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Hi Eveyone!  Thanks to all who came out today to the "Downtown Hollywood Dream Car Classic" show.  It turned out to be a beautiful day & a great show with a nice turnout, despite a rainy start.  In addition to today's show photos, there are many new never before seen photos from previous shows.  I am still in the process of balancing speed & performance with clarity & quality, so afterwards, click my email link below and let me know how the pics displayed for you, and how you liked them.  I edited over 300 photos from today's show down to the best 200.  I hope you enjoy. 

Blog update:  You know you've fully reached the 21st century when you've used the word "blog" or typed in an actual "IP address".  (my computer doesn't even recognize the word "blog")  At today's show, while I was playing music from the laptop, I was actually logged on to the city's wireless "WiFi" connection, able to access the web, download music on the spot, and check the local radar for pending weather conditions that may affect the show.  Now THAT's technology!






Ok, the pictures...here's how it's done:

After taking the photo's with the digital camera at the show, the pics are uploaded (or is it downloaded) to the local computer.  Then program #1 "batch processes, sharpens, & resizes" the photos to a web-viewable appropriate size.  Program #2 then adds my "watermark" to the pictures, and "compresses" them further.  Program #3 creates the web pages for each individual photo, and also creates the "thumbnails" menu pages.  This new file of created webpages is then uploaded to my website server.  Then I create a "link to the new photos, and "BAMB!"...there it is!  Ok...enough chit-chat.  Time to start uploading...

A South Florida car show first?  Show photo's viewable the same day of show!

(the server may be a little slow tonight...heavy traffic!)


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8/19/1941 - 10/28/2005

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***Car Show Update:  "Downtowner" Car Show has been rescheduled***

for Sun. Nov. 13, 10-4pm!  Hosted by: "Keith's Rods & Customs"


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