"Hurricane Wilma"
"Personal Home Photos"
OCT 24, 2005

"Hurricane Wilma" came through as only a "Category 2" hurricane, with the "eye of the hurricane" that crossed  most of "Broward County". The first few of my "page 1" photos were actually taken during the "eye of the storm". It personally knocked out our power for almost 2 weeks, but some were without power for up to a month, or even longer.  It blew over a large tree on our house, but our damage was fortunately minimal.  We had to chainsaw our way out of our neighborhood, as streets were totally impassible.  One of our neighbors offered help... and came to our rescue in a big way with his monster crane.

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Img2051024.072607 Img2051024.081052 Img2051024.085454
Img2051024.072607.jpg Img2051024.081052.jpg Img2051024.085454.jpg
Img2051024.085555 Img2051024.122203 Img2051024.122247
Img2051024.085555.jpg Img2051024.122203.jpg Img2051024.122247.jpg
Img2051024.122520 Img2051024.122528 Img2051024.122555
Img2051024.122520.jpg Img2051024.122528.jpg Img2051024.122555.jpg
Img2051024.122617 Img2051024.122658 Img2051024.122723
Img2051024.122617.jpg Img2051024.122658.jpg Img2051024.122723.jpg
Img2051024.122814 Img2051024.123206 Img2051024.123233
Img2051024.122814.jpg Img2051024.123206.jpg Img2051024.123233.jpg
Img2051024.123246 Img2051024.123321 Img2051024.123327
Img2051024.123246.jpg Img2051024.123321.jpg Img2051024.123327.jpg
Img2051024.123642 Img2051024.123646 Img2051024.123709
Img2051024.123642.jpg Img2051024.123646.jpg Img2051024.123709.jpg
Img2051024.123714 Img2051024.123721 Img2051024.123739
Img2051024.123714.jpg Img2051024.123721.jpg Img2051024.123739.jpg
Img2051024.123749 Img2051024.123936 Img2051024.124024
Img2051024.123749.jpg Img2051024.123936.jpg Img2051024.124024.jpg
Img2051024.125325 Img2051024.132011 Img2051024.134702
Img2051024.125325.jpg Img2051024.132011.jpg Img2051024.134702.jpg
Img2051024.134724 Img2051024.134814 Img2051024.141452
Img2051024.134724.jpg Img2051024.134814.jpg Img2051024.141452.jpg

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