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Streaming LOG Notes: 


UPDATE 3/16/2020

Added New "Server 3" ... Streams #301, #302, #303
Streams are temporarily "comparing" various processing settings with same source.
This is a high powered multi-core Intel class server, and will trade places with Server #1
This will also become my "live show" main input server.

Fixed "Server 1" replacing failing hardrive. It is likely this is what was causing intmt shutdowns.
Server 1 received new drive, new OS, new music drive, all new configs.
This older Dell server is only capable of several simultaneous streams at full processing, and will be swapped to output streaming duties only.  It appears to now be working 100%.

"Server #2" continues to stream perfectly.  An extremely high powered multi-core DELL i7 Intel.. this is also my daily use work desktop.  Currently running 4 audio streams at full processing.. the load meters remain less than 20% ram and processing with everything else running too.

Stream #102 is no longer working as a Rollback relay.. it is currently streaming Pop/Disco.

With 10 streams running.. I now need to decide what new formats for each channel.
Many of the previous signal path configs have been changed and updated.
Most streams are now currently running fully multiband processing for ultimate sound quality.


UPDATE 12/26/2019

Added Stream #204
This was previously streaming temporary Christmas Favorites 24/7 for the holiday.
Today this stream format was switched to "DJ Dee's Favorites"


UPDATE 12/2/2019


FULL:  multi-band leveling & processing & cross-fading
PART: processing is pre-recorded (partial processing and pre-set levels)
RAW:  audio files direct -- un-compressed, un-processed, un-leveled

Server 1 Encoder paths: 

101) Transcoder > Server (RAW-Automation-Direct)
102) Server (RELAY-RAW-Direct)
103) Winamp > Crossfader > Multiband Processor > DSPv2 > Server

Server 2 Encoder paths: 

201) Winamp > Crossfader > Multiband Processor > DSPv2 > Transcoder > Server
202) Winamp > DS > DSPv2 > Server (RAW-Direct)
203) Winamp > DS > DSPv2 > Server (RAW-Direct)
204) Winamp > DS > Multiband Processor > Encoder > Server

* Shoutcast: DNAS Server
* Transcoder:  Mr Automation and "Live Show" overrides > SC DNAS Server

Winamp v5.8 encoding with SHOUTcast Source DSP v2.35 v2

Playlist: How many hours/days before playlist starts over (fully shuffled)
Since the playlist runs 24hrs continuous, random songs will play at various random times during day or night. There's a good chance you might listen for hours or days and not hear a single repeat.  Odds are with "Rock" playlist it could take months or years to hear it all eventually.


# 101 ROCK: Our first and original LIVE LOCAL stream!  This is our MAIN channel!
When not interrupted by "live local weekend shows"... this stream features a massive automated variety of Rock Funk, and Blues.. late 60's 70's 80's some 90's, heavy rock, psychedelic rock, classic rock, southern rock, easy rock, oldies, some blues, some country.  The playlist (currently 6 days long) is totally random shuffled and currently unedited with everything and anything randomly dumped in. It features complete and entire albums! Again it's all completely random. 

I hear music I didn't even know I have!  Artists in heavy 70's-80's rotation include:  Doors, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Joplin, Santana, Outlaws, Traffic, Marshal Tucker, ZZ-Top, Van Halen, CCR, WAR, BobSeger, Boston, Pink Floyd, Stones, ACDC, BTO, Aerosmith, Queen, Edgar Winter, Grand Funk, Fleetwood Mac, Alman Bros, Slynyrd, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Molly Hatchet, Foghat, Deep Purple, Heart, Who, Rare Earth, Chicago, Doobie Brothers, Nugent, Robin Trower and plenty more... just to name a few!  Again, most of these are ENTIRE ALBUMS!  Currently all files are played "raw"... original, uncompressed, unprocessed. Stream includes hourly "Station ID's"

The rock playlist also includes some late classic 60's like Beatles, Ray Charles, and so many more!

Also included plenty of 80's hair bands and music as current as ACDC,  Collective Soul, Metallica, Judas Priest, Nine-Inch Nails, Nickelback, Pearl Jam, Offspring & Kid Rock.  Blues would include Hendrix, Albert King, Stevie Ray, BBKing, Joey Gilmore, Blues Brothers, etc (too many to name) all mixed in there too!

Local bands are also featured.. as well as some other rare or obscure stuff. There are also numerous albums of Jimmy Buffet in the occasional mix to put you in the groove!  Plenty of easy stuff in there too like Elton John, Billy Joel, Chicago, etc... as well as countless single hits too!  It's ALL there!  You won't get bored... Enjoy!

This is our main and original channel.
Station ID played on the 1/2 hour marks.
This channel also features "DJ Automation overrides" for local shows.
Playlist length: 6 days

#102 ROLLBACK RELAY: is a RELAY of Rollback Radio (just because).

#103 BLUES:  Speaks for itself!  Random mix...It's a mood setter!  More coming...
Playlist length:15hrs

#201 ROCK:  Same identical playlist as #101-ROCK above, except this stream is FULLY cross-faded, leveled, and processed!  Deeper lows, smoother crisper highs, fully balanced audio spectrum. Cross-faded for no gaps or delays... processed for full quality sound... the levels are always perfect! This is our BEST stream.
Playlist length: 6 days

#202 DEEP ALBUM CUTS: is a personal favorite! ... with some of the deepest album cuts you never hear anywhere!  Heavy stuff. (with some easy mixed in)... I can only say you have to listen!
Playlist length: 40hrs

#203 COUNTRY:  Just a quick random mix of classic country, some current, line-dance favorites, and some bluegrass too. Something different! Great stuff!  More coming...
Playlist length: 45hrs

#204 DIANE:  Diane's personal favorites, heavy on Worship, some pop 80's (added 12/26/19)
Playlist length: 48hrs


I'm still playing with a variety of technical configurations... so streams may be interrupted at times.

# ROLLBACK RADIO is the creation of "DJ Rockin Rich" featuring oldies, classics, doowop, and rare tunes you won't hear anywhere else!  Additionally you'll hear "specialty shows" as well as popular weekend "live car shows". On schedule you can also tune in to a "live morning show" every morning M-F 9am-11am on your local dial! This show also features "live phone call-in's"... be part of the show! Rich takes live requests too! This station is ever expanding with fun new ideas!


More technical streaming info:  Streaming Chart

That's it for now.... more coming!