Lou Torres Memorial
Car Show & Benefit


September 30, 2007

Miami Gardens

Brought to you by:  "Friends of Lou Torres"


From: Bambi Torres:   I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for coming to the Memorial Car show for the Love of my life Lou Torres. Even with the storm you were there. Lou & I shared a lifetime of 35 years together in love. I am so blessed to have him as my husband & I will love him until my dying breath, until I am back with him again cause he always said to me " It's only you & me kid"! Ditto honey....I love You...See Ya. Bambi Torres

Lou Torres Memorial Photos

Lou, we sent you a BBQ grill!  We hope it makes it up there to you! We all miss you...take care!  -Scott



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DSC_7245.jpg DSC_7246.jpg DSC_7249.jpg
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DSC_7253.jpg DSC_7254.jpg DSC_7258.jpg
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DSC_7259.jpg DSC_7260.jpg DSC_7261.jpg
DSC_7262 DSC_7263 DSC_7264
DSC_7262.jpg DSC_7263.jpg DSC_7264.jpg
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