Miami Lakes

Nov.11, 2006

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What a "happening" event it was Saturday night on the "Mainstreet" in Miami Lakes!  We had a "record breaking" crowd out with cars and spectators!  As the growing crowds became overwhelming further into the evening, I, unfortunately, was unable to photograph the entire event, but did manage to catch some shots earlier.  Watch for the cruise photos to be available sometime this week.  Hats off to Jumpin' Jack & Miami Lakes for a memorable and fun "cruise night". 

(click photos to enlarge)

DSC_6478 DSC_6480 DSC_6489
DSC_6478.jpg DSC_6480.jpg DSC_6489.jpg
DSC_6491 DSC_6493 DSC_6496
DSC_6491.jpg DSC_6493.jpg DSC_6496.jpg
DSC_6499 DSC_6500 DSC_6501
DSC_6499.jpg DSC_6500.jpg DSC_6501.jpg
DSC_6503 DSC_6504 DSC_6505
DSC_6503.jpg DSC_6504.jpg DSC_6505.jpg
DSC_6506 DSC_6508 DSC_6509
DSC_6506.jpg DSC_6508.jpg DSC_6509.jpg
DSC_6511 DSC_6512 DSC_6513
DSC_6511.jpg DSC_6512.jpg DSC_6513.jpg
DSC_6514 DSC_6515 DSC_6517
DSC_6514.jpg DSC_6515.jpg DSC_6517.jpg
DSC_6518 DSC_6519 DSC_6521
DSC_6518.jpg DSC_6519.jpg DSC_6521.jpg
DSC_6522 DSC_6523 DSC_6524
DSC_6522.jpg DSC_6523.jpg DSC_6524.jpg
DSC_6525 DSC_6526 DSC_6528
DSC_6525.jpg DSC_6526.jpg DSC_6528.jpg
DSC_6529 DSC_6530 DSC_6531
DSC_6529.jpg DSC_6530.jpg DSC_6531.jpg
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