It was cool with temps in the 60's, but a great show with close to 100 beautiful cars & trucks!

The FREE all-day buffet was delicious, the cars were cool, & the "Cheetah Girls" were HOT!  60 unique "Cheetah Awards" were handed out, and a 27" flat screen TV was raffled off.

It was a GREAT crowd & a FUN day!  The pictures will show that!       Enjoy!

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4th Annual

Car & Truck Show

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Another "Jumpin' Jack Production"

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DSC_3776 DSC_3778 DSC_3780
DSC_3776.jpg DSC_3778.jpg DSC_3780.jpg
DSC_3781 DSC_3782 DSC_3783
DSC_3781.jpg DSC_3782.jpg DSC_3783.jpg
DSC_3785 DSC_3786 DSC_3788
DSC_3785.jpg DSC_3786.jpg DSC_3788.jpg
DSC_3789 DSC_3790 DSC_3791
DSC_3789.jpg DSC_3790.jpg DSC_3791.jpg
DSC_3792 DSC_3793 DSC_3794
DSC_3792.jpg DSC_3793.jpg DSC_3794.jpg
DSC_3796 DSC_3798 DSC_3799
DSC_3796.jpg DSC_3798.jpg DSC_3799.jpg
DSC_3802 DSC_3803 DSC_3805
DSC_3802.jpg DSC_3803.jpg DSC_3805.jpg
DSC_3806 DSC_3808 DSC_3810
DSC_3806.jpg DSC_3808.jpg DSC_3810.jpg
DSC_3811 DSC_3812 DSC_3813
DSC_3811.jpg DSC_3812.jpg DSC_3813.jpg
DSC_3816 DSC_3817 DSC_3818
DSC_3816.jpg DSC_3817.jpg DSC_3818.jpg


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