hill Rd(in front of Hampton Inn)Door Prizes 50/50 drawing Music by DJ Donnie. For more info contact Rob Jones@561-967-0271 or 704-620-0903(cell)

Name: Jon Kennedy
Location: Sunrise, Florida
Vehicle: 1999 Chevrolet
Date: 06/04/2007

Comments:  Scott, I love the shows have been a fan at Towers for a long time 10 Years. The updates on the site are an awesome way to know all the latest show dates. Keep up the awesome work and best of luck I think your site is or will be the #1 site in Florida!   Thanks Jon!

DSC_3352DSC_3054Name: Albert Pratts
Location: Pembroke Pines
Vehicle: 65 chevy el camino
Date: 05/29/2007


Hi Scott Since the end of February I have been going to as many car shows I have been able to. Your website is the main reason how I find out about these shows. I enjoy it very much and I have met several very nice people. Keep up the great work.....     Thanks Albert!

Name: Pavel
Location: Jupiter, FL
Date: 05/28/2007

Comments:  Hey Scott, I heard that you do the DJ'ing at the Tower Shops on Friday Night car show. I was thinking of heading down to Davie on June 1st for the show with some friends. I'm going to be bringing my car. I was wondering what is the best time to come where all the cars are on display? What time do most people leave etc...? Thanks Pavel

Hi Pavel, yes I am the DJ at Towershoppes...for almost 15 years now.  This is South Florida's largest & longest running event, and goes from 6pm-10pm every Friday night, SE corner of I595 & University Dr in Davie.  Some cars get there early before 6pm to save spots.  Classic cars park inside, imports park in surrounding lots.  Parking is $2.  This pays Towershoppes management fees, city fees, insurance, DJ, and other miscellaneous costs to host this event.  It's a family event, and there are vendors and lots of restaurants there too.  "Prime time" is between 7-9pm, and people start leaving after 9pm.  If you need any further info, contact Mike 954.806.7822, or Sid 954.829.8138.  Look forward to having you!



From the Desk of: Clem Flanagan

Name: Clem Flanagan
Location: Miami
Vehicle: 88Fiero GT
Date: 05/24/2007

Comments:  I told you so (as did others). I said that it would take less than another year to hit two million. Want my prediction on the three million mark?

Name: David (Blazerman)
Location: Stanford, Kentucky
Vehicle: 1988 K5 Blazer with less than 5,500 miles, like new
Date: 05/22/2007

Comments:  This is an excellent site with lots of nice rides. Congrats on all the hits. I found out about this site on CarCrazyCentral, a great site with a nice bunch of folks. I also have a website with info on Autos, Aircraft, free music to listen to, Us highways including Route 66 and all the US states. Lots of pics and information. I have photoshows for all of the states but Alaska (haven't been there yet), you are invited to check it out at:

Name: Alicia,Robert and Chris
Location: Deerfield Bch, Fla
Vehicle: 1970 Big Bad Green Mark Donohue Javelin SST
Date: 05/21/2007

Comments:  I'm a single father raising two children. Robert (bubba) and Alicia (sweetsters). We decided to buy a car and work on it together as a hobby. It would give us something to do instead of our daily routine. Everyone thought we were nuts. My son has learned so much about cars going to the shows he's starting to know more than me. lol. We have met so many great people at the car shows it's unbelievable. All you guys and gals here on this site and we see at the shows are A1 top notch people. It is great to know that there is still people like yourselves out there and we thank you all for letting us be a part of your family. Alicia Robert Chris

PS:  Forgot to add what a great job your doing Scott. We go to your site at least once a day and use it like a bible for all the events. I watched you work at a couple of car shows.You were at one in the morning and then came to the show in the afternoon playing music, helping with the trophy presentation and taking pictures of the cars.I don't know were you get the energy.We just have to say if it weren't for you all of this wouldn't be possable.Great site = Great People.My family thanks you and everyone involved for your hard work and time.

Name: Jimbo
Location: Wilton Manors
Vehicle: 2005 Dodge SRT 10 Ram
Date: 05/19/2007

Comments:  Great show, every Friday night. I get so dissapointed when it gets rained out.

DSC_3787Name: Jeff Keeler
Vehicle: '29 Model A Hot Rod
Date: 05/18/2007


Holy manifold Musicman...that second 1million hits came fast. I went back and looked and I sent you congrats on the first million just a scant 6 months ago. Congrats again Scott. It's a terrific website and we all appreciate your hard work to share our passion in classics....All the best and see you around at the next show. JK

DSC_10098Name: Soupy
Location: Weston, FL
Vehicle: '78 Black SE Trans Am / '94 Red Trans Am GT
Date: 05/16/2007


Scott - I have said it before and it still stands true, your pics and DJ efforts are tops. I spend a few hours a week checking the Internet for other car show sites, and ya know what? There's nothing out there that tops the site that you have put together here. I am proud to be a part of the car show world here in Southeast Florida and the car show family of Russ & Jumpin' Jack. Too bad summer is here already... Russ / Jack, if you read this, let's get some Saturday evening shows going so we can get out of the house and see all the beautiful cars that the guys & gals bring out. See you at Tower, Soupy -   Thanks Soup!

DSC_3104Name: Raymond J. Percz Sr.
Location: Cooper City, Fl
Vehicle: 71 Pontiac LeMans
Date: 05/16/2007


Hi Scott, WOW,2 MILLION HITS - Congratulations and Thank You for all you do to keep this wonderful hobby going here in South Florida. We depend on you for show information and enjoy the great music you play at the shows. This website is the best. Our 2 yr old grand daughter likes to sit with me and look at the great photos of the cars along with her 3 and 5 yr old sisters. The girls now have a brand new baby brother who I'm sure will enjoy your website as much as the rest of the family. Thanks again for all you do for us car people. I'M sure you'll hit 3 mil in the blink of an eye. Best rgds. Ray and family    Thanks Ray and family!

Name: Dave Weber
Location: Pembroke Pines, FL
Vehicle: '96 Vette & '01 Mustang SVT Cobra rag
Date: 05/14/2007

Comments:  Attended the Maroone Chevy show this past Sunday. Fewer cars than planned on, yet the outcome was very nice. Elvis, free B-B-Q and pop all day, Oldies 102 live broadcast, and of course our own Scott the music man. Scott, you did a superb job considering the heat. Never slowed you down one bit. Congrats to all that attended, Mothers Day will never be the same. Thanks to all, a job well done by all. Quick note: I bought my 1st car from Mr. Al Maroone in Amherst/Willaimsville, NY back in 1967. A '64 Ford Galaxy 500 fastback, automatic, with a 352/2 barrel and dual exhaust. Keep up the great work and see you at the next show. Dave

DSC_5875Name: Robert Herron
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Vehicle: 1969 Chevelle
Date: 05/10/2007

Comments:  Scott, Let me be the first one to congratulate you on the upcoming 2 Million pages viewed. I have been enjoying your website since you first started it over 3 years ago. And I would imagine newcomers who visit would be addicted as myself. As always you help keep the South Florida Cruisin alive...... Thanks for all of your efforts and see you at the upcoming events.

Thanks Robert.  Actually, the website has been going for only a little over 1 and half years now, although more than 3 years worth of photos are posted.  It's pretty amazing to think we're going to hit 2 million pages viewed.  I hope to have the Moroso Chevy Show photos available for you soon.  Take care...

Name: Marie CuCulino
Location: Holiday Isle, Islamorada, FL ,M.M. 84 Oceanside
Date: 05/08/2007

Comments:  The Florida Keys Corvette Club presents the 14th Annual "Corvettes in Paradise" to be held at Holiday Isle In Islamoada, FL on Nov 3rd, 2007 for the final time there. 21 classes with 1st,2nd & 3rd place trophies. For more info, go to our web site at

DSC_5656Name: Ed Raabe
Location: Pembroke Pines Fla
Vehicle: 1959 Edsel Ranger
Date: 05/04/2007

Comments:  Wow what a show (Festival Flee Mrkt)! It was great to see all the cars from the area. It reminds me of the kind of shows you see in California. We are certainly building a Classic car culture here. Congrats to Russ and his new bride and to Scott whose great coverage of these shows helped to get me "back in the hobby". Guys, keep up the great work! Ed

Name: Phinfan
Location: South Florida
Topic: Festival Flea Market Show
Date: 04/30/2007

Comments:  Just Wondering what kind of judging criteria went into this show? Was it based on cleanliness? Mods? etc? Did all the cars even get judged...the show had a great turnout...but the judgeing left many contestants with a sour feeling... 

** (read complete post and informative replies > here) **

Name: Dave Weber
Location: Pembroke Pines, Fl
Vehicle: 1996 Corvette Coupe & 2001 Mustang SVT Cobra ragtop
Date: 04/25/2007

Comments:  I was totally shocked by the turnout at the Festival Flea Market this past Sunday. 556 cars is unheard of. There were so many cars I had not seen at other cruise nights or car shows. It was a blast to say the least. Thanks to all involved in making it happen, you put a huge smile on my face. I can't wait for the next one in December. Dave

Yes Dave, that certainly was an amazing show!  Glad you enjoyed!  (when the photos from that show get posted, let me know which photo is your car, so I can add it to this guest book post)  ..Take care..

Update 4/29/2007:  Went to the Cooper City Founders Day Show this past Saturday. Nice show, great company, dang hot weather. Followed that up with a trip to the Dania Beach Cruise Night. They should run that cruise every 3 months, or even monthly. The turnout was okay, but the setting was even better. Nice views, some pretty neat people, some fine cars, and the evening weather was just perfect.  We will always make room for this cruise night. Dave

Name: Russ G
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Vehicle: '51 Merk Kustom
Festival Flea Market Show April 22, 2007
Date: 04/24/2007

Comments:  On behalf of myself, Festival Flea Market Mall, DB Entertainment, and all who were involved in the show.........I would like to thank all 556+ show car owners who attended this great show...........for without you, it could not have been possible. We have the greatest "car family" here in South Florida, I am honored to be a part of it.... Thank You! all again & God Bless !

Name: Pavel
Location: Jupiter, FL
Date: 04/21/2007

Comments:  Hey Scott. I really apreciate all of the stuff you do for the South Florida Car Scene. You're really bringing it together with this site. I sometimes come on this site and gaze for hours at all of the beautiful cars, photographed very well I might add. I also wanted to ask a questions about a Tuesday night weekly cruise in in Stuart. Lots of people have been telling me about it, and I don't know where to find location info on it. Do you know anything about the Tuesday classic car cruise in Stuart? Thanks Scott for everything you do!

Thanks Pavel for the nice words!  Sorry, I don't know anything about the Stuart cruise.  Take care..

DSC_8968Name: Joe
Location: Sunrise
Vehicle: 1959 Ford Galaxie
Date: 04/19/2007

Comments: Hey Scott! I'd like to ask a question to you and others that visit this site. I'm aware of a couple of car clubs out there (Time Bandits, Road Knights, Cruisers, etc.), and I know these guys periodically put on shows. Is there one particular site where these clubs describe themselves? Maybe you'd be interested in a "Club Page" posted on your site, directing people who are interested in joining these different clubs. Or, would you, or someone else be interested in starting a new club? I always see a lot of cars down at Tower Shops, and I know most don't belong to clubs for one reason or another. I'd be interested to hear what those reasons are, and maybe a bunch of us could form a new club that would fill in a niche that isn't already out there. I look forward to everyone's thoughts on this. Thanks again for the hard work you do on this site!! See you at the Festival Flea Market......-Joe.

Hey Joe, sounds like you've got some good ideas there!  Looks like you may be more than qualified to be President of that new club!  I like the "Club Page" idea.  See you Sunday!

Name: Lex
Location: Pompano Beach
Date: 04/13/2007

Comments:  Just wondering what the story was on Sidepocket Pub's not having a cruise nite.

Lex, it is my understanding that the City of Margate shut down the cruise night, and that the owner of Side Pockets thought, with his "influence" being on some city board or commission, that he would be able to resolve the matter.  Margate has been responsible for shutting down several other cruise nights or car shows as well, including  Crabby Jacks on Atlantic Blvd, and Bru's Room on Sample Rd.  Margate is definitely NOT a "classic car friendly" town.

Name: Ed Nieves
Location: Miami
Vehicle: 1984 Eldorado Convertible White on Red
Date: 04/08/2007

Comments:  Nice site

DSC_09433Name: Vinnie D
Location: Cheeta, Hallandale
Vehicle: 71 Challenger convertible
Date: 04/02/2007

Comments:  Hay Scott, great seeing in Hollywood yesturday. I came late with my black 70 Cuda. I was wondering what happened to the Cheeta photos? Look forward to seeing them. You always to a great job. Vinnie

Thanks Vinnie, the Cheetah photos are still in the "pile" of "to do" projects.. along with the Chevy show, and the Hollywood show.  Take care..


Name: Larry Shine & David Ross
Location: Miami Kar Krazy
Date: 03/31/2007

Comments:  Scott: Just a note to say you do an AWESOME job. The shows, music, photos etc. You are a true blessing to all car enthusiasts. Thanks for all your efforts

Thanks guys.

Name: Seaview Boating Gary
Location: Harrison Township, Michigan
Vehicle: 1966 T Bird Conv.
Date: 03/31/2007

Comments:  Great website, friend told me about, have set to favorite. Like to see cars from south FL, our site is

DSC_8588Name: Harlan
Location: Boca Raton
Vehicle: 1976 Pontiac Trans Am LE 50th Anniversary

Date: 03/27/2007


Scott: Thanks so much for all of the great pictures. Thanks also for the pics of my car. It is still new and I am happy to have some real nice pics of the T/A. Thanks again, Harlan

Location: Miami, Florida
Vehicle: 1996 Ford Mustang GT
Date: 03/26/2007

Comments:  Thanks for the information.. your web site if totally awsome.. and the pictures are very nice.. thanks again

keiths rods and customs
Date: 03/22/2007

Comments: scott thank you so much for the wonderful job you did for us at the dt saloon, i received many compliments from and about the show. many people are really looking foward to the next one in october . i found out they want to do a bike show in june or july .
ill keep u posted . keep up the great work and 2will see u soon .... k                      Thanks Keith

DSC_1602P8273328Name: LYNN
Vehicle: 34 FORD PU
Date: 03/19/2007



Name: MelvanDSC_6168DSC_6706
Location: Lauderhill, Florida
Vehicle: 1975 Dodge van
Date: 03/06/2007

Comments:  Scott , you've done an excellent job with your web site . You also did an excellent job with the music at the Mopar show last Sunday , and I'm still trying to figure out how you find the time to take photographs the way that you do - along with play music . My hat off to you for being so multi-talented and for being so good at what you do . I'm looking forward to bringing the van out and seeing you again at some very near future shows . PS wanted to submit a photo but I haven't quite got the hang of this computer thing yet - take care .

Hey Melvan, it's GREAT to hear from you, and was an even nicer surprise to see you showing at the Mopar Show!  Don't worry, I've got the photo covered.  Thanks for the "guest book" post, and for the nice comments.  I'll admit, it's quite a job sometimes playing the music, making the announcements, interacting with the crowd, and photographing over 200 cars at a show!  I have to work FAST, and walk fast too.  I don't usually get to chat with folks for more than a few seconds.  To complicate matters, I always try to get the shots when there are no people in the way...not always possible.  I have to (patiently) wait for them to move, and squeeze in a quick shot (and make it count) before the next folks walk in.  Add that to trying to get the shots when the sun is out between the clouds...ha!   Computer technology does offer me some freedom to move around that didn't exist in years past...couldn't do it without it.  It really is nice to see you are still showing your van.  Most of the old vans from that era didn't survive, especially as nicely as yours did!  Take care Melvan...hope to see you again real soon!

DSC_5270Name: John Boman
Location: Sunrise, Florida
Vehicle: 2005 Rumble Bee Custom
Date: 03/05/2007


You have a great web site and as always you did at great job at the Miramar Show and this past weekend at the MOPAR NATIONALS in Davie. Keep up the great work John

DSC_5089Name: Eloy Roman
Location: Miami
Vehicle: 65 cobra
Date: 02/28/2007


This was my first show and I had a great time. Everybody was so friendly that I actually felt as if I had been to multiple shows and I had already known everyone. This will not be my last. Thanks for this awesome site and those great pics!!!

Welcome Elroy, it was GREAT to have you and meet you at the show.  You definitely hooked up with some great folks there.  Thanks for bringing out your AWESOME car...we'll look forward to seeing it at future shows!

Name: Firefighter Fred
Location: Coral Springs
Vehicle: 1970 CAMARO
Date: 02/28/2007

Comments:  I am so hooked on this hobby. I spend countless hours in my garage working on my car. I am getting plastic media blasted from and engine and body work done within the next few weeks. It get discouraging sometimes but looking at these pics of members cars it keeps me going. THANKYOU!!!

Name: Dugan
Location: Ft. Laud
Vehicle: 70 Z28
Date: 02/28/2007
Comments:  Scott you have done a great job with the site. I love it!!! I refer to it as the car show bible! Your coverage of all the local shows is incredible. After reading the comments though i feel i should leave my own. I don't think anybody should "BOO" someone elses car. Thats not what this hobby is all about. You may not like the car or the judge's choice but we are all one big family. Everyone has thier own style and may express it in thier rides. Me personaly i like to see a tastefuly modded car. I don't want to see gawdy interiors, lambo doors, or a car that has everything Pep Boys sells put on it. But the bottom line is that its there car and they are enjoing it and bringing it out so other people can enjoy it. I also agree that some changes should be made in the way cars are classed. I understand that most shows nowadays don't have specific classes anymore but they could tighten the field up alittle. After all the late model class is apparently a mess. There are some really nice late models out there but i don't think its fair to put a stock 75 mustang in the same class as an 07 shelby or a Pro street big block 78 malibu against a 03 malibu. I think they should class out as follows. Pre 74 75-93 93-present Truck all If they want to add more then can add stock and moddified but you get the idea and i think it splits the cars up pretty good. Well thanks for your time and keep up the great work!

You suggestions sound excellent.  I know some shows do break it up in similar ways.  As you know, every show is different, depending on how the host WANTS to do the show.  They will typically design a car show the way they like for what ever reasons they deem important or necessary.  Just about every show will benefit some, and not others.  You'll do better at some shows, and not at others.  That is some of the beauty of the diversity of shows.  There are reasons for giving out "Top 60" or whatever awards, and people need to realize this...every show WILL NOT be the same.  I like your idea because it seems to be a nice compromise.  By the way, you should know the guy who "boooed" the PT Cruiser was "big enough" to admit it, and made friends with Rick.  I have a lot of respect for owning up to this.  I also think sometimes people are sometimes just being "competitive", and I feel this may have been blown a little out of proportion.  I think we can lay this issue to rest!  Thanks Dugan, for the nice words...see you at the next show!

Name: Alan RooksDSC_4384
Vehicle: '03 Modified PT Cruiser
Date: 02/18/2007

Comments:  Scott, First let me Thank-you for your site and for all that you do for the local car community and those around the world that may "crash" onto your site and see some of the best cars in the US. ... As a "motor-head" I look forward to the next show that I can bring my PT to, not only to show my car, but to see all of those "classic" and muscle cars from an era gone by that brings me back to the day.  ... Anyway, thanks again for all that you do in promoting the local car scene, and with all the charity work and shows that you help to sponser. The Cruisers of South Florida will always be at your service in any open shows that we are invited to.  Alan 

Thanks Alan, it's good to have you at the shows...and thanks for your wonderful tribute to the lost souls of  9/11.

Name: burnout bob
Vehicle: very fast van
Date: 02/19/2007

Comments:  Hey, long time? Havent been south!But some day I will pop up. Just keep an eye out for a good sounding van! Call back I left a massage on your home #.

Burnout BOB!  What a are a real BLAST from the past!  You were one of the craziest people I've ever known!  Boy we sure had some good times!  Glad you found the web site...looking forward to talking to you...

DSC_3882Name: Jeff Keeler
Vehicle: '27 Model A Hot Rod
Photo: 3882
Date: 02/11/2007


Duuude....those pics shot reflecting back out of the moonie wheels of my car and my Dads' were just awesome. Once again you've outdone yourself. LOVE having you at the shows. Take care, JK

Thanks Samantha!  You are my favorite "Radio Flyer" wagon girl in the world too!  Thanks for coming out to all the shows!

Name: Cindy Heafy
Date: 02/06/2007

Comments:  The 11th annual Coral Springs Police Department car show for Special Olympics will be held on Sunday April 15 from noon to 4p.m. at the Coral Square Mall (NE corner of University Drive and Atlantic Blvd, Coral Springs-eastside of Dillards). This is a people's choice award show with over 30 awards. The first 100 people will be given dash plaques and goody bags. A DJ, and food will also be at the event. Pre-registration is $12.00 at the event is $15.00. Call Cindy at 954-344-1833 for further information.

DSC_6881Name: Jason Dennis
Vehicle: 1934 Ford Phaeton
Date: 02/01/2007

Hi Scott, I have enjoyed your Website for a couple years now. When I have Ruby (my hotrod) out, I invariably get asked where I show her and my standard answer is “look on for all the listings of local shows and gatherings”. Your site has become the Holy Grail of car shows in my opinion, and you have my utmost gratitude in keeping up such a fine website. I, for one, do realize the massive undertaking it takes to keep the website current. Now… I would like to add my 2 cents about judging at shows. I was one of the late model winners, that you may ha
DSC_6879ve mentioned in your reply to Joe, at the "Darrell Gwynn Show". I hope the "custom built" 407hp motor (NO its not a Corvette Motor), in my car, was a big part of that award. I am a firm believer of outsider or guest judging. Lets face it, when they pick judges consisting of the car owners, I have seen it become no more than a “one of the good ol’ boys” award. You know as well as I, we see a lot of the same cars and people repeatedly, doing the local circuit shows. Finding a unbiased judge could be difficult, unless you had stringent guidelines or points system to go by, then it wouldn’t be a personal popularity contest. On the other hand I’ve personally witnessed an unscrupulous car owner stuffing a peoples choice ballet box as well. So you really can’t win when it comes to handing out awards. I personally have been given an award in a category, even though I felt someone else’s car was superior to mine, in my honest opinion. But, was I willing to give it up? NO WAY DUDE… they are too hard to come by!!!! The choice is a personal likening, by that particular judge. His taste may be different than mine… (This is obvious, because I’ve only received a couple awards for my car). One judge may like to see original equipment whereas the next judge prefers customizing, and yet another may favor a balance of the two (this is where I’m headed). I keep trying to improve the car and just hope they notice. If I don’t get an award, oh welllll… at least I get to meet friends like Cherry & Berry, Rick, Jack, Fred, Al, and too many others to list… I think making all these acquaintances, outweighs any award I would be given, anyway. Jason

Jason, very nice to hear from you.  Thanks for the nice comments, and thanks for taking the time to write your well though out comments on the judging issues.  There are so many issues and angles to consider when it comes to judging, and you've certainly touched on a few.  Most people however, view what's best at a show from their own point of view, where they have the best shot at an award...and less consideration is given to the work involved by the host.  There are pro's and con's to each aspect of judging methods.  I am no authority on the matter, but I'll share a few of my opinions of what I have seen...I'm sure there are folks here who could elaborate with more specific detail.

Points Judging:  Pros:  more accurate and fair. 
Cons:  "Experienced" and knowledgeable judges are required, takes a long time to judge every car, requires a team of  "experienced" judges to cover a large show, takes time to calculate judging sheets, etc, etc.  This is the most complex type of judging.  Finding volunteers to work for free at this level is not likely, paying "professional" judges would raise the cost of the show.  There are shows like this..."World of Wheels" for example.  Most local guys and clubs can't or don't work at this level.  Other cons would be that only higher-end cars would win causing the little guy to not want to come to this show because he would never have a chance at winning.  Also, the "same" cars would usually win.

Peoples Choice:  Pros:  No work involved by show planners.  Everyone gets to be "involved" making it fun for spectators. 
Cons:  least accurate, becomes a popularity contest, people stuff boxes.  If only 1 choice is allowed, people usually vote for themselves, or their friends.  This type of voting is garbage in my opinion, but again, is fun for spectators.  This type of award is usually "monitored" and given the weight it deserves of usually only 1 trophy. 

Judging by Show Participants:  (see peoples choice above)  The fairness of this method really depends on the voting sheets, and how well laid out they are.  Again, if there is only 1 voting choice, then it's basically useless and pointless (see reasons above).  But sometimes clever methods can be utilized to make this method more fair and interesting. Who better to judge cars, then the car owners judging each other.

Judging by Classes:  Pros:  Most popular and pretty fair.  Not a surprise when a late model wins in a "late model" class.  Requires dedicated judges who will be as fair as possible,  Similar to "points" show, but not as stringent.
Cons:  Still requires "knowledgeable" judging and takes time to judge accurately and tabulate.  A team of judges are usually needed to cover a large show, and judging criteria is still left somewhat up to each individual judge.  Awards usually have to have specific class emblem on them, and often awards go unused if cars don't show in a particular class.  Still imperfect, and someone still always has an issue with the results.

Top Awards:  Pros:  Easiest way to spread awards out at a large show.  Has become a popular method at many shows because it's quicker and easier.   Every winner is a 1st place winner.  Every award gets used, even when cars leave before show is over.  Easier to give to deserving cars when more than 2 or 3 would be in the same class.  It can be less work, and can be done by one or two judges.  Judging is more flexible, and can be based on anything particular judges see of interest.  Almost anyone can win which draws a wider range of cars. 
Cons:  Cars are not always looked at closely.  Less accurate...although  judging sheets can still be used with some kind of point system.

Judging by outsider or guest judges:  Not likely.  Flying in outsiders would be an added expense.  Car show judges are usually car show people.  They will have friends, they have preferences too, and some are more fair than others.  Unless you know of aliens that are knowledgeable about cars and are willing to travel, it's not likely to see "out-sourced" judging.  You may see this on a National show level, but not at a "local" level.  Promoters can be hired to do the work, but they will still have to choose a judging method above that meets their needs.

These are just my observations.  Going to a show and complaining about awards is one thing...but putting on a show is a different story, and can be a lot of work.  I could go on at length regarding all the various related issues...make it fun, make it fair, make it inexpensive, make it cater to everyone, make the host happy, etc, etc.   Everyone has an opinion on how to do it best...from their own point of view.  Often times, there isn't enough time, or the manpower to do the job ideally, so the work usually falls back on the same few workers.  Compromises are sometimes made because you have to work with what you have... and in those cases it may only be a compromise depending on what side you are on.  One of the biggest issues that some people seem to miss is that EVERYONE has their own idea on how to have the "perfect" show.  But it's NEVER going to happen.  Too many different opinion & ideas.  That's why there are so many different types of shows put on by so many different groups.  We have "open" shows, closed shows, classic car shows, race car shows, original and unmodified shows, model specific shows, free cruise-night shows, etc, etc.  Pick what you can get in to...pick what works for you...Pick what you like!  There is no right or wrong answer.  If you have an issue, then you should also have a solution...a workable solution that everyone can agree on!  Once you get everyone's approval, then host your show.

In the end Jason, I agree with you!  Go out and make some friends at the shows...and have fun!

Name: JoeDSC_1583
Vehicle: 1959 Ford Galaxie
Date: 01/29/2007

Comments: Hey Scott ! I just wanted to say I visit your site every day to check in on the local scene. Every time I come across a classic car on the road I tell the driver about this site and what it provides. I'd like to propose a car show dedicated to this site, where the registration fees go to you to help with its cost (I have no idea what it costs to run this site, but it can't be cheap!). I'd also like to weigh in on the "PT Cruiser" issue, which is not limited to PT Cruisers, but every kind of late model vehicle. I do see both sides in the argument, and I agree that an "Open" show is open to all vehicles. I think what it comes down to is the judging, and that judge's personal opinion on what a winner is. I also think there is a desire amongst judges to spread the awards around evenly to different classes so no one feels slighted. The problem is when the ratio of cars isn't even. If there are 90% pre-76 vehicles and 10% post-76, the distribution of awards should reflect that ratio. Again, this is only my opinion and you'll never get everyone to agree on this issue. Maybe every "Open" show should have classes to avoid this problem. I think if people only go to a show to win a trophy they should stay home. Take pride in your vehicle and the work you put in it. You don't need a trophy as a pat on the back. When you drive down the street and see people's faces as they check out your ride, that should be reward enough, but again, that's my opinion. Thanks again for this site and your dedication to us car fanatics !! See ya at the next show !! couldn't have said it any better!  I'll respond to a couple of your comments. First, thanks for the nice "show proposal" idea, but it isn't necessary...this website runs on "love" for our hobby...classic cars.  Secondly, on the "late model" or PT Cruiser correctly put the responsibility of the awards on the judges...and the fact that it often comes down to their "personal" preference on what they saw or liked, and the fact that sometimes awards are "spread" around as well...although I don't think that was the case here.  Your idea of "open show classes" is very good and is often used in many shows, but obviously not all.  Every show is different, and the level of work is determined by how accurate and complex the judging gets.  The "Ed Morse Show" never said it was a "points show with individual classes"...just 2 classes..."Corvette" and "Non-Corvette" was QUITE clear!  Show judging will never be perfect in everyone's let's just try to have fun and maybe we'll win at the next one.  There are plenty of shows (in fact the majority) that don't allow "late models".  If a PT Cruiser wins there...then we would have a "legitimate" problem. I'm a "muscle car" guy...and if I were judging...awards would probably be handed out by engine size! Recently some of the "classic" cars guys complained about the "Darrell Gwynn Show" because they were beat out by some ratty ol' "race" cars at an open "race car" show...imagine that!  An award was also given out to a late-model there as well...which was complained about too.  Come on people...let's get with it!

Thanks Joe, for getting the word out about "our" web site...the growth continues to surprise and amaze me!  See you at the next show!

Name: Soupy
Vehicle: '78 Black SE Trans Am
Date: 01/28/2007


Scott... Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for the hard work and effort at not only the shows, bit also on your fine website. See ya next Sunday in downtown Hollywood!! By the way, Harlan's '76 Black LE Trans Am came in Saturday afternoon. I went up to see it earlier today... Looks real good. Be sure to check it out on Friday at Tower Shoppes. We'll be parked down wit Tommy Martin and the gang. Soup

Name: Jeff Keeler
Vehicle: '27 Model A Hot Rod
Date: 01/28/2007


Are you kidding?...Scott you've outdone yourself with that video from the Darrell Gwynn Show. You are the bomb...the fuzz showed up before I could lay some rubber down but I sure enjoyed everyone else puttin' it down. Just like old times on a Saturday night on US was like a real time American Grafitti... You are the best bro'. See you at the next show. JK

Name: Sheryl Andrews
Vehicle: 94 stang, 88 stang, 91 corvette, 66 mustang
Date: 01/27/2007

Comments:  Scott, love the pictures of all the events. Could you take some more pictures of the car show at towershops for some of us Floridians that moved out of state so that we can see some of our friends that still attend there. The car shows up in our neck of the WOODS are bleak unless we travel out of the mountains. We miss you Wes and Linda.... Bud, Grace, Sheryl, Rich and Will.....

Note from the Moderator:  The "Ed Morse" show WAS a successful "open" car show that "welcomed" all years, makes, and models.  This show featured roughly 90% classics and about 10% late model was expected.  Awards were handed out accordingly.

Name: Jack
Vehicle: '34 Ford
Date: 01/24/2007

Comments: Hey Scott, regarding the PT Cruiser at the Ed Morse show, what we have here is a failure to communicate. According to the show literature it was billed as an "open classic" show. "Open" meaning that any make i.e. Chevy, Dodge, Ford, etc. could enter. However, Plum Crazy failed to mention the "CLASSIC" requirement. Can we agree that a 2001 PT Cruiser is not a classic? In your posting of 09/06 you were very specific that "classic" means pre-1974. When I go to a "classic" car show that is what I want to see CLASSIC CARS! I can walk through any parking lot to see a PT Cruiser. I would suggest that Plum Crazy was upset at being booed because he knows he doesn't belong at a "CLASSIC" car show.

Jack, I accept your are correct on 3 out of 4 counts... 1) The flier does list the show as an "classic car & truck show, and 2) that earlier in 2006 I said that a "classic" in my "opinion" was '74 and older, and 3) that I would agree with you that a PT Cruiser is not a "classic".  What you missed is that 4) this was an "open" classic car & truck" show.  Additionally, this show was hosted by "The Renegade Corvette Club", and not by me...or by my opinion on what makes up a "classic".  Judging and awards were coordinated by Jumpin' Jack under the club's "open" show criteria.  You will also note that there were no year limitations... or in other WAS a classic car show (by someone else's definition) that featured CLASSIC CARS and was "also" open to all years, makes, and models...such as late model Corvettes and PT Cruisers.  How many "car" shows have you been to where "trucks" are allowed to participate as well?  It's not my intent to challenge your opinion because in part I agree with much of what you well as do others.  But you're not trying to convince me that you don't know what an "open" show means...are you?


2007 Boston
"World of Wheels"
PT Cruiser

Photos submitted by:
Jumpin' Jack


Name: glenn
Vehicle: pro street truck
Date: 01/23/2007

Comments:  im the one who booed the pt cruiser and i didnt do it to be a bad sport or offend any car show or any person, but when people build cars or trucks with all there heart and soul no matter what year i think thats were its deserved the most. I have gone to alot of these shows and think that this pt cruiser has placed and got an award at every show, I just dont see the hard work behind putting grafix's and chrome. Now put a hemi and tubb it out and you got something!!! so i will be the better man and say that if i hurt anybody's feelings, I'M SORRY , I think there were more deserving cars and trucks other than that car, and im speaking for more people than just myself, scott you do great things for these shows and spend alot of time with the people and i give you alot of credit, keep up the good work and hope to see you at the next show, maybe this will all work out and the cruiser will cruise on.

Fair enough, Glenn!  Thanks for owning up to what happened, and for expressing your reasons and feelings on the matter.  Your points are well taken.  It is not my intent to mediate the differences here, but to give you the option to express your opinions, which you've done clearly, and certainly have merit.

1969 Orange Firebird
Date: 01/23/2007


Hey Scott just wanted to say great job on all the car show pics. You really have a great web site and take great pics. Keep up the good work. Looking forward for the video from the Sheehan show. Thanks.

Name: Mike Fabian
Vehicle: 1968 Baldwin Motion Camaro
Date: 01/19/2007


Hey Scott, Thanks for all the great pics & show info. It's a pleasure to view all these quality photos. (do you give lessons?) ;) See you at the next "Really Big Shoe" ... ooops, dating myself with that one. Two Thumbs Up. Mike Fabian

Name: Greg Kersul
Vehicle: 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix
Date: 01/17/2007


Scott the Music man is the BEST!! He is also a Great photographer. Say Cheese

Can't go wrong with "great" material!

<  "Supermodel Greg" struts his "stuff"!

Walter J
'45, '46 and '47 Ford Pickups

I have just begun to restore these three Ford pickups. I am currently building a garage to work on them.
I am interested in buying an original or a streetrodded '42 thru '47 Ford pickup.

Name: Rick RoseDSC_6959
Vehicle: 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser (Plum Crazy)
Date: 01/15/2007

Comments:  Hey Scott, it was another FUN day full of great cars, great music, the weather turned out good, and it's always nice hanging out with my friends and family. Thanks for the parking spot Soupy. And it was great seeing Jeff, Edwin and his wife, Barry & Cherry, and my friend Joe with his red corvette. I was also fortunate enough to get an award out of all those beautiful cars on display. I think the only person who didn't have fun was the guy who loudly "boooooooooed" me when he heard that a PT cruiser won. He didn't realize that I was standing no further than twenty feet away from him. It wasn't the first time I received that kind of response, and I imagine it won't be the last. Let's not forget that it was an "open" show, which means every car has a chance for an award. I believe that people who have to express that type of unsportsmanlike conduct are not only booing me, but also the judges, and maybe the entire show. FYI: For what it's worth, my older brother and I used to build and race muscle cars in the pro stock class back in the late 60's, early 70's. A 1956 Chevy, a 1969 camaro, and before that a 1934 chopped top Dodge in C/gas class. We raced and met people at the nationals in New Jersey and Ohio like "Grumpy" Jenkins, "Dandy" Dick Landy, Sox & Martin, Dave Strickler, Jack Chrisman, and Gene Snow, just to name a few. Those were really fun and exciting times. So in closing, I just didn't wake up one day and buy a PT cruiser. And many thanks to those guys out there who keep the muscle cars, Street Rods, Hot Rods, classics, etc... still alive for me to appreciate.

Hey Rick, I don't think I could add much to what you said, because I think you were right on target!  Some people may not realize that an "open" show is just to all types.  If all the trophies went to only the classic cars, then it wouldn't really be an "open" show.  The PT Cruiser was designed in many ways to emulate the classic cars of yesteryear, and you guys certainly put a lot of effort in the customization of your cars.  Rick, you are a "real" car enthusiast who didn't deserve a "boo" at an open car show.  I hope those that are reading this agree.  There will always be someone complaining about the trophy winners.  If they haven't figured out by now that the awards winners at every show varies by show criteria and judges preferences.  The judges obviously saw something of quality they liked with your car.  We're here to have fun.  Thanks for being part of our car community family...and for enjoying our show with us. By the way, I have photos of a winning PT Cruiser at the "World of Wheels" show this year I'll post soon.  Take care!

Name: Scotty Mack
Vehicle: 1969 Buick GS400 convertible
Date: 01/08/2007
Time: 06:14 AM

Comments: Scott, Good job at the shows. Hopefully my Buick will make it on your site one of these events... Ryan told to use some Blues Brothers references but I need to slide on down to the Triple Rock to catch reverend Cleophus (RIP). Thanks, Scotty Mack

I figured out what happened.  Catch ya at the next one for sure.  You are our 1st post for 2007!


-      2  0  0  6     -

Name: Jose Interian
Vehicle: 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS 327/300hp
Date: 12/30/2006

Comments: Scott as always, you have done a incredible job with this website. Great pictures and what makes it excellent is that everything is current. Let me know when you have any events in Palm Beach County, I will be sure to be there. May you and your family have a super holiday season and a happy new year.

DSC_9137Name: Michael Vitetta
Vehicle: 1930 Ford Model A Town Sedan
Date: 12/29/2006


I've taken my stock '30 Ford to many of these great shows. If you want to see orginal Early fords you have to come on Sunday, March 4th, 2007 — to The All Ford Model "A"&"T" show at Las Olas River Front in Fort Lauderdale. Fords from 1913 to 1931 Free to the public. Contact Tony Spaich @, or phone 1-954-782-6443 for details.

Name: Nicole
Vehicle: 1953 Chrysler New Yorker Hearse
Date: 12/28/2006


I've enjoyed going to the shows over the years. I hope to someday bring my '53 to share with everyone else. Here's looking to 2007 to getting it back on the road!

Name: Jerry B
Vehicle: 1978 Avanti II
Date: 12/25/2006


Scott, Great music, great people and great cars. 2007 should be bigger and better for all.


Joe Marullo
Vehicle: 1968 GTX
Date: 12/23/2006


Scott, Awesome show !!!! Love the photos. Happy Holidays !!!
See Ya Next Year.


Vehicle: 67 CHEVY C-20 P/U TRUCK / 67 NOVA WAGON
Email: DADDY36100@AOL.COM
Date: 12/23/2006



Thanks Ray...I couldn't agree more!  Merry Christmas to you & family!

DSC_9393Name: Soupy
Vehicle: '78 Black SE Trans Am
Date: 12/21/2006

Comments:  Once again you have outdone yourself. The pictures from the Hard Rock show turned out great. The weather was perfect, the show fantastic. Kudos to Russ and the rest of the fine people involved in putting this show together. Merry Christmas & A Very Happy New Year to you, your friends and your family. See you in '07!!! Soupy

Thanks "Bandit"...I mean Soupy...see you in 2007!

DSC_8908Name: Sal and Joan
Vehicle: 1966 Nova SS
Date: 12/21/2006


Hello Scott, Just wanted to say thank you again for all the nice pics! Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and all your family! Sal and Joan

Thank you both, and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you too!

DSC_4034Name: Jake Gomis
Vehicle: 1932 Ford Hiboy "RumbleBee"
Date: 12/20/2006

Comments:  Great show at the Hard Rock on Sunday. Large turnout and great cars. Glad I met new friends at my first show, Barry, Jack, introduced to "Big Al" and many others, Very nice people. To my surprise my entry won for Hot Rod, considering all the beautiful cars there. Thank You Russ for a great experience and hope to attend many more. Happy Holidays to all!!!!!!!!!!  
Nice to meet you Jake, and your awesome ride too!

DSC_8144DSC_8143Name: Bob Blank
Vehicle: 70 Superbird &
73 Roadrunner
Date: 12/16/2006

Scott, thanks for the EXCELLENT pictures of my car and my son Brians car at the Moroso Mopar show on Dec. 10th. What an excellent job you are doing on your web-site. Keep up the great work.  Thanks Bob

DSC_1877aName: Don & Gladys Mazzone
Vehicle: 1964 Pro Street Corvette

Date: 12/15/2006


Scott thanks for a great web site this past year. Looking for next year to be even better if thats possible.

Name: Noel
Vehicle: 76 corvette
Date: 12/15/2006

Comments:  Hey Music man love the website. I go to this website for all my event needs. I live in Hialeah. Its right next to miami. We have a cruise night every saturday night. All the local cars come and hang out. If you would please announce it on your cruise nights so we can get more cars down here, it would be great. U got my email, Its on 68st and west 12 ave in hialeah next to a checkers.

DSC_8053DSC_8054Name: Vinnie D
70 Plymouth Cuda AAR
Date: 12/03/2006

Comments: Hey Scott, Happy Holidays! Thanks again for more great pics of my car, and taking the time after the show. You have a great website, I look for updates everyday. See you at the Hard Rock show.

Name: Mallett Cars of Florida
Vehicle: 2006 Mallett Solstice/ 72 Stingray
Date: 12/10/2006

Comments: Great site and looking forward to participating in your events.

DSC_4247Name: paul & eileen maronna
Vehicle: 65 cobra / the cranberry goose
Photo: any one you want ! you take the best shots !
Date: 12/03/2006


well beam me up scottie !!! over a mil ! FANTASTIC. as always your work at russ's show was superlative. everyone had great things to say. what a turn out ,thanks russ, say those free breakfast goodies by cobra joe were swell. best regards paul & eileen

DSC_0943Name: Mike A
Vehicle: 72 SS Chevelle
Date: 12/02/2006

Comments: Great WebSite Great Pictures. Your Website ROCKS

Thanks Mike.

DSC_5445Name: Jeff Keeler
Vehicle: '27 Ford Model A Hot Rod
Photo: DSC 5445
Date: 11/29/2006


That picture is one you took at Hot August Nights...that's my 7th grade sweetheart that I ran into at the show after 20 years or so. Congrats' on the big 1 million...your site rocks man. I think with that many hits we need to consider working up a marketing plan for some advertisers $$$$$ Take care and God Bless bro'. JK

Hey Jeff, how cool was that to run into a long lost 7th grade sweetheart at a car show!  Thanks for the kind words on the web site.  When I started this site a year ago, I honestly had NO IDEA it was going to become this popular.  We'll see what's in store for 2007.

Thanks for signing in...  Take care!

DSC_1727Name: Clem Flanagan
Vehicle: 1988 Fiero GT LT1 engine
Date: 11/28/2006


Without a doubt, you have THE BEST auto web site in the business. It must be a full time job just keeping it updated. I believe that you will hit two million visitors before two years.

Clem, at the rate of growth you might be right!  It does take up some of my time, but it's enjoyable. Thanks so much for your help too!  You have been there a few times for me when it really mattered, helping with equipment, helping Diane out, and sending in photos when I couldn't be everywhere.  You are also one of those "behind the scenes" guys who volunteers his help to make many of the shows go smoothly.  Looking forward to another great year in 2007.  Thanks again Clem for all you do too.

203P9033549201P9033547Name: Joe Bevelacqua
Vehicle: Blue 66' Cobra
Date: 11/28/2006


Congratulation on one million, This is the best web site for information, best of luck to you and keep up the good work.

Thanks Joe!  Hitting the 1st million was never expected, & only possible because of great folks like yourself and the many others who have expressed so much support.  You made it fun, and a pleasure.  You've got a GREAT car, and it's always nice to see it at the shows...especially with pretty Hooters girls around it. By the way, we can certainly "SEE" what you like about your favorite photo! > > >

Vehicle: 67 NOVA WAGON / 67 C-20 CHEVY P/U TRK
Email: DADDY36100@AOL.COM
Date: 11/28/2006




Thanks again for the kind words Ray!  Thanks for being a "regular" supporter at the shows!

DSC_5934Name: Jack Anderson
Vehicle: Blown 1923 Ford T-Bucket

Date: 11/28/2006


Congratulations Scott!! One Million Hits!!! I always check the site for future shows and pics. See you this Saturday at the Festival show.

Thanks Jack for being here for our 1st MILLION!  It's been a pleasure to get to know you over the past few years.  You have an AWESOME ride! There is something special, "unique", & maybe a little crazy about an individual who drives a super charged bucket with more horsepower than weight!  Thanks for everything.  See ya Saturday!

DSC_4910Name: Sal
Vehicle: 1966 Nova SS
Date: 11/27/2006


Hello Scott, Just want to say thanks for a great web-site! I'm always using the weather page, its great! the photos of my car and all the others are also exciting! always great coverage !! keep up the good work. Have a happy holiday to you and your family. Thanks, Sal

Thanks Sal.  Yea, I kind of like the way that weather page worked out too.  Best of holiday's to you as well, and as I've heard it said...see you on the show field.

DSC_5143Name: Bob Z
Vehicle: 69 Camaro
Date: 11/27/2006


Scott, Got to meet you at the JB Locals show. Wanna say, "Thanks" for all your hard work on keeping this site going and for informing the Car Community. It was almost impossible to find out about all the local shows. Thanks again.

Thanks Bob.  I'm glad you found us...and hope to see you more at the upcoming shows!

Vehicle: 1971 CHEVY NOVA
Date: 11/12/2006


Fidel & Miriam, It's a pleasure to meet new car people like you guys.  Thanks for the nice words.  As you have discovered, the car community is alot like a family made up of great folks.  We're glad to have you.  Take care, see you at the shows!

P4030069 358Name: Paul Wunderlich
Vehicle: staging (Moroso Speedway)
Date: 11/11/2006

Comments:  Good job! Photos are great, especially the stager!!

(Paul's "mug shot"  borrowed from FBI's    
"Most Wanted"... click either to enlarge)  >

For those who don't know Paul, he stages the cars (and jets) at Moroso Speedway. He is the "crazy nut" pictured in lower left of Jet Truck photo that signals the jets when it's time to "blast off"!  Paul is very well known & respected in drag racing as he has been staging cars since the days of Miami-Hollywood Speedway, back in the 70's!  Paul's knowledge of racing is only surpassed by his good nature & fun loving spirit!

Paul, it's been my privilege to call you a "good friend" over the past few years!  See you at the next show...and I think it's my turn to buy the beer!   Glad to see you finally figured out how to work your computer!

Name: Pete ColagiovanniDSC_6656
Vehicle: 1972 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible
Date: 11/06/2006

(click photo to enlarge) >  


Scott, Great to spend some time with you this past saturday night at DJ Locals. Keep up the good work. I'll send you links to some of the parts houses that I used during the restoration of our Olds. Thanks, Pete

Thanks Pete, it was nice to meet & get to know you and your son too.  Your car is an absolute beauty and is an inspiration to me to get my '71 Olds restored.  Thanks for the help & suggestions.

Name: Barry & CherryDSC_0387
Vehicle: 1930 Ford Coupe
Date: 11/03/2006


It is a lot of fun going to the shows & meeting new friends. I would like to thank you for all you have done promoting these shows. You help keep the dream alive. Hope to see you soon as we are almost ready to get back out there.

Thanks Barry & Cherry, but I'd have to say YOU guys keep "the dream alive" by driving & enjoying your great classic car, and sharing it with your friends at the shows.  Take care.

Name: Scott Chapman
Vehicle: 1965 Buick Skylark
Date: 10/24/2006


Being a newbie to the local car show circuit has been fun thus far! My eleven year old son is really enjoying the custom and classic rides at each show. Thanks so much for organizing these gatherings; it really can bring the family closer together! I am looking forward to installing my 455 into this bird ... look out, it'll be soon! See the transformation at my cardomain site, . Thanks again for the awesome site!

Thank Scott, for bringing out your AWESOME ride!  We're glad to have you and your family join our car show community "family"... and we'll look forward to seeing more of you at the upcoming events.  That's a beautiful car you have there... and the BIG block upgrade is really going to be great!  Welcome aboard!

Email: DADDY36100@AOL.COM
Date: 10/15/2006



Hey Ray, glad to have you, and all your friends & relatives too.  You have a unique wagon there...not too many like it.  Thanks for the kind words...and for all your continued support at our shows!

Name: Gary Johnson
Vehicle: 1970 Avanti
Date: 10/15/2006  /  Comments

I think the pictures you have taken are great. The pictures and information that you post on this web are the greatest.

Thanks Gary.  Be sure to stop me for a photo the next time you see me come by.

DSC_1090DSC_1003Name: Dave & Nina
Vehicle: 67 Charger

Date: 10/14/2006


You have wonderful site and make us car people proud to be in love with our automobiles. Don't never stop your great work. DAVE

Thanks Dave, for the kind words.  It's dedicated "car people" like you guys who really make it happen!  Take care..

DSC_6533Name: Vinnie D
Vehicle: 1970 Plymouth 440 six-pack Cuda
Date: 10/04/2006

Hello Scott, I've been a member of for a year now. If you go over to the site they used one of the pictures that you took of my car at the Tattoo show this year. Thanks for the great pics.

Hey Vinnie.  Wow...that's great!  I'm honored that one of my photos was chosen to represent your car as the "Car of the Month" on their web site.  It's a great car you have there which really makes my job easy.

DSC_0293DSC_0288Name: JJ
Vehicle: 64 Polara 426
Photo: Pick one on flat bed
Date: 09/30/2006


Scott, Talk about a slow newsday! Thanks for the "ink", flatbed and all. Hagerty Tow Insurance had my back. Happy to report all is well...I have a speeding ticket to prove it! Blessings for all your hard work.

JJ, I was glad to be able to provide full coverage of your "unfavorable" experience!  You were the high point of the evening.  I guess it wasn't your day... but I can pretty much say we've all been there... done that!  At least you were able to "drive" it up on the flatbed... ha!  Your "friends" were worried I wasn't taking enough pictures... lol!  Take care...

Name: Gerry V
Vehicle: 1966 Corvette Convertible
Date: 09/30/2006 

What a great web page, I have lived in Florida only a few years and was looking for a way to stay in touch with area car shows. Thank you for a great service. Keep up the great work.

Gerry, I'm glad you found us, and I hope to continue to bring you the most up to date information on our favorite hobby... classic cars!  Be sure to stop me for a photo when I come by... see you at the shows!

From Email: 

Scott:  I am working on the production of a PBS documentary titled "Seeing in the Dark," and we are interested in renting a '57 Ford Fairlane convertible for a 1950s historical recreation scene. The filming will take place in November in Miami and will take one day, perhaps two. The scene will involve driving the car, but slowly and only on a side street in a controlled environment.

Do you know anyone in the area with a '57 Fairlane convertible who might be interested in renting for a day or two?

Thanks very much for your help. Please feel free to give me a call to discuss.

For more information on "Seeing in the Dark" and its author (and the executive producer of the film),

Regards, Mark 
Mark Andrews, Associate Producer
ClockDrive Productions
San Francisco, CA
415.561.2250 ext. 105
415.830.1578 (mobile)

Mark, I've posted your email, and anyone interested can contact you directly.

Name: Jeff Keeler
Vehicle: '27 Ford Model A Hot Rod / '23 Ford T Bucket
Email: trumpetracer@yahoo
Date: 09/16/2006


Scott, your site is one I check pretty much everyday...not only for the car show updates but for a quick look at the weather. We've met at the shows a number of times and I just love your enthusiasm for cars and photography. Your pictures are awesome. We have three generations going to the shows with my dad and son in attendance with me each time. That's my dads' yellow '23 T...We love your site and really appreciate your coverage of our hobbie and passion for cruisin'. Thanks and God Bless, JK

Thanks Jeff for all the kind words.. I'm glad you enjoy the pics.  It's great to see 3 generations of your family at the shows.  Those are some great rides!  Looks like a lot of fun!

Name: ken
Vehicle: 1979 malibu
Email: kendric1971@yahoo
Date: 09/09/2006


great show ,however i thought it was a pre 1974 show . i would have enjoyed to partake in the event w/ my car time ill just bring it ...take my chances....thanks ken

Sorry Ken, but the "Hard Rock Show" was a "pre-74" show only...with one or two "special interest" exceptions.  I'm going to give it to you straight...your car is quite frankly not the kind of car they wanted on display, and would not have been allowed in.  This show was not there for you to "partake" in, but rather to offer an era of classic cars for display.  There's a lot I could say...but I'll keep my opinions brief.  It's not going to be my intention to offend either.  I agree with the "pre-74" rule at a "classic car" show.  1974 was the last year for the non-catalytic "classic muscle" car...putting an end to an era... and some would argue it was already over before then.  With gas shortages, unleaded fuels, catalytic converters, & engine clogging emission standards, the "classic car" era came to a screeching halt!  Starting around 1975-on, for at least the following decade or so, America produced the worst crap ever, making way for imports to take over. American car manufacturers have been struggling ever since to regain lost trust in their poor product.  I am happy to say within the recent decade, there are a lot of new & exciting performance American cars being manufactured, but there is a big gap back to the "classic car" of yesteryear that America loved.  The late 70's-80's is a car era that most of us would like to forget.  As I said, it wasn't my intention to offend, or start a debate, and these are just my opinions, but shared by many here.  I appreciate that you are a car enthusiast. There are a lot of great car guys out there driving mid and late-models. There will be "open" shows where it may be possible for you to show your car at.  See you then...take care.

Name: william grayson
Vehicle: 68 barracuda, 71 duster, 72roadrunner
Date: 09/08/2006


one of the first things i do each day is look at this site for the weather and car show events for the weekend. i tell all my friends and family [across the country] to check out all the cars at the events we all attended over the weekend. this site is fantastic!

William, thanks for being so actively involved in our great sport (you and your family), for keeping it fun & alive!  (I can assume this is the right picture?)

Name: James and Barbara Ilardo
Vehicle: 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback 2+2 The Black Hole"
Date: 09/08/2006


Thanks to Russ for setting up the show, thanks to you for playing great music, thanks to the restaurants for their lunch vouchers, thanks to the management of the Seminole Casino and Hard Rock Cafe for hosting the show, and finally, thanks to all the crazies that brought their cars out even with the threat of rain in the air! And, man, did it rain!!!! My car is still in shock!! Hope we can do it again next year!!! Jay67fast

Now that's the spirit!  You'll dry out by spring...Glad you enjoyed the show...thanks for all the thanks! 

P9023376Name: paul maronna
Vehicle: 65 cobra / the cranberry goose
Date: 09/07/2006


hi scott. great job as always on the labor day show. hope russ can redoit in the winter [ no rain ].see you soon paul

Yea Paul, I too have high hopes of returning to the "Hard Rock" for a show with better weather. It's such a great venue! We had much better weather Sunday.  There are some other great shows in the works... so hang in there!

Name: Robert W. "Bob" Munday--Alias "Whitey" & "Gabby"177DSC00762c
Vehicle: 1928 American LaFrance Chemical Fire Truck
Date: 09/05/2006


Scott, It was such a pleasure meeting such a fine gentleman at the Hard Rock Car Show on Sunday, 3 Sept.'06. I was the gangster with the black outfit and white beard of the Mobsters, Inc. group. We hope we can do some more shows with you again at other events. Please keep us informed. I promised you my bosses website to see our other group called the Wyatt Earp Gunfighters---it's  Most of us are School Teachers who love to act and teach people about the history of the Old West and the Roaring 20's. Marc Sternburg is our leader of both groups and I told him I met you and would give you our website...I'm sorry I wasn't able to bring my Fire Truck to the event as the fuel line broke on me at the last minute and will take some time to fix. Hope to have it at some of your future events. "Happy Trails" & "What, ya want a piece of Me?" Bob Munday

Bob, it was a delight to meet you...and your "gang"!  You guys really added a unique "flair" to our car show...and from what I heard, were a little too convincing for at least one unsuspecting patron who called security to report some gun slinging guys that were walking around with machine guns....too funny!  That's one for the books!  You guys were GREAT!  I hope you don't mind...I posted one of the photos I took at the show which I hope you like.

Name: Russ GaglianoP9023524c
Vehicle: '51 Merk Kustom "Low n Behold"
Date: 09/04/2006


Scott, Great ! Great! Great ! Great ! job on the "Labor Day Car Show" at the "Hard Rock Hotel & Casino". It was an extreme pleasure working with you again. You outdid yourself this time, not only did you play some great music for the car owners and general public, but continued to play as it was raining to keep our spirits up. Your coverage of the show, before, during, and after, on your website was truly over and above your calling. South Florida's Car Community is truly fortunate to have such a dedicated Disc Jockey, Car Lover, and friend........ As the promoter of the show, I feel it's great success was inspired you......."Scott......The MusicMan"   Russ G

Thanks Russ.  South Florida is really lucky to have a couple of "dedicated" DJ's, but the credit really goes to all the great people I get to work with, like yourself, who make my job so much easier, and the great folks who support our shows.  You really out-did yourself with THIS show... as I know you put in countless hours, days, weeks, and months into the preparations.  Your dedication to the car community came shining through at this event!  The weather didn't always cooperate with us, but it never dampened our spirits!  If I had waited for the rain to stop Saturday...I would have never got to  It will always be a pleasure to do shows with you!

Name: Natasha
Date: 08/29/2006


Happy Hurricane Ernesto! Your website is awesome but WHERE are my PICTURES???????????? Natasha:)))

Here's a couple of "talent shots" for you!

DSC_6533Name: Vinnie DiRosa
Vehicle: 70 Plymouth Cuda
Date: 08/28/2006


Hello Scott, you take the best pictures of my black 440 six-pack Cuda. I sometimes share them with a Cuda website and get many compliments. Thank you, you do a great job and have a great website.

Thanks takes a nice car to make a nice photo.  It's cool that you share them with your Cuda site.  Thanks for stopping by...take care.

Name: Soupy
Vehicle: '78 Black Bandit Trans Am
Date: 08/27/2006 Time: 09:14 PM

(click photos to see
more from Soupy)


Scott - Good to see you at the Bru's Room show Sunday... As usual, excellent work with the music and a well run show by the Time Bandit's Club. See ya next weekend at Seminole Show, looks like it's going to be a real winner and one hell of an event. Soupy  

Hey Soupy...nice to finally hear from we see you at so many of the South Florida shows.  I can't take credit for the music at "Bru's Room"...for once I was parked next to you...kickin' back, relaxing, and enjoying the show too.  The "Time Bandits" always do a nice job with their shows.  You're "Black Bandit" Trans Am is a great car!  My mom had one a few years ago and unfortunately had to part with it.  Thanks for stopping by the web site...and we'll see you this weekend at the "Seminole Hard Rock Labor Day Show".

Vehicle: 2006 YELLOW SSR

Date: 08/22/2006 Time: 07:35 PM



Sounds like a "mean machine"!  A 2006 BIG were talking!  Al, you sure have come a long way with cars.  I still remember you way back, the night at "Happy Days" when you caught the tailgate of your Chevelle on fire in the "Flame Throwing" contest and burnt the paint.  I don't remember if you won the trophy with that "noble"  I'll look for your new car at the next show!  See ya soon...

DSC_1066aDate: Tuesday, August 15, 2006  Time: 02:58 PM



Jake...I'm not sure what you have to do to get on this website...but you need to get to the gig!  Remember..."We're on a mission from God!" 
I hear the "BluesMobile" might be making it's debut appearance at the "Seminole Paradise Labor Day Weekend" event!  Your "project" has been years in the making...look forward to seeing it.  Jake..."Do you see the light"!??

DSC_6305Date: Tuesday, August 08, 2006  Time: 06:05 PM


Scott..wanted to extend our sincere thanks from all the members of DTW/FL (Dodge Truck World / Florida Chapter) for one fantastic show [Hot Rod Sunday]...!!! We all had a blast...the pictures are the bomb...!!! It was a great event and you can bet your (well you know) we will be back in strength for the December Mopar Show...!!! Thank you, Rickster...the Jazzi Wheelie King...!!!!

Hey Rick, it was GREAT to have you at our show!  While Moroso provides a excellent venue for a car show, it still wouldn't be a "show" without good folks like you who make it fun too! We look forward to seeing you & the "gang" at our December Mopar Show.

Date: Sunday, August 06, 2006  Time: 09:49 PM


Oh looks like I missed a great time at Sheehan Pontiac! I must thank Eugene for the heads up and the invite to that gathering, but I made a last minute trip to Alaska and into the Arctic Circle. Sorry I couldn't be there !! With Crabby Jacks meets shut-down there's not much left up Boca way. I hope to make it to something in the near future. Steve W in Boca

Hi Steve, yes you did miss quite a show!  Eugene & the folks at Sheehan Pontiac always put on a great event!  The next show at 'Sheehan' will be the "Darrell Gwynn Hi-Performance Show", Jan 6, 2007, and we hope to see you there!  Alaska & the Arctic that's some trip!  Nice to hear from you again!

DSC_5153Date: Friday, July 28, 2006  Time: 07:54 AM


Nice photos as always! Hey, your camera seems to be out of memory at tower shoppes - you don't have any corvette photos... I know, we always hide out at the far-end of the parking lot. I'm not complaining personally, as you have some nice shots of my yellow & purple corvette from some of your other shows & events. Respectfully, Greg       (photo NOT from Towershoppes)  >

Hey Greg, thanks for the comments.  You are correct about the Towershoppes photos.  The cruise area is so large, and because I am working,  I don't usually get to the far reaches of the show.  Additionally, most of the photos are usually taken early in the evening, so I miss many that show up later.  I hope to be able to expand my photo coverage of South Florida's largest cruise spot somehow, and include more of the cars (like yours) I may have missed.  Take care...see you at the next show.

Date: Wednesday, July 19, 2006  Time: 04:44 PM


Love the site. I can not tell you how often I have been upset about not being able to find a car show to go and see. Please keep up the good current information. I know these efforts take time and energy, but it is appreciated by us all. Thanks David 1987 442 owner

Thanks David, for the appreciation & kind words.  While scanning fliers & processing hundreds of photos per show take up some valuable time, it's a hobby I enjoy, especially when I can share it with others.  I'm still learning basic HTML, so hopefully you'll see new & better things as time goes on.  I'm always open to new suggestions & ideas, which can always be posted here, or emailed to me.  See you at the shows!

Date: Wednesday, July 19, 2006  Time: 08:05 AM


Scott; Just wanted to say how much my 12 year old son and I enjoy the cruise nights. They are fun family friendly events. I recently purchased a 1970 Chevelle and we try to go to as many events as possible. Prior to my purchase we went to several events which were fun for both of us as well as a learning experience. Everybody we come in contact with is friendly and willing to share their knowledge. Your web site is great! Thanks Jim

Yes Jim, the car crowd in our area is a great bunch of people, and the cruise nights here are a shining example of that.  It great your 12 year old enjoys it too.  You drive a '70 Chevelle...that's very cool...I also own a's a 1969 convertible.  Be sure to stop me for a photo of you & your son...see you out at the cruise nights!

Date: Monday, July 17, 2006  Time: 03:00 PM


Scott, We thought when we left Detroit to move here, our cruisin' days in our '66 Impala would be numbered. Thanks to your site, we feel at home again. Jeff & Cindy Goldman - Boynton Beach

Jeff & Cindy, glad you found's good to have you cruisin with us in your '66 Impala!  If I already have a photo of your car posted somewhere, let me know and I'll link it here.

Date: Monday, 03 July 2006  Time: 12:33 AMDSC_2115


raymond j. percz sr., cooper city, 1967 chevy nova wagon w/350 ci motor and 700r4 trans and soon to be on the road a 1967 a chevy c-20 lwb stepside p/u truck w/400 ci motor and a 400 trans...i plan on being at the miami springs show monday 03 july w/the nova wagon...hope the weather good...see ya all there...thanks for this web site and the great tunes at the shows...p s my son-in-law just started building a 29 ford roadster, so it's a family faverate pic so far is #dsc2115.jpg thanks again, see ya in the springs. best rgds raymond aka 66egchamp

Raymond, sounds GREAT!  You've got a unique and very cool car there...something different.  It's great when the family is involved with cars too.  We look forward to seeing you at the show tonight!

Date: Tuesday, 20 June 2006  Time: 11:04 AM


William La Fontaine, Hollywood fl.,white 1987 police cruiser convertable,one of 73 built in 1987,5.0 HO 14 second quarter mile. member MCA National,and Ft. Lauder.

Hi William, It was nice to meet you at Towershoppes. See you at the shows.

Date: Sunday, 18 June 2006  Time: 01:05 PM


We've got three generations hot roddin' and enjoying the local shows and your website. You and your site are the "bomb"...keep up the great coverage and photos and thanks for the show updates. Take care, Jeff, Jake, and Garrett

Thanks guys, glad to have ya aboard.

Date: Sunday, 11 June 2006  Time: 01:49 PM


Scott, Your site is done so well, and the pictures are of such a high quality that we put a link from our club site to yours to have our people look at the pictures from the British Invasion. The response has been great and I am sure that many of our members keep up with what is happening from your site as well as ours. We look forward to your participation at next years "British Classic" in Lake Worth! Bob and Melanie Murphy.

Thank you Bob & Melanie.  Your show was fun, unique, and the quality of cars was impressive.  Thanks for the link, and I look forward to doing your show again next year.


31 May 2006  01:36:26


I think you did a great job on the web site scott, good luck scott cunningham

Thanks Scott, nice to hear from you guys in Georgia.


30 May 2006  19:43:44 / 09 June 2006  05:30 PM


South Florida and the street racers, I will be down soon. Mark my word on that........... Reddevil :)

PS:  I forgot to say "GOOD JOB" on the website. Looks like you took over Lance's job. Try coming up to the Blue Ridge Mountains and stay in a REAL log cabin home up here along side of running creeks and rivers........Lots to do up here,, you guys and the kids would enjoy it. We also have car shows up here in our small town too...Sheryl & Rich

Just watch those "speed traps" coming from Georgia...


28 May 2006  20:39:04


Excellent Photos at the Hooters Bikini Contest! Thanks for letting me see what I missed ,because of my lame friend wanting to leave early since it was to hot for him. Seems like the girls are the ones that were hot that day! You are a true master of your craft. Thanks again! Mario

Thanks Mario, glad you enjoyed the photos.  You know the saying..."it's a tough job...but somebody's got to do it"!


23 May 2006  10:02:58


Dee, sunny Florida, 1971 Olds Cutlass. ... "All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose".... Romans 8:28 ...

Nice ride...and very good advice too!  Hey...who checks your oil?


21 May 2006  16:41:43


Hey Scott it was a very good bikini contest today even though our favorites did not win. But so what right! ... I am going to Canada for a week so ... me and gray ghost will catch up with you at Hooters or the car show. Thanks bro i will bring you back some Moose dropings. Yea i know how it sounds but there good you will like them. Joe Z.

Yea Joe, the bikini contest was nice.  Have a nice time in Canada...can't wait to check out the "moose droppings"!


19 May 2006  21:30:38


You took some pictures of a really awsome t bucket (purple) on fri. at towers 5/19, i don't see them???

I am currently assembling a collection of several weeks worth of photos from Towershoppes...they will be posted soon...I think this is the car you are referring to...


13 May 2006  22:07:20


Just found this site and want to say great job and keep up the good work. My name is John and I have many different cars and projects but my pride and joy right now is a 1963 Impala Wagon. It has been body dropped, airbagged, and is being turned into one of if not the baddest wagons in Fla. Hope to get back into the show circuit very soon. See you out there.......

Hi John, glad to have you with us.  Sounds like a GREAT project you have there with that Impala Wagon...can't wait to check it out!  Growing up my family owned a 1969 Impala wagon with a factory 327 four-barrel Holley.  One of my 1st cars was a 1969 Mercury station wagon, but somehow I don't think it was quite the same...  (email me a photo)


01 May 2006  18:47:01


Hey Scott....thanks again for some great pictures from the Cooper City show. You took some great candid pics if you know what I mean. My daughter was real excited to see the pictures you took of her and her "boyfriend". She couldn't wait to print them. I know she'll be looking forward now to come to the next show if she knows you'll be there. Did you tell me at one of the shows that the negatives are available if I wanted any? See you at the next show. Rick Rose "Plum Crazy" Pt.

Hey Rick, it was really great to have them at our show!  It's so cool that they took an interest in showing.  I'd be happy to email you the originals, just let me know which ones they liked.  Thanks again...take care...

Date: 29 Apr 2006  09:52:41

Comments:  Scott, Proud to be # 10,000 to vist your site! Blessings, JJ 

Thanks JJ for being #10,000!

Date:  24 Apr 2006


<For those of you who don't know CeCe, she's the delightful person & smiling face (pictured right) that greets you at the registration tent, and runs the car shows at Moroso>

Thanks CeCe. You are such a pleasure to work with!  'Moroso' makes me feel like family.  It was a long weekend, & I have 2 days worth of about 800 photos to go through...I hope to have them available soon.  Take care...see ya at the next BIG event!


24 Apr 2006


Hi Scott It was a pleasure to take the Pines Pontiac pictures for you. You were missed but Diane did a fantastic job in your absence. Watch out or she may do this all the time.

Clem, thanks for taking & sending in the pictures, and for helping Diane with the setup.  With Tom on the microphone, Diane on the music, & you on the pictures, I think the show was well covered...THANKS again for all your help!


"DJ Dee"  >   

Date: 16 Apr 2006

Comments:  Hello Scott, I really enjoyed the cars and music at CJ's Boca last night. It's always fun to be around great autos, music, and people. Here's the address to my webpage for some photos of the car having fun around town.    -Steve in Boca

Steve, It was a real pleasure to meet you last night at 'Crabby Jacks'.  You have quite an amazing & "super cool" car!  It sure draws a lot of attention!  Thanks for bringing it out for all of us to reminisce about and enjoy.  Now..."To the 'Batmobile'!... ...batteries to power...turbines to speed"...!

Date: 16 Apr 2006


Rick & Tara, nice to have you with us...glad you enjoy the photos.

Date:   10 Apr 2006

Comments:  My husband and I own a 66 Corvette convertible and we saw you at Fuddruckers in South Dade on April 1. Did you publish any of these pictures? There is no mention of Fuddruckers meet every 1st Saturday of the month. You don't list many Dade county meets. Will you? Ana

Hi Ana.  Thanks for taking the time to write. On April 1, I was doing a "private party" in Ft. Lauderdale.  Looks like a case of mistaken identity... I have never been to Fuddruckers in S. Dade, and  I'm not aware of any pictures.  I would however, be more than happy to list Dade County events & cruise nights.  Beside Broward County, I cover Dade & Palm Beach Counties as well.  All I need is for the information to be delivered or sent to me.  It's that simple.  I have asked for people to send me show post it here.  Anyone can send me links, or email me fliers in PDF or jpg formats.  Or just type out the info, times, dates, address & locations, host, etc, etc. and I will post it here.  This website's coverage is expanding fast, and I would be delighted to include your events, and offer the most thorough car show coverage in South Florida!    PS: please send more info on 'Fuddruckers Cruise'...thanks.

09 Apr 2006


Scott, As usual, a superb performance on Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, today. Don Bond, member, AACA South Florida

Thanks Don, as always...a real pleasure working with you guys!  You guys always put on a 1st class show!  Glad to be a part.

DSC_7230Date: 03 Apr 2006

Comments: Gary & Karina, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, 1970 Plymouth GTX... Hi Scott, We had a GREAT time at the Dream Car Classic show on Sunday. We have attended several car shows in the past but this was our very first as a participant. We just bought a 1970 Plymouth GTX 440 4-speed car, the color is "In-violet" and we are having a ton of fun with it! We named it "DEJASVU" because "back in the day", I had one almost identical to it and now we are doing it all over again! All the cars at the show were unbelievable. It's so nice to see the enthusiasm people have toward these cars and it is very refreshing to find how open everyone is in sharing ideas and knowledge. We met some new friends and hope to make many more. You did a great job (as always), keep up the good work! See you at the next show. Gary & Karina

Hi Gary & Karina!  It was a real pleasure to meet you both at the show!  What a GREAT car you have to do it "all over again" with.  We were honored to have it make it's 1st debut appearance at our show.  Your enthusiasm for your car at the show was refreshing.  Thanks for sharing it with all of us!  Take care...see you at the next show...

Date: 03 Apr 2006

Comments:  Ralph Merritt 46 chevy p/u

Welcome Ralph.  (let me know photo DSC_# of your truck so I can link photo here)

Date: 01 Apr 2006

Comments:  Eleanor P. Lepurage

Hi Eleanor!  Love your email name!  Thanks for signing in...See ya up at Towershoppes!

Date: 29 Mar 2006


Thanks Greg, glad to have you!  (Do I have a photo of your car?  If so, give me photo # or page location so I can link here)

20 Mar 2006


Hi! Scott this is "SIXPACK" go to you can see Agnes's new Mustang after we had it flamed it's red. Everybody look out there's a lobster loose!   -"SIXPACK"

Lou, it's GREAT to hear from you!  That Agnes has turned into a "HOT ROD MAMA"!  Watch out Kissimmee!  Take care..   (click car photo)

Date: 19 Mar 2006 

Comments: At the "14th Annual British Classic Car Show" Bryant Park, Lake Worth you entirely missed photographing the Early Jaguar Division. Some of the most beautiful cars were there. (In your defense, it was hidden behind the massive E-type section) Early Jaguar Owner

OOPS!!! bad!   The show was so big, & I had to keep running back & forth from stage where I was running the music to an incredible show field where there were so many different sections of cars.  I was sure I had photographed the Jaguars, but apparently I missed the "Early Models". If you (or anyone) has any photos of those cars, please send them to me & I would be happy to post.  Sorry I missed you.

Date: 08 Mar 2006  (from email)

I have photos [of Russ's Hollywood Blvd Show] if you would like me to email them for your website

Michael Smith, Dania Beach, Owner of 72 Chevelle SS convertible, 72 Hurst Olds, Shelby SP360 & all those Schwinn bicycles…

Thanks Mike, that would be GREAT!        Photos

Date: 06 Mar 2006 

Comments: Scott, This is joe with the 66 blue cobra, my cell ### ### ####, let me know who to contact about the sponsor needed for the towershoppes Thank You

Joe, regarding sponsorship, you should talk to Mike or Sid at the Towershoppes on Friday night.  I'll pass along your info...

26 Feb 2006


Hi Scott nice site you have here see you Friday. Tweety Bird Mike

Thanks Mike.  To everyone else: have you ever seen a yellow truck with 2 ENGINES!!?? (click photo right twice>>)  See you at Towershoppes.

DSC_4920Date: 21 Feb 2006

Comments: Good website...I was at the show on Sunday and had some dormant memories revived particularly the Sunbeam Alpine I would like to talk to the owners if you can perhaps forward this or give me contact email is son in law has a Jensen Healey in St Pete he is my closest connection to your enthusiasm. Thank you David Hendry

It was a GREAT show.  So many cars I've never seen before.  I'll post this for you & hopefully someone from the show reading this will forward along your inquiry.  Is this the correct car I have posted above?


Date: 19 Feb 2006


Hi Daddy!!! This is Kristi. I was just writing to say you should put the new pictures of me on your site because they are nicer and I think I look prettier now. Lol. ... Love you lots, Kristi.

Kristi, you've always looked pretty to me, but you're growing up to be quite a young lady!  Love, Dad

Date: DSC_389215 Feb 2006

Comments: Nice web site, very informative - regarding upcoming shows. You should promote your web site at the shows for those of us who didn't know about it. (Maybe a flier or business card) Oh, and thanks for posting photos of my 1987 corvette (yellow & purple) at the Cheetah show. Hope to see you at the President's Day show at 84 Diner! Respectfully, Greg Weston, Florida

Thanks for finding us Greg.  I try to promote where I can.  I have a flier you can download as well.  This site is still relatively new, so many people are still finding out about it.  Word of mouth is the best advertisement, so tell your friends.  We really enjoyed your car at the Cheetah Show  Love that custom paint job!  Take care.

DSC_3234Date: 07 Feb 2006 


Thank Herb, for taking time out to contact me & express your feelings. I would disagree with you regarding low attendance as we had over 100+ cars at this "Hot Rod Sunday" show on a 'Superbowl Sunday', and many of the other shows continue to grow.   I am sorry though about your unhappy experience regarding the awards at Moroso.  I wish I could do something for you, but I have nothing to do with the judging, as I am just the DJ, and have no direct influence with Moroso's judging.  I have seen improvement as Moroso continues their commitment to make their car shows fun, fair, & the best they can be.  Moroso's judges have a tough job picking only 1 "Best of Show" winner.  Your comments are noted.  You have a "Best of Show" car without a doubt...take care!


Date: 06 Feb 2006


Glad to have you Ken!



Date: 04 Feb 2006DSC_2506



Thanks for stopping by Lou.  Those are some "sweet" old rides!

Date: 26 Jan 2006

Comments:  Im with kruizin kustom magazine. I was at Jumpin Jacks show with you.. nice pictures.. You can check our work out at

Got a lot of positive feedback with you at our show...glad you could make it.  I've posted your link to the pictures you took at the 'Maroone Show'.

Date: 24 Jan 2006

Comments: First time visit to your website. I am impressed. I have appreciated your work @ AACA South Florida events. Your event calender is very useful. I am the old fat Native Curmudgeon with the green Mustang. My music is 40-50's country/pop and you do slip one in, now and then. Please keep up the good work and supporting the classics. DB/007

Thanks for your comments.  I too, enjoy the old 40's & 50's, but sometimes I catch grief for playing it.  I believe you can find good music in any era.  (if I have your picture, let me know where so I can link it here)

Pic # DSC 2463jpg, Green one on left. See you on the next go round...

DSC_2363Date:  22 Jan 2006



The credit goes to the 'AACA-So.Fla.Region'.  They always put on a nice show!

Date: 14 Jan 2006

Comments: Thank you for cleaning my screen. I have been meaning to do that for some time now. LT188GT

Always glad to help!

Date: 12 Jan 2006

Comments: Scott you outdid yourself again, the larger thumbnails worked out great. Looking forward to more of the same from the next car show.

Thanks, I found out I can display 300 pixel thumbs, and keep the file sizes about the same as the small thumbs, which should make page loading quick enough.  In the future, I will continue with the large thumbs, and also display larger 800 pixel pics as well.  Just a little "tech talk"!  Bigger is better!

Date:  03 Jan 2006

Comments <edited>:  Hello Scott, thought i would check out your website.  You still like playing !!! <edit> great job! <edit> Your old friend,  Meri.

Thanks Meri for the trip down "memory lane".  Yea...some of us really never fully grow up.  Hey, I've added a new "feature" to the website just for you...when you feel like you miss Florida a little, just click on any picture with a palm tree in it, and a "virtual tropical breeze" will come your way!  It's a nice surprise & great to hear from old friends.  Take care!


-      2  0  0  5     -

Date: 31 Dec 2005


Hello Scott, Your website is excellent! Much like everything else you do. When you take on a project, it's all about quality. Everytime I check it out, you've added something new. Musicman-Photoman-Webmasterman...the titles are endless. Keep up the great work! Love all the photos! Makes me want to get my "69" Camaro back on the road. Hopefully one day. So glad two middle school friends were reunited through the "Candle Lady." Thanks so much for all you help and your friendship! Happy and Healthy New Year to You and Diane! Tom Caminiti "The Tall Italian"

Thanks Tom, I feel fortunate to have had you as a life-long friend!  Get that Camaro going...and LET"S GO CRUISIN BABY!!
Happy New Year to you too!

Date: DSC_0361vDSC_935124 Dec 2005


AWESOME Web site!!! If you want to add mine as a link its CU Christmas Eve!!! No Worries Mate...

Thanks John, and your link is posted.  "No worries Bro!"

Date: DSC_3625DSC_512923 Dec 2005


Congratulation Scott, great website. I enjoy looking at all the car show pictures. I don't get much time to attend many car shows. All I have to do is go to your website and I feel like I'm at a car show. Keep up the good work and Take Care. Vinny & Barb.

Thanks Vinny (& "Mrs. Vinny").  I enjoy taking the photos and it's even more fun when I've got great "subject material" like you on that Harley!  Ha!  See ya at the Towershoppes!

Date: 23 Dec 2005

Comments:  Scott you have outdone yourself, Wonderful site. Where would we be without you!!!!!!!!!!!We Love ya John and Cin...Merry Christmas...Who would of ever thought!!!!

Thanks guys. Looking forward to your "BIG" day in February!  Yes..."who would have ever thought"!!?

Date: DSC_3449 20 Dec 2005

Comments:  Hey Scott just want to thank you for a great site to resort too on missed car shows can't make them all unfortunately, but I try. Scott; you & your family have a happy & safe holiday. See you next year. Charlie 66 Nova LS6

Thanks Charlie, and the best to you for the holidays.  See you at the next show!

Date: 17 Dec 2005

Comments: Hi Scott and Diane, Finally got a chance to check out the web site. I'm impressed!!!! Very colorful and well layed out, good quality pics too. Scott did you do the layup or did you work with someone at a web design co.? Sorry I missed u Diane at Darrell's. Will have to try to catch u next. Wished we could of seen u too Scott. I hope u guys have a wonderful Christmas and Great New Year. I will pull up the web site from time to time to keep up on whats happin. Scott, keep the commentary coming. Talk to ya later, With Love, Dathan and Beth

Thanks Dathan & Beth.  The design & layout are mine, created from scratch.  I'm teaching myself & continually updating as I learn more.  It's all new to me.  Have a great holiday, and thank for stopping by.

Date: DSC_3732DSC_386616 Dec 2005

Comments:  Clem Flanagan / 1988 Fiero GT with the LT1 engine. Scott it's hard to keep up with the almost daily (it seems)changes that you make to your web site. This has got to be the best site around for up to the latest in car show info.

Thanks Clem.  The website is mostly just a hobby for me, much like our love for our cars.  Thanks again for your help with the 'Miami Springs' show.

Date: 10 Dec 2005

Comments:  Scott - it's coming along great! But the buttons up top aren't appearing. Let me know if you need help setting up a testing server, so you can debug your code prior to ftp uploading it to the hosting server. Taz7719 (Your Neighbor)

Now were talking "tech"!  The buttons on my site work much like the buttons in my '69 Chevelle...when they want to!  Can this "testing server" do anything to improve my "singing skills"??  Thanks Gilbert!

DSC_5034Date: 06 Dec 2005

Comments:  Hey Scott: Real super job on your website! Rich

Thanks Rich, it's fun and keeps me out of trouble!

Date: DSC_1967DSC_19665 Dec 2005

Comments:  congrats scott on your great new website. thanks for the mention of our toy run show which was a great success benefiting joe dimaggio children's hospital. steve schwartz, crusiers of south florida.     Show Photos

Thanks Steve, you guys do a great job at the 'Toy Run' show!  It's one of my personal favorites of the year.

Date: DSC_1492DSC_148805 Dec 2005

Comments:  hey scott! great seeing you on sunday..i'll give a plug to your site on majic...looks like we're trying to come back in march for another show. cheers..Joe Johnson..Majic 102.7 1969 Indy Camaro Pace Car - matching numbers

Thanks Joe, it was fun and my pleasure working along side a "real pro".  Majic radio is a truly supportive force in our car show community.

Date: DSC_521705 Dec 2005

Comments:  Rick/Delray Beach/ PT cruiser."plum crazy". Website looks great! Thanks for all the great pictures! Looking forward to seeing you at the next car show. Keep on keepin on!

Thanks Rick for your support at all the shows...we'll see you at the next one!

Date: DSC_150602 Dec 2005

Comments:  Hey Scott, Great.........Great..........Great..........Great Website !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Russ Gagliano Ft. Lauderdale

Thanks again Russ, but 3 "greats" would have been adequate!  ;)

Date: DSC_9222bDSC_556502 Dec 2005

Comments:  Hey Scott ! I hate to say it........ but your website is better than your Music.  Keep up the good work....South Florida is very fortunate to have you !!!!!! Russ Gagliano '51 Merk "Low n Behold"

Thanks Russ, I'm glad you like the site...I'll see if I can "dig up" some "older" music for you  ;)

Date: DSC_3430DSC_069227 Nov 2005

Comments:  Charlie Mione / Pembroke Pines / DCCarpetSFL@AOL 66 Black Pro Street Big Block (Nova) What else is there. Scott really enjoy the pictures of the car shows that I attend & not attend (bikini contest). Keep up the good work. Thanks

Congratulations on being the very 1st post!  "Pro Street Big Block Nova"...Charlie, can you say "horsepower to weight ratio"!!!  :)


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