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"From My Side of the Microphone"

2008 has been a GREAT year!!  There have been a lot of GREAT shows, I've enjoyed some wonderful friendships, and I've met some great new people along the way too.  It's been terrific!

Wishing everyone very happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and an even better new year in 2009! 

-DJ "Scott The Music Man"


Festival Dash Plaques

If you didn't get one, or would like one, or an extra one... please see me at Towershoppes.  I have plenty of extras!  -Scott



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Name: Dave Weber (webhead)
Location: Pembroke Pines
Vehicle: '95 'Vette & '01 SVT Mustang
Date: 12/24/2008**96878796

Comments:  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays/Holydays to all of our South Florida car lovers. May peace and happiness be with all of us. Remember our troops and their families this Holy season. Pray for a quick and safe return for all of them. Remember our departed family and friends and their families this season. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ! webhead

Date: 12/18/2008


DSC_6621Name: Rick Deiters
Location: Miami
Vehicle: Mach 5 Speed Racer

Date: 12/15/2008

Comments:  We had a great time that day, we not only got the first price at raffle, we also got a free dinner at a Spanish restaurant and we got 2 full page article on the local paper for our shop specialized in Pontiac Trans Ams  can't wait for the next show, Thumbs up for Scott!

Name: Fred
Location: Luxembourg / Europe
Date: 12/13/2008

Comments:  Hi guys, I'm just planing a trip through Florida , from December 25 th 2008' until January 7th, 2009'- are there dates of evening cruises or events/ show and shine that you can propose me? Will appreciate your help? Thank you in advance.

Check out...

Name: Dave Weber "Webhead"
Date: 12/05/2008

Comments:  Scott, I just had to tell you about this one. Yesterday I spoke with Mr. Barry Maguair from Meguair's products. Yep, the man himself. I mentioned your website to him and he said he would check it out. I also mentioned the Festival Car Show this weekend and how we are expecting 800 vehicles or entrants, he was impressed with the total cars for a car show down here. Cool or what. Just wanted to share this with you, wow, the President of Meguair's Products on the phone with little old me. Thanks and keep up the good work. Dave Weber



Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008  The Pep Boys Cruisin’ Series on Las Olas was a huge success Wednesday night.  Cars were lined up an hour early to get into the event.  In the first half hour we registered 100 vehicles.  By nights end there were classic cars stretched 4 city blocks on both sides of Las Olas.  Pep Boys entered the enthusiast community in South Florida in a big way that night.  Event participants were thrilled when they received PEP BOYS "Cruisin’ Series" tee shirts, don’t touch magnets, sample Mequiars products, stickers, vintage posters and had an opportunity to win prizes.  Many were asking when the next Pep Boys series event was scheduled so they don’t miss it. 
-Scott Stroughton     See Photos!

Next "Cruisin Series" events:  January 10 - Ocean’s 11 on Hollywood Beach, and return to Las Olas - January 14. 

Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008  Last night, I invited a group of visitors to Ft. Lauderdale to join me at "Classics on Las Olas" classic car show on Las Olas Boulevard.  I was pleased to see that Russ Gagliano of Russ G Events Classic Cars, local classic car restorer and car show promoter, was there. Russ had acquired the sponsorship of Pep Boys who helped expand the show which is planned to be a monthly event.  The long lines of gorgeous, gleaming cars parked along both sides of Las Olas gave the street a festive and exciting mood and many “cruisers” were out to drool over these works of motor art and enjoy the “excuse” for a stroll on the Boulevard. A final count of 125 classics were in attendance.  Music by "Cruisin’ South Florida" and several radio stations who added their own activity booths added more entertainment and excitement.  Thank goodness, for with much of west Las Olas closed, awaiting re-construction, the street has been rather sad-looking and quiet these days.

I would like to commend Gagliano and Pep Boys for taking the time and effort to promote this wonderful hobby and business for many people in South Florida--and I am sure that the retailers and restaurants on Las Olas feel the same.  Adding tourist attraction value, foot traffic and local interest and flavor, the Classic Car Shows are a wonderful addition to our “things to do” list here.  And kudos to all the car owners who shared their beautiful machines with us.  They don’t receive much besides compliments and trophies, but they put many hours and dollars into their passion.  While taking in the balmy December night and sites, one of my visitors said, “No one in Michigan is doing this tonight!” and with the state of the auto business today, these cars are a part of history that is not likely to be repeated!  Thanks to Russ Gagliano and Pep Boys for keeping the old glimmer of Detroit alive in South Florida!


Myself with South Florida legend Mr. Peterson at S.Miami Harley



'Festival Flea Market Mall' - Pompano - South Florida's Largest Car Show!
Forum Comments

December 7, 2008:
  What an absolutely AWESOME and INCREDIBLE event!!!  Where do I even start?

Well to start the day, our promoters, vendors, workers, and event staff arrived as early as 5am, in the dark and damp cold, to continue prepping for the arrival of what was to come. The day started out early looking questionable, with fog (and rain in some western areas). Many of the early arrivals showed up shortly afterwards, and by 8am when I arrived to setup sound, much of the lot was almost full already. From that point on, the cars continued to roll in, non stop, all day!

And boy did the cars roll in! ...breaking last years "Holiday" show record, with over 700+ of South Florida's finest show vehicles in attendance!  Every kind of show vehicle was on proud display for this day's mega-event!

By about 9am, the foggy and overcast skies completely cleared, leaving us what we consider the "picture perfect" South Florida holiday season weather! temperatures and sunny, with perfect blue skies! The weather was absolutely perfect!

Early on, participants were treated to free continental breakfast at the hospitality tent. The classic cars continued to roll in, as well as throngs of delighted spectators!

Added to this year's show, we were treated to some excellent "live entertainment". The live show started off with the Motown rhythm and blues performing talent of Ronny Walker, singing and playing keyboard and saxophone. He was a real treat!

Next up was the singing group 'Joey and the Gigolos' who put on an incredible performance of doo-wop and acappella. Their flawless show really pulled in the spectator crowd, where they had them dancing and hula-hooping in the parking lot!

Wrapping up the live show, as people were coming up for the awards presentation, was the National recording talent of Rachael Brown, who blew us away with her incredible voice and singing talent, doing some favorite rhythm and blues tunes.

As I said, it was and AWESOME and INCREDIBLE day and event! A HUGE "hats off" of thanks and recognition goes out to our promoters Dick Barton of 'DB Entertainment', and our show coordinator Russ Gagliano of 'Russ G Events'. These two guys have poured countless hours, days, and months of effort, preparation, and time, to make this show the successful mega-event that it was!

Thanks also goes out to all the sponsors, vendors, the volunteers and the "behind the scenes" workers who all had a part in the show. Thank you goes out to the "Festival Flea Market Mall" for hosting this huge event, and lastly, a BIG thanks to all of you car show folks who came out in support, as YOU are the show!

It truly was the "perfect" car show day! There were so many show people at this show, vendors, cars, and spectators, as well as great shopping and food in the mall, and great entertainment throughout the day! This show simply "pegged the car show meter" as one of the BEST shows in South Florida ...period!

From my personal place in the show, a lot of people stopped by with hello's, smiles, and compliments, and I thank you all very much for that. If I cut you short or didn't get to talk much with you ...I apologize. The "live" portion of the show kept me quite busy mixing, and unfortunately, I was un-able to get out and see most of the show, or get photos of everyone. I will post what I have, and post links to others as well.

Note:  If you would like to share your comments, there is a forum thread already started at: Festival Show.

Thanks again to ALL involved for a memorable event!  My photos coming soon...
Photos by Mike Fabian:

-DJ Scott


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Thanksgiving message
From: Russ G

During this Thanksgiving Holiday we pause to give thanks and count our many blessings. I have been very blessed this past year by my Wife's renewed health, and by all of you, for your continued friendship and support at my events.

 May I wish you and yours a Blessed Thanksgiving !  -Russ G



"Car Guys Bike Run to the Keys"

Nov 23:  What a GREAT ride we had to Key Largo!  The weather could not have been any nicer!  Our little "car" group of riders consisted of 6 bikes, myself and Diane, Jack, Russ G, Chris, Bill (from Time Bandits), and ACE our gracious host. We were invited to join the Miami HOG chapter run, with close to 50 bikes total on a cruise thru the Gables, "Old" Cutler Ridge, and back country roads thru Homestead to our final lunch destination in Key Largo.  Photos coming soon...

A BIG HUGE THANKS TO ACE at Peterson's Harley of N.Miami for a GREAT DAY!!


Russ "Old School" Gagliano Nov.23  Key Largo Run!


(click article below to enlarge)


Doral 2nd Annual Car & Truck Show!
by: DJ Scott the Music Man

Nov 16, 2008:  It was an ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS day Sunday, for the "2nd Annual Car & Truck Show" in Doral.  We had a nice turnout of spectators and about 70 great show vehicles from Dade and Broward Counties. In addition to the awesome cars, we were treated to some excellent "live" entertainment throughout the day on a large show stage. 

Starting off the show was the very talented 4 piece jazz, rhythm & blues band "Cool Beans" who performed some great 70's cover tunes... featuring everything from the Doobie Brothers to Santana. After they entertained us through the afternoon, we brought out Jamie Danger as "Little Miss Dynamite". She blew us away with her incredible singing talent as she did some old classic favorites, and got down with the audience!  What a voice!  The grand finale wound up with a patriotic moment that was enjoyed by all.  In addition to all the great live music, we were also entertained in the afternoon by performances of the local Doral Jazzercise Dance Team, featuring little dancers, teen-agers, and the moms.  It was a fun day for all.  Even Anthony enjoyed the day with us!
There were plenty of great giveaways, food, vendors, spectators, and activates for the kids as well. Congratulations to the winner of the large screen TV, and all the award winners!  We were ALL winners with such a great show!

For me, it was a busy jam packed day mixing live music at the stage, which didn't leave me any time to get out and walk around, or take pictures.  But not to worry, that is where Clem Flanagan stepped up and volunteered his own talent to go out and get some nice photos with my camera. Thank you Clem!  2008 Photos

If you missed it this year, be sure to make plans to come to the 3rd annual show in 2009.  Hats off to Jumpin Jack, along with the City of Doral, for super car show and a jumpin' event!


2nd Annual
Car Show

November 16, 2008

Jumpin Jack


'South Florida Sun Times' Article
(original article no longer available)


Latest Guest Book Post


Name: JJ
Location: South Florida
Vehicle: 1964 Dodge Polara 500
Date: 11/15/2008


Scott, I want to share a site with your forum.

This site represents Dover Drag Strip located in Wingdale, New York. I know we've got a few folks from the northeast down here that must have frequented that track. Long since closed; it refuses to die! The Dover Old Farts Club community is constantly adding pictures and stories to the forums on the site.

Check it out, even if you were never there. Blessings, JJ

Name:  "Webhead" Dave Weber
Location:  Pembroke Pines, FL
Vehicle:  95 Vette & '01 SVT Mustang Cobra
Date:  11/08/2008

Comments:  What a great weekend!

Show #1 @ Pompano Mercedes Benz was a nice show as first time shows go.  Nice cars & trucks, free food and drinks, Scott doing his usual fantastic DJ majic, and Jumping Jack taking care of business.  I hope this show is an annual thing.  The price was right too -FREE!

Show #2 @ Miami Lakes was a Veterans dream come true.  Thank you to all of our service men and women, past and present.  Without them we would not have car shows period.
The cars, the crowd. Scott was the best he's ever been, man is he a great DJ.  Jumping Jack was jumping at this show.  140 or so cars were there and the crowd was awesome. People traffic was nonstop, and a few new friends were made.  Free to boot.  How does Jack do it?

Say a prayer for our service men and women this Veteran's Day.



Photo taken at "Pines Pontiac Annual B.O.P. Show"


(click above photo to enlarge)


Last known photo of John (center with friends) taken Sun, Oct 12, 2008 at Elks Car Show

In Memory of:

John Lindstedt

John drove the Green '57 Chevy with the blower on it, passed away on Saturday, Oct 25, 2008, from a heart attack.

John loved life, and will be sadly missed by his family and many friends, and this car community.

Take care John!


John at the car shows with his 57 Chevy (click any photo to enlarge)


Latest Guest Book Comments:

Scott L Argow
Location: Breathless Performance Products
Date: 10/30/2008

Comments:  Scott can you please post that we will be hosting an open free show with awards and complimentary food and beverages on Saturday November 29th 2008 10am - 3pm
at the Breathless Performance Products Showroom


Name: Dan
Location: Coral Springs
Vehicle: 1976 Firebird Formula
Date: 10/27/2008

Comments:  Scott, Great job at the BOP Show! It takes a lot of talent to do two shows at once. I appreciate the pictures you took of my car. Thanks, Dan

Name: greg santoro
Location: parkland,fl.
Vehicle: 1969 chevelle ss
Email: gsantoro@bellsouth
Date: 10/23/2008

Comments:  Hi everyone, sure do enjoy all the car shows I have attended the past 2 years, but would like to see us chart out some driving routes and have a nice group of ''classics'' cruising down the roads of south florida. after all our rides are meant to be driven!! would love to see a caravan type of event scheduled at least twice a year. anybody have any thoughts? caio/greg



'Pines pontiac'

Oct 20, 2008

2008 Photos



Las Olas!

Ft. Lauderdale

Oct 15, 2008

"Russ G Events"

Photos by:
Gil Pepitone



"Classic Cars on Las Olas"
More Photos Available!

(courtesy of Keith Strickland)

(click photo)


Cruise Night:  October 15, 2008

Comments: "Webhead" (Dave Weber):  Took a ride down to the Las Olas cruise Wednesday evening for a look see. Man was I surprised by the turnout of great cars. There were people directing traffic and assisting us in parking, smiling and chatting with us. A very pleasant experience indeed. Scott was doing his usual fantastic job (if you can it that, more of a love) playing a tremendous collection of songs that kept all of us happy. All in all it was a nice night out. The weather cooperated and the breeze was splendid. This is something that would be a welcome event to all. Thanks for reading this   Webhead



DSC_7543From: "RussG Events" Russ G
Comments: "Las Olas Cruise Night" was a huge success!!! Thanks to all that participated in last nights 1st Cruise Night after several years. 128 cars parked curbside on the Blvd. Every year, make, model of cars were represented, even some never seen before. We had beautiful weather, great restaurants, and plenty of stores to shop at. Join us for the next one: Wednesday Nov 19, 2008 6-9 pm...and it's free! Scott, thank you again for some great music!!!   Russ G


Next Cruise Night Date:  Nov 19, 6-9pm    "Classic Cars On Las Olas"






AUG 24, 2008

2008 Photos!



Sun, Oct 12, 2008 - North Palm Beach:  What a GREAT show!  Despite the hot and sunny weather, over 300 show vehicles attended this first class event!  The show was sponsored by the "Palm Beach Sheriff's Office", and they did an superb job! Our host was the incredible "Cars of Dreams" museum!  Words can't describe this amazing collection of some of the world's finest and rare cars, displayed in a most wonderful setting!  It was truly breathtaking!  South Florida's finest street classic's rolled in steady all day, to this annual event.  I saw a lot of familiar faces from Broward County that came up to show support as well.  The show included top in class trophies, as well as an incredible 1st prize brand new 2008 car raffle giveaway, and 2nd prize a 42" large screen TV.  Tens of thousands of dollars were raised or donated for the PBSO charities.  It was my pleasure to be part of this years wonderful event!  A great job by all!  Watch for the photos to be available soon!





Corvette Club'

- WINS -

"Best of Show
Club Participation"

with 25 cars
at  Venice Show!

Photo courtesy of:
Breathless Performance


Latest Guest Book Comments:

Date: 09/19/2008

Comments:  Hi Scott; We have set a date for the 9th Annual Full Throttle Show of Shows January 3rd 2009 Sheehan Autoplex Lighthouse Pt. to benefit The Darrell Gwynn Foundation. Flyers will follow soon Thanks The Perc

Name: Bob and Arlyne
Location: Coconut Creek Fl
Vehicle: 88&92 Mustangs
Show: Tijuana Taxi on 8/24/2008
Date: 08/29/2008

Comments:  Thank for your help at Rich's Party. We got him Good. Now we have to be on the look out!!!! He is going to get us back someday. All we heard the rest of the night was I am going to get you two...Also thanks to everyone who came out and had fun with us. Thanks again Bob & Arlyne Miller (RockinRichs-Roadies)

Bob & Arlyne, it was a nice party with a great turnout!  You guys did such a GREAT job throwing together this "surprise" party...Rich is fortunate to have such devoted friends!  Although Rich hates being in the spotlight, he certainly deserves it once in a while!  I will post the photos "soon"...

Name: Jason Miller  Location: Fort Lauderdale
Vehicle: 1937 Ford
Show: Bru's Room- Time Bandits
Date: 08/25/2008

Comments:  Scott, Awesome coverage of the show! Great to have a website with photos to keep up to date on what's going on in the car show world.

When you get a chance, check out specifically the Hot Rod Camp tab. We are organizing a camp for Florida next year! I will send you a video so you can see last year's camp and conference building a pickup and this year two 32 roadsters (one old school and one modern) which debuted at Columbus - Goodguys. See you Sunday!

Jason, it was a real pleasure to meet you, and REALLY GREAT talking with you at the show!  I particularly look forward to seeing more from your great group, the 'Christian Rodders & Racers Assoc'.  It's great to be able to mix your faith with such a good hobby.  I encourage anyone interested to click the website, learn more, and maybe even become involved!  God Bless!


Russ Gagliano

It was a nice celebration last Saturday evening at the "Movie / Cruise Night" in downtown Ft. Lauderdale!

We honored Russ as he enjoyed the "BIG 65" with all his car friends and family at this event.

Russ, we thank you for all that you do, and for your hard work and dedication to our car show community!

Happy Birthday Russ!


Downtown Ft. Lauderdale

Despite possible pending weather, it turned out to be a clear and beautiful night watching the movie under the stars! We enjoyed a cruise night with friends, watched old car trailer clips, and shared Russ's birthday celebration.

Thanks to all for coming out and for your support.

Brought to you by: "Russ G Events"
Photos submitted by: "Breathless Performance"




AUG 17, 2008

2008 Photos

Tattoo Car Show Comments:

Tattoo Expo Car Show:  What a difference ONE day makes!  Sunday's car show weather was beautiful, clear, hot, and sunny all day!  Monday we watched as hurricane "Fay" rolled into South Florida, bringing in non-stop rain for 2 days now.  Summer car shows are always a gamble with weather, but we have been fortunate.  While the "Tattoo Expo Car Show" is typically the "hottest" (and most unusual) show of the year, there was plenty of shade lining a 1/4 mile or more of roadway, making for a nice comfortable setting.  In fact, I would say it is one of the better venues, as shade trees and grCLICK ME!assy areas lining the entire show make for a great setup for lawn chairs and umbrellas.  The tropical breezes and shade kept everyone cool and comfy.  I also have to say that the spectators at this show really enjoy they cars, and are always very respectful.  They are an unusual group, and very nice people too.  The "Cruiser's of South Florida" always do a great job with this show, and awards are always handed out on time.  It was "my pleasure" to play some great requests too!  Congratulations on a job well done by all!  We look forward to next years show!  Also, watch for the Cruiser's "Toy Run" car show in December, which is always a lot of fun too!  -"DJ Scott"   (Photo courtesy of: E.J.Mac, Delray Beach)  CLICK PHOTO!

Name: Alicia, Robert and Chris, Deerfield Bch. Florida
Vehicle: 70 Big Bad Green Donohue Javelin SST
Date: 08/17/2008    Show: 2008 Tattoo Expo Car Show

Comments:  My kids and my self have been out of the loop lately due to the economy. We attended the 4th annual open car show at the South Florida Tattoo Expo today (Sun.) Scott you did one heck of a job keeping the music going and keeping everyone cool on such a hot day. lol. Steve Schwartz you put on another great show and I commend you both. I just want to say to everyone and including the participants who brought out all their beautiful cars your such a great bunch of people and have a great family going. You guys and gals are such a class act. Alot of you we haven't met but associate your face with your car. We try to go to as many as we can. And after being out of the loop for awhile we can see what were missing. It stands out. Great Fun, Great people. You guys and gals stand alone to none. Having fun with great people and helping charities it doesn't get any better than that. Alicia Robert Chris




Sept 15:  EXCITING NEWS! now has an ALL NEW South Florida car show Forum!

This new forum has been in the works for some time now, but I have finally decided to announce it's arrival.  It is a very simple forum to use, and is being offered to our local South Florida car community as a place to chat with your car friends about local shows, issues, and your cars!

In addition to local chat, there is a "garage" where people can swap "technical" ideas and help, and a basement where you can chat about non-car related stuff.  Even more great news... there will also be a place where you can list car parts and "cars for sale" too!  This will be available for "private" use only, and will be available FREE!

As stated. this forum is being offered for "private use" only!  No business ad's, spam, or listing's whatsoever!

This website and forum are "privately owned", and operation of it is at my discretion.  You will need to register with a valid email address.  The forum will be "moderated" by myself and others, and the general rules need to be understood and followed.  Courtesy and respect to each other will be of the utmost importance!

Forum Rules & Guidelines (Please Read!)

It has become too much work to keep up with comment book posts, so this should serve as an outlet for car people to share their thoughts, opinions, and chat with their friends in "real time" on this website.  Since I am offering a place to sell cars too, I will no longer be posting new ads on the "cars for sale section" of this website. 

Adjustments and changes to the forum will be made along the way, as needed too.  The forum is not very complex, and the software has some technical issues, so there may be an upgrade or change needed later. You can read about the issues and see some important info here...Forum IssuesDJ Pic

My BIGGEST hope is that we will all be polite and respectful to each other, and this will be fun, and a "cool place" to hang with our car buds!  You can email me if you have any ideas or issues...or just share them on the forum.

It is also my hope that this new forum will serve as another enhancement to this website, and to our great hobby...CARS!

Check out the new forum here...Forum

Take care...and have a GREAT weekend!  See you at the show Sunday!




Pembroke PINES

aUG. 3, 2008

Hosted by: 
"Russ G Events"

Over 150 cars at today's event.  It was hot and sunny, and it was a great show!

Show comments from Dave Weber:  Attended the "World Ford Cars of The World Show" Sunday. 150+ cars ventured out in the sun and heat to participate in the 1st ever show at World Ford. There must have been 60 Mustangs and 60 Corvettes there. If only we had a dragstrip close by !!!!!! Scott wowed us again with his magical tunes, reminding us all of our younger days. I have to say a special note of thanks to the people at Breathless Performance. They invited me to join their group without hesitation, not like the other [     ] clubs that only told me not to park with their clubs cars. Thank you to Scott and Mickey from BP, you so inspired me that I joined your club. Even my friend with a Mustang was impressed on how your club treated both of us. Thank you again.


Name: Scott L Argow,
President - Breathless Performance Corvette Club
Location: Russ G Events World Ford Pembroke
Vehicle: 1968 Deville, 1981, 1993, 2003 Corvettes
Show: World Ford 1st Annual Car & Truck Show


Date: 08/12/2008

Comments:  On August 3rd, 2008 I attended my first show as Club President of Breathless Performance Corvette Club and let me say that it was AWESOME! The comradery was great, the music was invigorating, and being there on-site, was a must see event that couldn’t be matched. Scott the Music Man made sure we left completely entertained! Our host Russ G was most thoughtful to our needs. My advice to all is looking on the upcoming show lists, find out when they are going to be and attend them. Every weekend hundreds of car lovers pull their prized possessions out of the garage and head to parking lots from dusk till dawn rain or shine, 52-weeks a year, this loose-knit community comes together to celebrate cars. Show your passion and excitement that so many in Southern Florida have for vintage/exotic/performance cars.



NOTICE:  August 30 Movie Night "choice submission" deadline:  August 15


Ft. Lauderdale

July 26, 2008

Hosted by: 
"Russ G Events"

|   Flier   |   Photos   |

Next Cruise Night - Aug 30



DSC_7543Name: Russ G
Location: FT. Lauderdale
Vehicle: 1951 Merk Kustom
Date: 07/28/2008

Comments:  Thanks ! to all of you who attended our first Movie/Cruise Night. Over 75 cars parked in Huizenga Plaza, under star studded clear skies to see "Ghostbusters" (1984)... The city's choice of Movie....not mine. Cars in attendance ranged from street rods to Ferrari's to Cobra's to T-Birds to Muscle Cars to Packard's and a......Duesenberg !!

Several Car Clubs were well represented including the FT. Lauderdale Region AACA, Starlight Cruisers, Mercury Club of South Florida, plus a dormant Club that is now back on the scene, the Pharaohs. A new Corvette Club, the Breathless Performance Corvette Club, under the direction of it's President Scott Argow, were very well represented.

The "Drive In" Movie is 75 years old this month. The first drive in was located in Camden, NJ  I am honored to have been a part of this memorable History in America. A special Thank You! to our own "Scott the MusicMan" for playing the Music we all love, and for the use of his large sound system for the Movie. Movie/Cruise Night was sponsored by Auto Nation, the Downtown Development Authority, and FLIFF (FT. Lauderdale International Film Festival)

Also, special thanks to "Papa Ougots" our food vendor, not only did he have delicious Strombolis, Chicken Wings, Burgers and Hot Dogs, but at the end of the evening graciously donated all the left over food to the needy and homeless.........

Next Movie/Cruise Night:  Saturday August 30, 2008   Flier

Update:  Due to the overwhelming success of our first Movie/Cruise Night, our Sponsor Auto Nation, has informed me that I may choose the Movie selection for our August 30th Movie/Cruise Night. I am asking those that were in attendance, or anyone else..........what Movie you would like to be shown that evening.  Submission deadline:  August 15

Contact me: Russ G at let me know your selection.....The Movie with the most interest will be shown. Thanks!   Russ G 

NOTICE:  Movie choice submission deadline:  August 15


* Every Sunday Night!   5pm-8pm *

"Tijuana Taxi Co Sunday Night Cruise"  Coral Springs

  • NEW CRUISE NIGHT!  Every Sunday Night!

  • Open to all classic, custom, cool & collectable!

  • FREE!

  • 15% discount to "show rides"!

  • $25 "Manager's Choice" gift card!

  • DJ/MC Rockin' Rich

|     Flier     |      Map     |     Menu     |

Location: 901 N. University Dr, at WEST entrance of the Coral Square Mall




Saturday Night
Beach Cruise!

Next Cruise:
Sep 13


"A Russ G Event"

Flier   ||   Map


14 Year Old is Awarded Antique Car to Restore!

Headline: 6/22/08  Pembroke Pines

14 year old student Frank Vitetta of Pembroke Pines was awarded a 1931 Ford Model A Victoria automobile to restore by the two National Model A Ford clubs, MARC and MAFCA with assistance of the International Model A Ford Victoria Association...
(read full story)


Hello South Florida! by: DJ Scott

Mon, July 7, 2008:    GREETINGS FROM SANIBEL ISLAND!  Well... here I am again writing you from another mini-getaway vacation.  I am currently on beautiful "Sanibel Island" at the west coast of Florida spending some "alone time" with Mrs. DJ Dee while the kids are away for the summer.  It is day #3 for us, and it has been very nice.  We have enjoyed the island life, dining, and incredible beaches from Ft. Meyers Beach, and Sanibel to Captiva.  This was our first time here.

Before we left, we enjoyed a GREAT 4th of July weekend!  Thursday night, July 3, we had a record turnout in Miami Springs for the annual Independence Day cruise.  The free event featured fabulous live performances by Johnny DeRose doing his "Tribute to Elvis".  The streets were packed to capacity with South Florida's finest show vehicles... and awards were given out to vehicles "best decorated" for the 4th of July. The 22" HDTV raffle was won by Joe & Michelle (Blue Cobra).  Show organized by: "Jumpin Jack Productions".

Friday, July 4th, we enjoyed our 1st annual show at "Lauderdale By The Sea"!  It was a beautiful day full of parades, patriotic spirit, and all the festivities.  There were street vendors, BBQ, kiddie rides, and a BIG tent that featured live entertainment by the band "Tucan Blue".  The city came out in full style to show off for one of our favorite holidays.  The weather was great, and the parking lot and street were packed full to capacity with show cars.  It was an excellent first show!  The 50" Plasma HDTV raffle was won by Jim Bauer in the Silver 2-seater Speedster.  He was more than happy to have to make special arrangements to get his incredible winning prize home.  The show was brought to you by: "Russ G Events".

DJ PicThis Sunday Night we will have our 1st new cruse at the Tijuana Taxi in Coral Springs, brought to you by Rockin Rich.  Please come out and support our newest cruise night.

I head back to Ft. Lauderdale later sometime today.  As you can see... I haven't had too much extra spare time, but I hope to be able to finally get caught up on photos in the next week or so.  As I get close to posting them...I will let you know.

Take care all...see you at the next show!   -DJ Scott



Name: Jim Bauer
Location: Weston, FL
Vehicle: Silver Speedster
Date: 07/08/2008

Guestbook Comments:

The 4th of July Show at Lauderdale-by-the Sea that Russ G ran was FUN for all. Family kids and car nuts. Not only was there Great Music (Me and Molly McGee) but Russ managed to feed and clothe us (free t-shirts), sand sculptures and a beautiful beach setting. Just wanted to say thanks to Russ, and you Scott for a super fun day. Also wanted to thank Steve Sutherland for driving home in his '40 Chevy, picking up his SUV coming back to help me bring home the 50" Plasma TV I won at the Raffle. Russ keep the good shows coming. Jim


Hello South Florida! by: DJ Scott

June 24:  Hello South Florida!  I just got back from another out of town weekend getaway...a family weekend get together in Gainesville.  We did some boating, skiing, and swimming on the Suwannee River...and just enjoyed a few days of relaxation with family and friends.

I have received several emails & comments regarding photos for the "Festival Spring Show"...  and I'd like to answer you ALL at the same time...

YES... I will be posting the Festival Show photos as soon as I can get them done.  It is taking some time to go through over 700+ photos...selecting, editing, and posting...but they are being worked on and I will post them next.  The little "spare time" I have lately has been spent on getting caught up on chores around the house when I'm not away...or spending my little free time with the family.  I usually find time to do photos at my day job, but lately they are making me work too!

We have a couple GREAT shows coming up for our "4th of July" holiday weekend...

Thursday, July 3, it will be our annual "Miami Springs" event, a FREE cruise night which will feature live entertainment by Johnny DeRose doing his "Tribute To Elvis".  It's an open show and a family event, and there will be awards for best decorated vehicles as well as a Flat Panel TV raffle giveaway.  The show surrounds the Gazebo in the park on the Circle, and is brought to you by Jumpin Jack.

Friday, July 4th, we will have our 1st "Lauderdale By The Sea" Beach Blast Celebration car show on A1A at the beach.  This will be a street festival featuring a parade, vendors, food, awards, raffle giveaways, live entertainment, and of course, South Florida's GREATEST classic cars and show vehicles.  This "open" show is brought to you by "Russ G Events".

Sunday, July 13, will be the opening night of a brand new cruise spot, the "Tijuana Taxi Co" in Coral Springs. This FREE cruise night will run from 5pm-8pm every Sunday night featuriDJ Picng discounts and gift card awards, and is "open" to all.  They have an excellent menu and food.  This event replaces Zo's.  Great oldies music by my buddy DJ Rockin Rich!

There are some new shows, and old ones too coming in August...check them out here...Events.  It's going to be a "hot one" this summer for sure!!

Well, that's it for now...take care...see you soon!

-DJ "Scott The Music Man"


Cruisin South

2nd Annual

Father's Day

and Hotrods

Peterson's Harley-Davidson
N. Miami

Jumpin jack Productions

June 15, 2008

2008 Photos


  2007 - 2008 Car Show Photos Pending:  

  • "2008 Miami Springs Show"  (pending)

  • "2008 4th of July LBTS Show"  (pending)

  • "2008 Festival 2nd Annual Spring Show"  (pending)

  • "2008 Ocean's Eleven Cruise Nights"  (pending)

  • "2008 Pompano Citi Place Show"  (pending)

  • "2008 AACA Downtown Flagler Show"  (pending)

  • "2007 Mardi Gras Casino Car Show"  (pending)

  • "2007 Miramar' Cruise & Movie Night"  (pending)

  • "2007 Moroso' Ford Power Fest"  (pending)



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Trophy Time!!!.... Thank you all..... for participating and attending our record breaking Festival Mall Car Show. I appreciate your patience and understanding..... and comments... positive or negative concerning the problems that arose that day. All ! comments will be reviewed and considered in the changes that will be made for our December Show. The trophy winners for the show are posted on Scott's Website (Thanks Scott) You must go to the Festival Mall to pick up your trophy and cash award if any. They have a list of the winners. So..... let's move on, and enjoy this great hobby & friendship we have, of owning and showing our cars. Every car is a winner !!!! See you at the next show !!!!!   Russ G

Russ G Events:  954.779.1420 / Email:  |  Award Winners



Mon, Jun 2: 
Greetings from Tennessee!  I am away for a few days visiting with family and friends.  We are riding Harley's south-west of Nashville, cruisin around the beautiful countryside on long winding country roads through the hills. 
It's AWESOME!!! 

The website won't be updated for a few days since we are on limited dialup service here in the rural area.  Be back soon!!   -DJ Scott

Update - Fri Jun 6:  I'm back.  What an incredible time I had!!! 

While away, I stayed at a beautiful 3-story estate home (pictured upper right.. click to enlarge) on a ranch outside a very small historic town called Leipers Fork, Tennessee.  'Leipers Fork' has no traffic lights and one store called 'Puckett's Grocery', where locals come in to hang out, relax, or have lunch... (click link).  I am told that Williamson County is one of the top ten richest counties in America, and is the #1 richest county in Tennessee.  It was easy to see why, and certainly may be the most beautiful I have ever seen.  The area is home to many famous people and county music stars.  We were neighbors down the road with the 'Judds'.  Southern plantations stretch non-stop from one county to the next.

Sunday we attended a great little local church where some of these famous county singers attend and sometimes sing.  The afternoon was spend in fellowship with friends at lunch that lasted most of the day.  Early Sunday evening we had some powerful storms roll thru, but it was still a delight to just sit on the front porch and watch the rain go by.  Soon after, it cleared into a beautiful evening, where we went riding into the country side... and where we caught the most amazing sunset into the mountains.  We had to stop and hold our breaths for a moment!

All total, it was a bit of heaven on earth.  Now I know why everyone is SO happy and friendly there, and everyone waves to each other on the county roads.  These people love life, and know they have it good!

I rode 3 different bikes, a 2003 Harley Fat Boy, a 2008 Harley Street-Glide, and a 2008 Harley Road Glide for 4 days straight!  (click my photo right to enlarge)  The roads wind and go forever, hundreds of miles up and down the hills and around the amazing countryside.  Sometimes you'd just ride for some time, and finally come to a stop sign in the middle of nowhere... left or right turn didn't matter... as the country extends in all directions. There are no straight roads, and very few traffic lights.  We rode part of the 'Natchez Trace Parkway' which winds through several states.  We rode locally past Alan Jackson's estate which stretched about as far as the eye could see, along with seeing many other famous people's homes.  These stars shop and live amongst the locals, and everyone gets along like one big happy family. 

While there, we also rode into downtown Nashville, which was about 40 mile or so east, to visit some of the famous places where the small and big name county singers hang out, sing, and play.  While there we ran into one of my brother John's hot little friends Shea Fisher who was here to be a part of one of Nashville's biggest events, the "CMA Festival".  She has several # 1 hits now in Australia, and was here doing some promotions, and also doing some recording sessions. The 2 big touring buses parked out front of the 'Stage Saloon' were hers.   The nightlife in Nashville is non-stop fun and full of great people!

Tuesday afternoon we all rode the countryside together with more friends on bikes (click here to see brief video clip of our ride).  During our break, we met even more folks in Franklin for lunch at an incredible bed & breakfast type restaurant where the plates of home-cooked food and desserts just kept coming.  Afterwards, we were treated to a brief song at our table, by a couple of almost famous girls in our group.  They have a CD out, and hope to make it big.  It seems everyone in Nashville sings.  Click this link below (or photo left) to share our moment... Christy & Sherry

My time was too short, but I got a chance to visit "real America".  The only thing enjoyable about my flight back was sharing it with my daughter, and replaying the memories.  After riding a Harley for 4 days solid, it took a little getting used to driving a 4-wheeler again on our straight and boring South Florida roads, stuck in traffic with rude and angry people, going from one traffic light to the next.

I am going to try to finally post the photos from the Festival show sometime next week.

It's not so good to be back...  -Scott     Ride Video


!2nd Annual




May 25, 2008

Jumpin Jack Productions

2008 Photos



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DSC_2692Name: Scott L Argow
Location: Goldfingers
Vehicle: 2003 Vette Convertible
Date: 05/29/2008

Comments:  Scott once again, you set the beat, pace and rhythm of the day paying close attention to all those details that make it a special day. My Corvette Friends and I have been attending these great events for quite some time now and see why so many people keep attending. I continually look for when's the next show. Even though we can't always win The sense of comradery and brotherhood can be felt all day cheering on all those who do win those wonderful awards. I also want to acknowledge Jack, judges & supporters that put forth so much effort to make every show such a success. Shiny cars, Awesome music, Keep up the Great Work. Again I got to mingle with old friends and make some new ones. See you Friday.





"Russ G Events" summer 2008!

Click here for full summer schedule details:  Russ G Events


Festival 2nd Annual Spring Show!
South Florida's Largest Mega Show!

Read all the show comments here....  Festival Show
New photos coming soon... Festival Award Winners...  Award Winners


- Car Show Photos -




"Russ G Events" - may 2008

Click here for full May schedule details:  Russ G Events



May 14:  Dear Car Friends, 10 days ago, many of you attended my Cancer Benefit Car Show at the new Frank & Patties Restaurant in Sunrise. It was a hot day ! not only from the heat of the Sun, but from the overwhelming financial support of you, the car owners. Over $5,000.00 was raised to help battle this illness, that has affected many of our close friends and families. The owner of the restaurant Bruce Horner (that many of you met at the show) contacted me to produce the show for him. He told me that his Wife Debra was suffering from cancer, and that he wanted all proceeds that day to be donated to the Cancer Society. I naturally agreed, as my Wife is also battling this killer illness. My dear friends, Mrs. Debra Horner has lost her battle, and has recently passed on. One of her last wishes was to see her Restaurant open and surrounded by Classic Cars. Thank you all from my heart, for making her wishes come true. Our prayers are with you Bruce. Frank & Patties is located at 3800 University Drive, Sunrise, FL, just North of Oakland Park Blvd. Russ G


!1ST Annual

Car Show


May 4, 2008

"Russ G Events"

Awesome total contribution: Over $5,000.00+ raised for "American Cancer Society" and a GREAT show Sunday! 

2008 Photos



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DSC_9440Name: Scott Argow
Location: Frank & Patties Show
Vehicle: 1993 Corvette Convertible
Date: 05/04/2008

"Frank & Patties Show" Comments:  Scott once again, you set the beat, pace and rhythm of the day paying close attention to all those details that make it a special day. My Corvette Friends and I have been attending these great events for quite some time now and see why so many people keep attending. I continually look for when's the next show. Even though we can't always win The sense of comradery and brotherhood can be felt all day cheering on all those who do win those wonderful awards. I also want to acknowledge Russ G a true Gentleman, judges & supporters that put forth so much effort to make every show such a success. Shiny cars, Awesome music, Great food Frank & Patties a true home run, Super people, Super food and priced right... What a wonderful place to be!...Keep up the Great Work. Again I got to mingle with old friends and make some new ones. See you Friday. 

Scott, thanks for the nice words, and for coming out today and your help in making today's show a BIG success!


!1ST Annual

Car Show


April 27, 2008

Hosted by: "Classic Thunderbird Club"

2008 Photos


Cooper City
Founders Day
Car Show

Brian Piccolo park

April 26, 2008

Hosted by: "AACA Ft. Lauderdale Region"


!1ST Annual!




April 20, 2008

Hosted by:
"Margate Elks 2463"

"A Russ G Event"

2008 Photos


Weekend Updates and News

Apr 28:  Hello South Florida!  It was quite a busy and eventful weekend with car shows!

Friday Night, starting off the weekend as always, it was a great evening at "Towershoppes Cruise".  Great weather and crowds were the official order of the night.

Saturday, the great weather continued, and we enjoyed a very nice annual show with over 100 cars at the "Cooper City Founder's Day Show", hosted by the 'AACA Ft. Lauderdale Region'.

Sunday, we took a nice drive to South Miami for the "1st Annual Tropical Park Show".  Once again, great weather and over 100+ cars made this a nice show, especially for a first event!  There was a nice showing of cars by our Broward County car guys too.  Thanks to all who came down.

This weekend, Sunday May 4th, we have a new car show at a new location, the "Frank & Patties "Open" Benefit Car Show".  It's a benefit show for the "American Cancer Society".  As you know, cancer has taken the lives of some of our close friends and family, so this is a worthy cause.  Show brought to you by: "Russ G Events".

I will be working on photos from the Margate show, Cooper City, and Tropical Park shows this week.  This is keeping me very busy... 

UPDATE APR 30:  Photos are available for Margate & Cooper City!

Exciting website news is coming, as this website continues to grow!  Stay tuned for this great news which will become available to everyone sometime very soon.  Some of you already know...

Note:  This website may temporarily go down this week or next week for a hosting service upgrades...



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DSC_0363Name: Joe & Mayra Placeres
Location: Hialeah
Vehicle: 1979 Black Corvette
Photo: DSC 0363
Show: Cooper City Founders Day 2008
Date: 04/30/2008

Comments:  Scott once again, you set the beat and rhythm of the day paying close attention to all those details that make it a special day. My wife and I have only started attending these great events for less than a year now and see why so many people keep attending. My wife even asks me "Babe when's the next show" making me feel very fortunate that she likes to participate. Even though we can't always win "Best of Show" The sense of comradery and brotherhood can be felt all day cheering on all those who do win those wonderful awards. I also want to acknowledge the hosts, judges & vendors that put forth so much effort to make every show such a success. I wish more events like these were held in Hialeah so that more people could enjoy and hopefully motivate them to participate in future events as was my case.... Shiny cars, Awesome music, Great food, Super people... What a wonderful place to be!...Keep up the Great Work!
Best regards, Joe & Mayra Placeres

DSC_0703Name: John Sheppard
Location: Pembroke Pines
Vehicle: 94 Mustang GT
Show: Cooper City Founders Day 08
Date: 04/29/2008

Comments:  Scott, Another great show and another fantastic job well done! I look forward to seeing the great new happenings with the website! I would love to see a car show at the Hard Rock. That would be a great place! Any way we could make that happen? I would be more than happy to help! Anyway, beautiful cars and wonderful new friends is what it's all about!   Sincerely, John Sheppard

Name: Dave "Webhead" Weber
Location: Pembroke Pines
Vehicle: '95 'Vette 'Vert & '01 SVT Cobra Mustang 'Vert
Date: 04/28/2008

Comments:  Entered the Cooper City Show this past Saturday. Nice to see Scott the Music Man spinning the tunes, of course he did a superb job. Plenty of cars in attendance, some outstanding beauties that I'd never seen before. All in all it was a fun day to sit in the sun and have a hot dog and a soda. Looking forward to 2009.

Went to the Dania Beach Cruise Night right after the Cooper City Show.  We decided to have a bite to eat at the hot dog stand instead of the restaurant on the pier,(which is overpriced and the service is poor).
To our surprise, the hot dog stand closes at 5:15PM during the winter season.
Excuse me, but a car show night and you close early. We ended up leaving (we were the only 2 cars there at 6:15PM) and went for a bite to eat off of US-1 & Stirling Rd.  We had intended to return, but after eating we decided to just go home.  Maybe the July show will have a better result with the hot dog stand staying open past 5:15PM.
Sorry for complaining, but it was a bust. Thee past shows there had been enjoyable, so eat before you go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DSC_7543Name: Russ Gagliano
Location: Ft. Lauderdale
Vehicle: '51 Merk Kustom
Date: 04/21/2008

Comments:  A personal Thank You ! to all that participated in in my two car shows this past weekend.

Saturday's night cruise at Ocean's 11 saw perfect beach weather and attracted over 50 great cars, some having never been shown in our area before. Special thanks to our car friends from Miami & Hialeah who attended to help raise awareness and financial support for ALS.

Sunday's benefit car show in Margate for the Elks Lodge, to raise money for children's charities, had a total of 107 great cars, coming from Hialeah to the South, and Lantana to the North. It was a perfect (hot) day.. and a great time was had by all. A very special Thank You ! to Scott and his music for 2 great shows !!!!!

On Sunday May 4th, I will be holding a benefit car show at Frank & Patties Restaurant in Sunrise, Florida for Cancer. I passionately invite all of you to attend and support this terrible illness that has affected our families and friends. Please check Scott's website for show information.  Thank you again !!! Russ G

Name: Jason Dennis (Jay)
Location: Delray Beach
Vehicle: 1934 Ford Phaeton
Date: 04/22/2008

Comments:  I apologize! I really didn’t mean it! As many may know I do like to experience the 402 horses under the hood of my 1934 Ford Phaeton (that is why I buy the cheep tires). At the same time I do know that, while leaving a show, it is “definitely” NOT the time to burn rubber. I do know that it shows irreverence to the promoters, sponsors and property owners involved. Not to say, that usually there is police at most of the shows in attendance or for control purposes. That said: I must admit, that while leaving the Elks show at the Chevy Chase center in Margate last Sunday, I left half my tire melted and laying on the exit to the parking lot. Again I genuinely apologize; I meant no harm or disrespect towards anyone. I love attending these shows and wouldn’t intentionally do anything to jeopardize that in any manner.

My defense; When building my car they kinda had a “oh crap” moment. They install the brake pedal then installed the accelerator against the tranny tunnel and had plenty of room for both until they went to install the steering column. That is when they said “OH CRAP, THE BRAKE PEDAL IS WHERE THE COLUMN SHOULD GO THROUGH THE FLOOR”! So in their infinite wisdom they surmised that they would cut off the pedal and weld it offset of the actuator shaft going to the brake cylinder. This solution seemed plausible until it was done and was flabbergasted to find that you literally had to wedge your foot between the brake pedal shaft and tunnel. I have dealt with this for years and had adjusted to it.

At least I thought I had adjusted to it, because as I left the show Sunday I unthinkingly had my foot to high on the accelerator and I unknowingly wedged my fat foot between and when I pulled back my foot literally came out of my Boat Docker’s slip on shoe, and with the added factor of turning, allowing the tires to break friction and I left a strip on the road as well as leaving a strip in my shorts. Luckily, I managed to kick the shoe off the pedal before customizing the rear of a red 66ish Mustang that was ahead of me.

Again I profoundly apologize to Russ, Scott, The Elks, the people of Chevy Chase center, along with everyone else involved at the car show.

Jay, your "defense" gave me a good chuckle...but I believe you!  I've actually been in your shoes (no pun intended) I can relate!  An unknown broken motor mount once left me spinning circles in the middle of an intersection.  Knowing you are an honest car guy, and in no way would jeopardize any show (intentionally) are (at least as far as I am concerned) forgiven!  It was a pretty decent burnout!  Thanks for "owning up" to what happened...I'm glad you didn't have to explain that one to the cops!  LOL!

Name: "Webhead" Dave Weber
Location: Pembroke Pines
Vehicle: '95 Vette 'vert & '01 SVT Mustang Cobra 'vert
Date: 04/23/2008

Comments:  Reading Jay's e-mail got me to remember when I was going to back my daughters T-bird out of the driveway. I had back surgery and my right foot wasn't working too well, so I got in the car, put it in reverse and proceeded to spin the tires the entire 70 foot length of my driveway, out into the street and almost hit my neighbors truck in his driveway. I never realized that my foot was on the gas until the ride was done. It was sure scarey at the time, but we all had a good laugh, and still do even to this day. The hard part was getting those 2 thick black tire marks off of the concrete driveway. Thanks for bringing back some funny moments.



Saturday Night
Beach Cruise!

April 19, 2008


"A Russ G Event"

It was a "perfect" night
with a full lot of cars!

Photos and next show
date coming soon..


- Cruisin South Florida -


Car & Truck Show

Hosted by: "Jumpin' Jack productions"

Pembroke Pines

April 13, 2008

2008 Photos




Name: John Sheppard
Location: Pembroke Pines
Vehicle: 94 Mustang GT
Date: 04/18/2008

Comments:  Hi Scott, I wanted to let you know that you are indeed doing a fantastic thing with this website and your never ending support of the automobile enthusiasts. I realize it must consume quite a bit of your time and thank you for doing so. I am new to to the car show scene and without this site I would not even know where to begin. It has helped me tremendously and I look forward to viewing it regularly. If you ever need any help, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, John Sheppard

Thanks John!

Name: Sal and Pirjo Perna
Location: Boynton Beach
Vehicle: 87 Chevy El Camino
Photo: Maroone Chevrolet of Pembroke Pines
Date: 04/16/2008

Comments:  Hello Scott, I want to thank you for not only the great show last Sunday, but also for playing "409" for me. I really needed a Beach Boys "fix", and it hit the spot. I'm checking out your site for the first time, its real cool, and has lots of info on up comming shows and events, and the big surprize is that it is current. No more chasing those shows that are no longer running. Looks like I will be making some road trips, see you on one soon, Sal and Pirjo Perna

Thanks for the kind words...I'm glad you "found" us!  See you at the next show...

Name: Scott Argow
Location: Maroone Pembroke Pines
Vehicle: 1993 Corvette Convertible
Date: 04/15/2008

Comments:  Scott, great show good giveaways we loved the hot dogs and beverages that were supplied all day. My family had a great time and it was nice to see old friends and make some new ones. Next time how about more classes in order to keep from the same people winning. I don't know how you can put an 1984-2008 Corvette in only 2 classes, how about by generation. Again great job, see you on Friday's and at the ocean's 11 show.

Name: Dave "Webhead" Weber
Location: Pembroke Pines
Vehicle: 2001 SVT Mustang Cobra vert
Date: 04/15/2008

Comments:  The Maroone Auto & Truck Show Crew; Another great show! Jack and crew ran a smooth, flawless, and enjoyable show, AGAIN. Scott was the funniest I've ever heard him be. The music selection is some of the best anywhere. FREE HOT DOGS & SODA all day long. Top that one!! Maroone Auto Plaza was a perfect host, no pressure or anything. Looking forward to the next show.

Name: steve padovano
Location: leominster, ma.
Date: 04/15/2008

Comments:  my cousin, bill julian, the vice mayor of hallendale beach, e-mailed your site to me. it is one of the best and largest car sites i've seen to date and i just wanted to congratulate you on it. i'm also the president of the MID-STATE ANTIQUE AUTO CLUB in leominster/fitchburg mass. i am the proud owner of a 1970 cougar eliminator with a 428 cobra jet !! keep up the good work !!!

Thanks Steve for the nice compliments!  I'm always surprised...I love hearing from you guys "out of state"!

Date: 04/15/2008

Comments:  GREAT SHOW

DSC_9017Name: Albert
Location: Pembroke Pines
Vehicle: "65" Chevy El camino
Share: Yes
Date: 04/14/2008

Comments:  Hi Scott We had a great time yesterday at the maroone chevy show, as always you did an "OUTSTANDING" job. I would like to hear maybe a little bit more 80's rock if I may suggest. The music format you used at "Cheetah's Show" was definetly down my avenue.... Thanks for everything you do in this great hobbie that we all share.... Albert


Hooters bikini contest!

Over 30 beautiful girls competed in Wednesday night's BIG event!

(2006 photos below - new photos coming soon)




HELLO  South  Florida!

April 6:  It started as a stormy and rainy Sunday morning here in South Florida.

I don't have too much to say...  No changes have been made to the website this week, as I have been extremely busy with my "real" job.

Friday night was a good night at Towershoppes.  "DJ Dee" (photo right) filled in for me there (and did a very nice job), as I had another gig providing sound for a major national level corporate gig on South Beach in Miami.  I was able to get back in time to see what a good night it was at Towers.

If the weather is good...we will try to make it to Zo's Cruise tonight for a good night.  I will post updates if needed...

I have finally started working on the "Cheetah Show" photos...they should be up sometime this coming week.

If you enjoyed the "classic rock" format I played at the "Cheetah Show"...I want you to did I!  In fact, this is the music I always play outdoors at HOOTERS for bike night on Wednesday nights.   This Wednesday night at 7pm...we will be hosting our 6th Annual outdoor bikini contest.  The stage is setup outside right on the corner of Pines Blvd and University Dr.  Although close parking is reserved for bikes only...outer parking is available for spectators...who are welcome to attend.  Bring lawn chairs if you like.

This Saturday I will be providing large format outdoor sound for the City of Oakland Park's Youth Day.  There are rides and activities for kids all day, with "live" entertainment at the end of the day.  All kids are invited...and admission is free.  It goes from noon till 9pm, with fireworks as the finale.  Event Setup

"Maroone Auto Annual Classic Car & Truck Show"  is this Sunday, April 13, in Pembroke Pines. This is always a good show...brought to you by "Jumpin Jack Productions".

Have a great week!  -Scott





Minnesota hot rod!


- Cruisin South Florida -

(run mouse over photo below after webpage completely loads)

!6th Annual!


Spring Fling

Car & Truck Show


March 30, 2008

2008 Photos






Location: HIALEAH, FL.
Vehicle: 1949 PACKARD
Date: 04/02/2008





Posting photos to this website

If you were ever curious . . . this is a general description of the steps taken to post typical car show photos to this website:

  • Stage 1:  Transfer photos from camera card to computer, batch process first level photo pre-processing. This processing stage is performed automatically on the entire show's file by computerized preset templates that  have already been pre-tweaked and pre-designed.  A powerful computer processor is required for this first step.   (approx time: 1hr)

  • Stage 2:  Post initial processing, photo selection, cropping, editing, fixing, and straightening photos.  This is where I scroll through and view every photo and choose the keepers . . . and reject the losers.  If a photo is good, but needs further cropping, enhancing, or straightening, it is opened and fixed in photo editing software.  This manual stage is the most time consuming, and usually takes at least a few hours minimum or more to go through and select or edit an entire file of several hundred photos.  (aprox time: 2-4 hours)

  • Stage 3:  Second level processing, watermarking, sharpening, 3 levels of resizing, finalize.  This is where it starts to happen.  The chosen photos are automatically level 2 enhanced and processed, resized, watermarked, and finalized.  Once again, computer software templates have already been tweaked and pre-designed for specific results.  (aprox time: 15-30 minutes)

  • Stage 4:  Create web pages and links from finalized photos.  Thumbnail menu pages are created here by templates that have been personally designed or modified.  This automation is performed by part software, and part manual operation.  (aprox time: 1hr)

  • Stage 5:  Upload final photos and created webpages to web site, create final links.  Uploading is automatic, but final links and menus still have to be manually created on website.  (aprox time: 1hr)

DJ PicWell, this is how I present and post photos, without going into too much technical detail.   Most of this stuff I had to figure out and learn on my own.  Overall, it takes about as much time, if not more... to select, process, create, and upload it all, as it did to take the photos during the show.  Usually, once I can complete Stage #2... the rest normally happens pretty quickly.  Unfortunately, I am not always able to post the photos as soon as I would like to, as I have to juggle my full-time day job, weekend jobs, rest and relaxation time, and personal life,  with my hobby.  Sometimes, after a very busy weekend, I just need a little time off.   I enjoy sharing, and the nice compliments are always appreciated when offered.   -Scott

Note:  If you haven't already heard, the "Cheetah Show" was a BLAST!  I received a lot of positive response during the show regarding the change of music format...and hope that everyone else who attended enjoyed the later classic rock music format as well.  The format seemed to "feel" right for the show.  The "Cheetah Show" photos will probably be available by sometime later this week, or weekend . . . at the earliest.


(click photo below)

This photo courtesy of Roger


- Web News - 2008 Car Shows & Photos -


(run mouse over photos below after page completely loads)

St. Patrick's


MARCH 16, 2008
Hosted by:

2008 Photos

(run mouse over photo below after page completely loads)

"St. Patrick's Day"








2008 Photos



Miami Lakes

FREE Event!  Oldies music,
   stores and restaurants!

*  Dash Plaques to 1st 100

*  Live:  "Coney Island Baby"

*  Music by: DJ “Scott the

March 15, 2008

It was an incredible night with over 160+ show cars and huge spectator crowds. This is always a "popular" cruise night event!

2008 Photos


(run mouse over photos below after page completely loads)


Motorsports Park



It was an awesome weekend with great weather, crowds, and lots of incredible show cars! 

2008 Photos



Motorsports Park




Despite the rapidly dropping temperatures, these three... and other lovely ladies, came out and 'heated' up the night to a cheering crowd of spectators!

< Here is a "close-up" shot from my "backstage" location...




Name: racer
Location: west palm beach
Vehicle: chevy
Photo: the girl with checker bikini
Photo2: bikini contest
Date: 03/17/2008

Comments:  Hi scott, i would love to see some pictures of the girl with the checker bikini, that girl was lookin so fine as f!@! thanks

Dear "Mr Racer":  I am sorry to say...I was unable to get any "quality" shots of "the girl in the checker bikini", or any quality shots from most of the show, from my location behind the stage.  This was my best shot of your "checker bikini" girl (on left). 

As you can see... many in the crowd had a pretty good spot... (photo right)  >





'University Dodge'

Hosted by:
Florida Mopar Connection

MARCH 2, 2008

2008 Photos


If 2 out of 5 people "suffer" from diarrhea, does that mean the other 3 out of 5 "enjoy" it?


New Photos!

In The


Hosted by:
AACA FTL. Region

MARCH 1, 2008

2008 Photos


Common car show rules and guidelines for everyone!

Posted 2/3/2008:  It bothers me to have to write this, but I think most would agree it needs to be said. It appears lately, that a lack of respect and not knowing the rules and expectations at a car show have become more and more of an issue recently.  It seems often that the actions of one, or a few, can really put a damper on everyone else's car show experience and fun.  Typically, these issues are not usually done intentionally, but are more often the result of a lack of knowledge and understanding.

I will attempt to list the basic understood rules and expectations of the typical classic car shows:

1.  NO STEREOS!  They may be encouraged at the "import shows" and "late-model shows", but they are not allowed at most "classic car" shows. This is usually one of the biggest pet peeves of myself and many of the car show guys.  The host of the show has usually paid good money to hire a DJ who will play theme music for the entire show, and doesn't need some fool doing his own thing, disturbing and annoying everyone around him.  The type of music played is determined by the hosts, since it is their event.  Classic car shows, including most of the open shows, will typically feature 50's-60's-70's oldies and "classic rock"...and sometimes a little country, pop, and blues as well. This is the most popular and widely accepted format for general audiences.  "Competing" music (of any type) is not only inconsiderate, it is also not allowed.  If you don't like the music that is being played, then don't come to the show, and find the type of show that suits you.

One more recommendation on the flip side: if you don't like event music loud, don't park in front of the DJ speakers and then complain about it.  This should be a "no brainer".  The sound has to cover the entire event, and will be loud if you park up close.  You can move if it's a problem.

2) NO ALARMS!  This is just plain RUDE and inconsiderate, and totally unnecessary!  Your car is on display at an organized car show!  If you have valuables and need to lock your car, then that should be adequate.  Music from the DJ and noise from the show will set off shock sensors, causing the alarm to sound repeatedly...annoying everyone around!  I'm sure (let's just say hypothetically) "John", did not intentionally mean to disrupt the show and completely annoy everyone around him... but when he set his alarm at the show, we all got to "enjoy" his alarm and car horns going off continuously for hours.  NO ALARMS AT CAR SHOWS...PERIOD!!!

3) NO AIR HORNS!  This is beyond RUDE, and is dangerous, and can be damaging to someone's hearing.  Air horns are only fun for the person blowing them, and may have their place, but not at a car show!

4) DO NOT TOUCH!  I'm not even sure where to start on this one!  Do not touch, lean on, or EVER get in someone's car at a show!  EVER!  Unlike a dealership where you are encouraged to touch and sit in cars, these cars are "personally owned" and are on display for show only!  This applies to ALL cars in the show, regardless of never lean on or touch someone else's car...PERIOD!!

5) NO THROWING OBJECTS AROUND CARS!  This one always amazes me!  This includes footballs, softballs, Frisbee's, toys, sticks, stones, or anything else you can think of.  These objects can fly or bounce out of control and damage a very expensive car body or paint job.  Do I really need to explain this one??  Parents... teach your kids not to touch or play around the cars.  Please watch your kids around these show cars as the children have a natural tendency to "play"...and don't know better... but you do!

6. NO BICYCLES, SCOOTERS, OR SKATEBOARDS!  This one really only applies in the car show area, but I have personally witnessed too many "close calls".  NEVER ride a bike or other personal transportation between cars... PERIOD!  Your mistake can result in some very expensive damage. These classic cars are quite valuable and irreplaceable, so why should anyone have to worry about an idiot on a bike riding next to their car.  Some responsible adults do bring their bikes... but know where, and where not to ride don't.  Watch the strollers around the cars too!

7) DOGS!  Be aware that dogs may be allowed at some shows, and not others.  These are "car shows", and NOT "dog shows".  If you must bring your dog to the show, then you are responsible for it!  Be aware if your dog bites someone, you can be sued.  If you dog craps in the grass in the show area where people are walking... then PLEASE, CLEAN IT UP!  Do I really have to spell it out?? 

Just a side note of information regarding dogs at Towershoppes Friday Night cruise...dogs are NOT allowed any more.  This came as an unfortunate result of some irresponsible dog owners with regards to everything I just mentioned above.  This rule has been allowed to be bent slightly though... only for small dogs that are carried. 

8) KIDS:  (same rules as above)  You are responsible for your kids.  Please keep an eye on them at the shows, and keep them off the cars.

9) PARKING:  This one is pretty minor... please park your car in line with everyone else's.  You may think your car is better than everyone else's and may feel a need to pull it out farther, but be considerate and line up with the rest.  The Mustang and Corvette guys usually do the best job at lining them up.

10) LITTER:  It is inconsiderate to expect that someone else should pick up trash that you have left behind!  If we want to keep coming back, we have to leave the area clean like we found it. Please take your trash with you, or throw it away properly!  Don't be a slob!  Everyone help out and do your part.

11) SUPPORT:  Please support the dealerships, restaurants, vendors, clubs, and anyone else connected to the show.  This one is pretty simple...they support us...we support them.  If the show is at a restaurant, then order something!  Don't brag about getting into the show for's makes you look cheap. Don't complain about the fees...if the show isn't worth the cover charge to you...then don't come.  Just a side note: vendors have to pay a fees to be at the shows, and count on your support, just like the show counts on their support to help fund the event.  If car shows and cruise nights have any value to you, then show your gratitude and help support it.

12) BURNING RUBBER:  No one loves "burning rubber" (and lot's of it) more than me!  I still have my last set of totally destroyed Mickey Thompson's with big chunks of rubber hanging off of them.  A supercharged big block line-locked in 3rd gear at about 150mph has little mercy!  But there is a right place, and a wrong place to do it.  There might even be a right time at a wrong place to do it, but there is definitely a wrong time and a wrong place to do it, and that would be at the finish of a classic car show.  Your inappropriate actions could jeopardize a repeat show, and could be mis-interpreted as disrespect to the host of the show. Don't burn rubber on your own street, and don't do it at a car show. We can all burn rubber... but the car show is not the place to do it. You won't be impressing anyone, other than making yourself look bad.

13) TROPHY PRESENTATION: It is rude and inconsiderate to leave during the trophy presentation.  If you receive a trophy early, then you should politely wait until everyone else has received theirs too.  It's common courtesy... enough said.

DJ PicThese are some of the things that come mind off the top of my head.  If you can think of anything that I may have missed... please send your suggestion in to comments and I'll add it to the list.  These are not my rules... but rather "unwritten and understood rules" at most shows, guidelines, and suggestions on how we can all get along together as a group at a show.  Basically, just be "respectful" of the rest of the folks around you at a show and the rest should all fall into place.  Can I get an amen??

Thank you all...and see you at the next show!!  -Scott

Comments & Feedback welcome!
* Responses sent in...

i concur. ive felt this way for years as most car folks do. i think this should be printed so the NON car people can pick up a copy at towers !!! these are the dog walking, kid rock & stick throwing, skate & bike riding bunch.the baby stroller thing between cars can be hair raising as well, momma got the purse, diaper bag. and a bunch of jewlery swinging around. regards paul

Scott, You are right on the money in your etiquette comments, but I'm sure you already know that. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Dan


on your car show etiquette & respect editorial, I like to add my biggest complaint ( saving spaces ) how rude, first come first served... (comments edited) ...Tents should be a no no near cars.






FEB. 24, 2008

2008 Photos





Boca Raton

Feb 17, 2008

 hosted by:
"Gold Coast
car club"

2008 Photos



UPDATE 2/25:  I FOUND MY CAR!! I was driving down Federal Highway about a mile from my house and saw it..."she" is back home in my garage and Lojack is on the way. Thank you so much for posting the info on your website. I really appreciate it!!

It was parked at a church parking lot and according to a guy who lives nearby it has been there for about two weeks (right after the robbery) the conv top had been cut but all else was okay. I am so lucky...I did not acknowledge until I saw it yesterday how upset I was about the theft...I could not stop crying when I found my car...guess after 22 years it is like a family member...I was freaked out when I saw it as I was driving and all I could do was yell "MY CAR"   MY CAR"!! They did not catch them but the police know of someone who breaks into homes and also takes the cars so they are looking for him...I am unsure how they started it as it was not hotwired they did not have the keys and the steering column/ign switch is untouched. The cops said maybe some type of universal key? I have learned a lot about cars the last two weeks that I did not know hee hee.
AGAIN, I cannot thank you enough. Going out that Fri nite and meeting you and all the nice people who listed to my tale of helped. If I can return the favor and support one of your events somehow, pls let me know. I will stop by some night with my car and say hi...course it is no where near the condition of the cars you usually show but perhaps someday when I can afford it...

I have owned it 22 years. It was stolen Mon Feb 10th from my gargage in Hollywood. They hotwired it and drove off...It is green with a white top and black interior...special features...torn front seat, torn convertible top (driver's side rear) and the trunk is original with the words "Oldmobile" and the name of the original dealer "Royal" on the left side. Mileage is about $108M. Any help you can give would be much appreciated..thank you!!  I am offering a handsome REWARD!  Any info contact:


(stare closely at the black spots to make it stop moving)


Ft. Lauderdale



Las olas blvd

auto Show

Feb 3, 2008

"A Russ G Event"

2008 Photos


Ft. Lauderdale



"Bubier park"

auto Show

Feb 3, 2008

"A Russ G Event"

2008 Photos


Coral Gables

d' Elegance

Miracle Mile

Car  Show

 hosted by:
"classic thunderbird
club of Florida"

Jan. 27, 2008

2008 Photos


 1st annual

Meet Me at



Car  Show

"Olympic heights
High School"

Jan. 26, 2008

A "Russ G Event"

2008 Photos


 25th AnnIVERARY  


Car  Show

 hosted by:
"America's corvette club"

Jan. 19, 2008

2008 Photos


 Reflections in Glass XXV


It was a great show Saturday as the "America's Corvette Club" celebrated their 25th Anniversary Event in Boca, along with hundreds of their coolest friends from all over Florida.  A new record may have been broken as the 50/50 girls (a few of the hard workers pictured left) collected over $2100!  Incredible! The winner was quite delighted!  A great day was had by all, thanks to the efforts of all involved.  Watch for this show again next year Jan 17, 2009!

The bad news is an unfortunate technical glitch caused many of the photos taken that day to be lost due to "data corruption".  A lot of GREAT photos were lost forever.  Many of the photos that did survive will be posted very soon.


 2nd Annual


Car & Truck Show"

Community center

"Jumpin Jack Productions"

Jan. 20, 2008

2008 Photos




468 Cu. In. Chevy Big Block
1964 Pro-Street Corvette!

This awesome pro-street Vette was discovered & sold on this website!  It was picked up & taken to it's new home in New Hampshire!


Bass Pro



Nov 3, 2007


 2nd Annual



JAN 13, 2007

Hosted by:
"Renegade Corvette Club'

Despite some minor on and off rain today, over 100+ cars came out to enjoy the show. A nice job by the Renegade Corvette Club, Jumpin Jack, and the volunteers.

2008 Photos






"A Russ G Event"

2007 Photos








2008 Photos


 S.A.B.A. Annual

"Holiday On The Avenue"

Ft. Lauderdale

December 1, 2007

Hosted by:  Russ Gagliano

2007 Photos!



 2nd Annual

Car Show


December 2, 2007

Hosted by:  'Festival Flea Market'
'DB Entertainment' & Russ Gagliano


Once again...

AMBER ALERT!  Sunday, while attending the 2007 Toy Run Event, "Soupy", better known as "Soupy" (barely visible in this photo) was abducted again, by a  gang of Santa's "naughty helpers"!  This is the last known photo sighting of Soupy.  The "smile" on his face was clearly forced with tooth picks and scotch tape, and it is suspected he is being "tortured".  Anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts, please inform authorities so he can be returned to his "semi-normal" life.  More photos coming soon...

A couple "highlights" from the show!  Note "bodypaint" girl photo & the 2 guys (Russ G. & Russ Jr) in background!  Photos by: Soupy!


"2007 19th Annual Pompano Lincoln Mercury Show"
Photo submitted by:  Mike Fabian


Mega-event brought to you by:  Dick Barton 'DB Entertainment' & Show Coordinator Russ Gagliano


 2nd annual


Dec 2, 2007

South Florida's Largest!


DSC_9576It was an incredible show Sunday for the "2nd Annual Festival Holiday Show"!  Well over 600+ show cars and trucks, classics, hot rods, antiques, and specialty vehicles continues to make this the largest car show in South Florida.  The weather was perfect!  Their were thousand of folks and spectators out enjoying this beautiful day with us.  We enjoyed an awesome live performance by #1 R&B Billboard Chart entertainer Rachel Brown, who stopped by in the afternoon.  We enjoyed a big vendor area, as well as free food, drinks, and other freebies!  TV Channel 2 was on hand to video the event. Over 100+ trophies and over $2000 in cash awards were handed out.  It was an amazing event!  Hats off to all the workers, our vendors, our car folks, our promoter Dick Barton of 'DB Entertainment', our show coordinator Russ Gagliano, all of our great sponsors, our entertainment, and of course the "Festival Flea Market" for hosting this show.  Look for the 2008 spring show on April 20th!  Photos of the event will be coming soon...

Saturday show brought to you by:  SABA & Show Coordinator Russ Gagliano


 6TH  annual

Holiday Show
on the avenue

Dec 1, 2007
Ft. Lauderdale

2007 Photos

What a GREAT show it was on the Avenue with roughly 150 of South Florida's nicest cars! Perfect weather topped off today's show.


  2007 Car Show Photos Pending:  

  • "Lou Torres Memorial Show"  Available

  • "Crabby Jack's' Sunday Night Cruise"  (pending)

  • "Ocean's Eleven' Cruise Night"  Available

  • "City of Doral' Car & Truck Show"  Available

  • "Moroso' Ford Power Fest"  (pending)

  • "City of Miramar' Cruise & Movie Night"  (pending)

  • "Pines Pontiac' Halloween Show"  Available

  • "Downtowner' Benefit & Halloween Show"  Available

  • "Bass Pro Shops Show  Available

  • "Mardi Gras Casino Car Show"  (pending)

  • "SABA Holiday on the Avenue Car Show" Available

  • "2nd Annual Festival Holiday Show" Available



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Welcome to South Florida's     Hottest Classic Car Show Site . . . ""!

DJ PicWelcome to South Florida's hottest "classic" car show web site! While this site has been online for a short time now, over 3 year's worth of photo's have been posted so far.  You should find the "Events" listings to be the most thorough and informative anywhere, with downloadable & printable fliers & maps as well.  Comments & suggestions are always welcome, as this site continues to grow & only get better.  When it comes to cruisin South Florida car shows, I hope you find this site to be both informative & fun.

You should also find the photo's coverage to be the most thorough & up to date in South Florida.  Viewing "Photos" typically requires a DSL connection, as photos are displayed at higher than average web-quality.

Oldies DJ "Scott The Music Man"    

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No flash, just substance!  Other cool ideas are in the works too.  Bookmark this site, tell your friends, and when you see me come by with my camera, stop me for a picture!  Drop a comment in the guest book too. Welcome Banner

If you need a Mobile DJ or sound system services for your next show, I specialize in outdoor events large or small, everything from "classic car" & "bike" shows, to private & corporate parties & events, & city events (any size) as well.  Computerized & "pro sound" equipment with remote sound capabilities, wireless microphones & available power to over 10,000 watts.  Music for any occasion, classic & oldies rock, country, blues & pop, 1940's to today!  Check out event system here >  Event Setup

Email me for information & availability at:

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