"Festival 2nd Annual Spring Show!" 

by DJ "Scott The Music Man"

May 19:  What an absolutely INCREDIBLE show it was Sunday!!!  It was a day of breaking all records!  In addition to breaking temperature records of 96 degrees, by 10:30am we also surpassed last years all time record of cars, as they just kept rolling in!  At last count, I heard well over 700+ show cars in attendance!  Car folks and spectators came out in record numbers to make this the most incredible event and undisputed largest car show in South Florida!

Unfortunately, a show of this immense magnitude does not always go off without it growing pains.  The sheer overwhelming numbers of show cars presented some unforeseen problems.  As you can imagine, parking this many cars and trying to keep everyone happy is a daunting task.  Over 400 cars pre-registered which was incredible, and extremely helpful too...but an additional 300 more unregistered cars still rolled through the gate.  Parking spaces were pre-assigned to the pre-registered show cars, with extra consideration for clubs that wished to park together as well.  Then to complicate matters, cars would be judged by class when they were not parked by class, adding a degree of difficulty which would be managed.  As far as I understand what happened, the unforeseen problem came when many of the cars decided to just park wherever they felt like. With the overwhelming number of cars that kept coming in, there was little that could be done...so it was allowed. Well, you can imagine that with over 700 cars parking everywhere, judges had an impossible task of trying to find cars to be judged by classes, when they were scattered over 1/4 mile of parking!

It was not known the scope of the problems with regard to judging, as information kept coming in non-stop...even after the awards presentation had begun.

As stated...this show broke all records!!  A typical South Florida show draws about 100 cars...a really good show draws maybe 150 cars, and a typical big show usually draws about 200 cars.  To my knowledge, no one has ever had a South Florida car show draw over 700 cars in a single afternoon parking lot show!

Our show promoters Dick Barton and show coordinator Russ Gagliano are BOTH dedicated car guys!  They both drive classic cars, attend shows, and are part of our South Florida car show family.  Despite the great weather and dedicated support for the show, and despite the incredible amount of work put into this show, and the fact these guys were up well past midnight and at the show by 5am, problems still happened. 

In all my years of doing and attending shows, I have never seen an awards presentation stopped before all the awards were handed out.  I never saw a bigger look of disappointment and defeat like I saw in the faces of Dick and Russ, who poured their hearts and lives into this show.  But please know that the unprecedented decision to halt the awards presentation was made as a final attempt to make the show as fair as possible for everyone! 

Some folks were understanding, and some were not.DSC_9576

I know that many thanks go out to the guys who stepped in to help where a tremendous last minute effort was made to locate misplaced cars that had not been judged yet.  In the end though...it would still be not enough.

I speak for these guys, as I know EVERY attempt to resolve this is being done at this time!  I know these guys... please be patient and understanding! At this point they can't undo what happened and make it perfect, but they will make it right!  If you need to contact them, they can be reached by email... 
Dick Barton:  bandsouth@bellsouth.net or Russ Gagliano: merklvr@msn.com

These shows are about having fun, and enjoying our wonderful hobby with our friends!  Thanks again to all who came out, for you support, and for making the "Festival Show" the biggest and best event in South Florida! 

Look for our next show event on Dec 7, 2008!   -Scott


-Reply Comments-

Name: Ralph Kroehle
Location: Fort Lauderdale
Vehicle: 1965 Shelby Cobra
Email: ralph@gtmcdonald.com
Date: 05/20/2008

Comments: Dick, Russ and Scott, Just a quick note to let you know what a great time the show was once again. The pre-registration was a great idea and the thought was obvious to organize the clubs and classes toward making everyone happy. It was an effort toward some degree of ease in judging and concluding in a timely fashion. We pre-registered and had a spot assigned but upon arrival were told that it had been taken. We didn't think much of it until it became obvious that the judging was going to be a major undertaking for the sheer numbers of cars. I couldn't believe the total outrage that resulted! For anyone to get that worked up over a parking space or, much less a trophy is ludicrous. Don't get me wrong as I take great pride in my car but, it's a hobby! Like most of us, I enjoy showing the car off but, I'm not going to lose my sanity over such triviality. I have enough of a temper that I usually expel (as all 12 year olds do) in my work and generally won't in my leisure. I enjoy the people we meet, the music, the cars, trucks and bikes (although, not especially the heat) at all the shows and hope to continue till some nut shoots me for a parking space (or trophy). Again, we had a great time and this brief posting is to let you know that we deeply appreciate the effort towards improving the show and hopefully, the next show will be an even greater success on the hope that all will honor the "honor system". Many Thanks and Best Regards, Ralph Kroehle


Name: Sal DeBellis
Vehicle: 1966 Nova SS
Email: sdebellis@bellsouth.net
Date: 05/20/2008

Comments:  Hello Scott, Just want to say I had a great time at the Festval show! As I write this I speak for myself, but others may feel the same way I do.It is a great achievement on Russ's end to pull off and organize such a large car show, his intentions are so that everybody there has a good time,and most of us did do that. I believe that if you go to these shows just to win a trophy you will be disapointed,first of all you arrive in YOUR trophy and you leave in YOUR trophy! If everybody got a trophy someone would complain about something else! Look Man just go to the show and have fun! Maybe Russ should stop giving out trophys and just give everybody a plaque or something for being in such a large show. I think the look on the faces of the people walking by your car and stopping to say WOW! is better than any trophy! As I see it, all the cars have the best paint.. the best engines..the best interior and so forth. Everybody needs to lighten up and have some DAM fun! Life is to short! Lets all be thankfull for what we have, not what we dont have! Sal

Name: Alicia,Robert,Chris
Location: Deerfield,Bch
Vehicle: 70 Donohue
Email: bubbasun@bellsouth.net
Date: 05/20/2008

Comments:  Just a follow up. Will there be any posts or somewhere to look to see what cars won awards?? Just like to see how everyone did. Thank You

I will try to get that information posted for everyone...  -Scott

5/21  Russ, Just a few words, THANK YOU, without you, these great shows would not be possible. Keep up the great work for all of us.  Gerry Verrillo, #70, 1966 Corvette.

5/21  Russ,  That was one great show. In spite of the problems with the parking and the judging, the members of the South Florida Volkswagen Club think that you and Dick did an outstanding job. To many who have not put on a car show, it is easy to sit back and criticize. I can only imagine the coordination nightmare that 700 cars (and 700 different egos and temperaments) can create. The fact that as much of the judging was completed is a testament to you and Dick and all the other people behind the scenes. Having put on an all Volkswagen show in April (only 100 cars), I can only imagine the problems that are created with 700.

I for one, can not wait for the December show. If the registration forms were out tomorrow you would have my check on Wednesday. Keep up the great work.

Mike Rose
Vice President
South Florida Volkswagen Club
(1968 Volkswagen Beetle)

5/21  Russ,  Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed the day as I know you put an awful lot of effort into trying to organize what couldn’t be. We were pre-registered for a specific spot that was taken when we arrived but I really didn’t think much of it until I saw the magnitude of the judging task.

We stopped by to deliver our thanks after the show while driving out (blue Shelby Cobra) but it was pretty obvious that you weren’t very happy. I just wanted to let you know that we appreciated yours, Dick’s and Scott’s efforts, we had a great time and enjoyed the always present comradeship that your shows always offer.

Thanks again and our best regards,

Ralph Kroehle, V.P. Const. Services
GT Construction & Development, Inc.

Name: Dave Weber (webhead)
Location: Pembroke Pines
Vehicle: '95 'Vette 'vert & '01 SVT Mustang Cobra 'vert
Email: dwblindref@bellsouth.net
Date: 05/21/2008

Comments:  I know this may have been tried before, but maybe it is time to try it again - especially at the larger shows...(comments edited)...specific show judging suggestions forwarded to Russ G

Thanks for the great suggestions Dave...which have been sent along to Russ G and Dick Barton.  I can assure you that they are already working on a solution...

DSC_0775Name: LARRY
Location: "Festival - Show
Vehicle: Monte Carlo SS "AERO"
Email: Lvolds@aol.com
Date: 05/21/2008

Comments:  Hi Scott, let me start of saying the “Music-Man” came through again at the Festival-Show … you really can spin them songs man. Scott I just read your comments on the festival show and I’m 100% with you it was absolutely a INCREDIBLE show. I hung out all day with the “Just-Us” car club we had a blast. The canopies were set up generator to power the fans, cold drinks, folding chairs and great company. JR and wife schooled me on antique cars, Anthony was educating my on models and years of classics, Big AL with those special cold drinks…. in his trunk, Gino, Mercy, Evelyn, Jr & wife, John hard - @__ Hardisson and I walk around harassing everyone we knew and tried to see all 700+ cars but don’t think we got to them all. In all it was good times I don’t want to get into the judging or car parking because it’s obvious 700+ cars is no easy task. Dick and Russ were outstanding from my point of view 700+ classic cars wow. That’s my 2 cents my thanks to all I shared the day with you know who you are and Russ, Dick and Scott thank you…see you next show!


"Now that the smoke has cleared"
by Russ G.


A heartfelt thanks from Dick B and myself to all that attended the record breaking Festival Car Show in the record breaking heat. There were well over 750+ cars, including many that decided to enter through the rear entrance behind the mall, to bypass the registration fee. Once the word was out.... it was a free for all. Nice guys huh !!

Because of the many complaints of parking and judging from last year's show (610+ cars), we decided this year to assign parking spaces (Dick B and myself worked till Midnight the night before chalking every space in the lot) and go to a point type judging system to make it fair for all cars entered.

The problem began in the early AM when cars decided to park in spaces other than the ones they were assigned to (either to park under that one tree for shade, or to park with their friends, or another club. By late morning as hundreds of cars came in........you can imagine the tempers flaring when their assigned spot was taken. I tried with much difficulty to calm the situation.....but in the end....it was impossible.

Because of this, the judges had much difficulty finding all the cars in a particular class to judge because they were scattered all over. The outcome.....late trophy presentation with not all cars receiving their awards.

Since the show, (matter of fact that same evening), I have been receiving "hate mail" via the net, phone messages left on my machine with vulgar language, threats, and even one person wanting to boycott all my shows.

It cost over $50,000.00 to produce the show with a registration fee of only $20.00 where everyone received: Breakfast-Value $5.00, Hat-Value $10.00, T-Shirt-Value $10.00, Food Voucher-Value $10.00, Festival Dollars-$25.00.... Totaling $60.00 value, and winners received over 100 quality trophies and over $2000 back in cash awards!   Music-Cars-Friendship... Priceless !!!!!!

My Dear Friends.. join me for one movement, close your eyes....and just imagine if.....there were NO MORE CAR SHOWS OR CRUISE NIGHTS...... Life is too short !  In the last several years we have lost so many of our dear car friends......our car family....it is a good family.....let us all think of one another as family....and take care of each other...as family !!!! DSC_9576

The judging sheets from the festival show are being processed....many of you won trophies. The winners will be announced on Scott's Website (Thank you! Scott !!!) Trophies and the Cash awards can be picked up at the Festival Mall office. Dick B and myself are in the process of making changes for our December 7th show. I welcome any input that some of you might have on the show.. please contact me.

To all those that were unhappy with this show (you know who you are) The December 7, 2008 Festival Flea Market Mall Show will go on......with or without you !!!

Thank You! and God Bless !    -Russ G  
"Russ G Events"

More email support and replies...

5/22  Russ!!!!  Solo here from Divinity Car Club with the white 91 Cadillac Lowrider.  I just wanted to say that I understand why you did what you did. You had to, way to many cars parking all over the place. Your intentions were to please everyone and the clubs with good parking. Your intentions were to never make any one upset or to make things a mess. I seen what you are talking about in the early am hours of that day.  What can you do when one person decides to park else where, and another, and another and so one, until things are just way out of control for anyone to handle. 

If people are going to be nasty them me personally don't want them around at any show. Who needs them? The automotive scene does not have room for anyone of that nature. We all have one thing in common, get together like grown adults, go out to shows, and have a good time. We all love our cars in different ways, have many styles, different era's, different taste, but in the end it all boils down to the same thing, love to go out in the car, cruise the streets, and show off what we love.

For the holiday show, what about having someone, maybe security or a member of the show staff, stand by the back entrance of the mall? Just an idea. If there is anything that I or we as a club can do, please let me know. Thank you and as always, appreciate the hard work and the great shows.

Divinity Car Club.

5/22  Russ, I don’t know if this is the right address to send this comment to, but I felt it needs to be said.

I am fairly new to your shows and have only participated for the a year or so. In the past I have put together large tradeshows and I am very aware of the immense amount of work involved. I believe that this show was put together extremely well. I pre-registered and was mailed a card with my aisle and space number.

On the day of the show I arrived at about 8:55. I was able to find my assigned aisle due to the large sign with the corresponding number on it and I was met by a member of your team that showed me the spot, which by the way was rather easy to find due to the large number chalked on the ground in the spot. I parked and had a fantastic time. I enjoyed meeting and talking with other car owners and seeing some of the amazing cars on display.

However, I also watched as people argued and fought over spots. That was just awful. I know assigning spots to all those who pre-registered and trying to classify them was a huge undertaking. Having people ignore your hard work in organizing an event on this scale is just plain disrespectful.

I have only one suggestion for you. This worked when I organized trade shows around the country. If you are not in your assigned spot, you should be asked to find your assigned spot. If you do not, you forfeit being judged.

If you want to keep arguing, find another show to show your car. There are a lot of people in South Florida with a lot of beautiful cars. These shows are about meeting, socializing, enjoyment and showing off your car. If you’re a jerk and want to ruin other people’s times then go someplace else.

Anyway, I wanted to say you did a fantastic job and I had a great time at this show. I also had a great time at the December show and plan to have a great time at your next show. You will be able to find me in my assigned spot.

Thank you for your hard work.  

Drew Jacobs   10-8-TA

5/22  Russ,
My name is John Sheppard. We have met a couple of times. You may, or may not remember me. I have a red 94 Mustang that I bring to the shows. I am relatively new at the car show scene and bring my car to the various shows to enjoy the people, the new friends (I have met some extremely cool people), and to show off the many hours of hard work on my car to others that truly appreciate it. I attended the show at Frank and Patties. I was thrilled to see the people that came out to support the cause and found that to be more fulfilling than any award that could have been presented.
I personally experienced the "taken spot" at the Festival show as well. It wasn't a big deal to me and we all "figured it out". I personally feel that if you attend a car show, you should do so without expecting anything, other than a good time, and some nice comments about your car. You should not go expecting an award, but that is my opinion, which seems to differ from others that I have met. Ya, it is great when you get an award, it makes the event even better, but hey, let's all be realistic!!!!!
I am offering you my help, if you would like it. Cars have been a hobby of mine since I was a teenager. I have had many and wrecked quite a few in those younger years too, knock on wood. Please let me know if you can use my help in the future. I would be more than happy to do so.
Sincerely, John Sheppard

5/23  Russ, I attend as many of your shows as possible, and I will say you always put on a great show, there is probably not enough money for the amount of time and effort you put in. You do not deserve to be threatened or harassed by email.

With that being said I think you need to go back to the way you planned the show in December, meaning if a group of friends or a car club want to park together that they email you with the names and number of cars and you reserve a place for them. As you have heard people do not want to be told where to park when they are trying to enjoy themselves with their friends they do not want to be separated. I know this makes the judging harder but separating friends and car clubs is not the way to go.

I will continue to attend your shows and I for one do appreciate all you do.

See you at the next show,
Matt DiLello
1970 Silver GTO
Got Muscle Car Club

5/23  RUSS,  Thanks for a great show on Sunday. Brian and I had a great time. The goody bag was great and we parked next to some really nice people. I have been watching Scotts site and it is sad that people get mad over those things--shit-happens--. Anyway put a smile on your face, you did a great job. See u at the next show-----weather permitting---    PS  also thanks for the free breakfast.              BOB  BLANK